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Dragonfall Slot

By Blueprint Gaming

Dragonfall Free Spins

RTP 96.46%

Min bet £0.10

Max bet £10

Max Win 25000

15 UK casinos offer Free Spins for Dragonfall

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Basic info

Game provider Blueprint Gaming

Release Date 07.12.2019

RTP 96.46%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Medium

Min bet £0.10

Max bet £10

Max Win 25000

Gamble Feature No

Layout 8x8

Devices Desktop, Mobile

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility Medium

Progressive Jackpot No

Dragonfall Slot Review

Explore the intriguing world of Dragonfall, an online slot that challenges participants to brave the domain of a formidable dragon. Crafted by the well-acclaimed Blueprint Gaming, Dragonfall transports participants on an awe-inspiring expedition into a legendary domain brimming with undisclosed wealth. This slot distinguishes itself with the inventive “Cluster Pays” structure, providing a variation from conventional paylines and differentiating it from numerous other slots available.

A visual spectacle, the Dragonfall online slot excels with a design that is a delight to the senses. Participants find themselves in a dragon’s den where lavishness converges with hazard—gold coins, shimmering jewels, and legendary dragon eggs constitute the reel symbols. The bright hues and elaborate specifics make each game element seem like a masterpiece, prompting further exploration. The multiplier, symbolised by a foreboding dragon eye, introduces risk and anticipation to the gaming session.

This review intends to explore the Dragonfall slot thoroughly, spanning aspects from its gaming dynamics to bonuses and unique features it offers. It is designed to be an exhaustive resource for individuals new to online slots or veteran players aiming to grasp the subtleties of this particular game. As we venture into the enchanting and risky world of Dragonfall, this narrative will assist in charting a course through the wealth concealed within the dragon’s lair. The exploration commences now!

Dragonfall Slot Visuals and Sounds

Dragonfall distinguishes itself through an arresting graphical display. The illustrators executed profound diligence, manifesting a backdrop that transports participants to an elusive den, home to a legendary dragon guarding its treasures. The visual narrative employs a palette rich in deep, gem-inspired hues, including sapphire, ruby, and emerald, crafted purposefully to draw attention and augment the mystique atmosphere.

Moreover, the game tokens, depicted as luminous dragon eggs, present as entities teeming with life, each pulsating with a mysterious energy suggestive of imminent birth. The multiplier iconography epitomises the artistic climax, a dragon’s eye portrayed with such lifelike precision that it imbues each session with palpable suspense.

Parallel in attraction is Dragonfall’s sound landscape. The auditory aspect is anchored by a melody that, while haunting, encapsulates the enigmatic and treacherous nature of a dragon’s abode. The ethereal music and strategic use of nuanced sound effects, such as the simulated reverberations of a dragon’s vocalisations or the sound of metal meeting wealth, complement the visual trip.

The symbiotic relationship between the game’s graphical sophistication and sound design culminates in a holistic interaction. The vivid imagery stimulates the visual senses, whereas the sound profile increases the depth of the narrative. Each attribute, from the radiant tokens of life to the dragon’s forbidding gaze, is meticulously orchestrated to transpose the participant into the mythical narrative, magnifying the visual delight and elevating the emotive intensity and anticipation.

Dragonfall Gameplay and Features

Gameplay and Features: Dragonfall commands attention with its distinctive format, setting an 8-reel, 8-payline stage for a potentially lucrative play. With a betting spectrum spanning from £0.20 to a daring £200, it invites a broad audience, accommodating varying degrees of speculation.

Symbolism in Dragonfall is a spectacle, with each icon crafted to resonate with the mythical theme. Wild and Scatter symbols, central to the gameplay, bring unique dynamics, increasing winning prospects and unlocking additional game facets.

Dragonfall Slot Symbols

Symbol 5 Symbols 6 Symbols 7 Symbols 8 Symbols 9 Symbols 10-11 Symbols 12-14 Symbols 15-19 Symbols 20-24 Symbols 25+ Symbols
Dragon Wrapped Dragon Egg x1 x1.5 x2 x2.5 x3 x5 x10 x20 x30 x100
Gold Dragon Egg x0.5 x0.75 x1.25 x2 x2.5 x3 x6.25 x10 x25 x62.5
Purple Dragon Egg x0.25 x0.5 x0.75 x1 x1.25 x2 x4 x7.5 x15 x37.5
Green Dragon Egg x0.15 x0.2 x0.4 x0.6 x0.8 x1 x3 x5 x10 x25
Blue Dragon Egg x0.15 x0.2 x0.4 x0.6 x0.8 x1 x3 x5 x10 x25
Brown Dragon Egg x0.1 x0.15 x0.2 x0.3 x0.6 x0.8 x1 x3 x4 x10

Dragonfall Free Spins and Bonuses

Distinctive in its functionality, the wilds in Dragonfall echo features seen in notable games like Jammin Jars. Upon contributing to a successful combo, the wild transitions to a neighbouring slot, invoking a multiplier. Successive wins involving the wild propel it to new positions, incrementally boosting the multiplier.

During free spin sequences, these potent wild multipliers persist on the reels, shifting and escalating their multipliers with each triumph.

Cascading Symbols Feature

Victories initiate a symbol cascade; winning icons vanish, allowing new symbols and potential additional wins. This procession endures until the winning sequences cease.

Mega Fall Feature

A serendipitous element, this feature can activate without warning. Monumental Egg tokens may descend, metamorphosing adjacent spaces into corresponding symbols and amplifying win probabilities.

Dragon’s Eye Wild Feature and Multiplier

The mobile Dragon’s Eye intensifies the gameplay, migrating to adjacent slots post-win, paving the way for further success. Each victory involving this symbol escalates the multiplier indefinitely.

Free Falls Feature

A trio or more of Dragon’s Eye wilds beckon this feature, bestowing 6 free falls/spins. The wilds morph into sticky, migratory symbols, preserving and augmenting their multipliers through successive spins.

Dragonfall cultivates an unpredictable and potentially rewarding environment through these intricate features, guaranteeing that each spin has suspense and opportunity.

Dragonfall Slot RTP and Variance

Dragonfall presents an RTP of 96%, which stands firmly within the industry norms. A 96% RTP indicates the game’s fairness and competitiveness, suggesting that, in the long term, for every £100 put into the game, players can expect a return of approximately £96. This figure is a reliable marker, especially when juxtaposed with games across the spectrum of online slots, confirming that Dragonfall maintains an attractive standard and is in line with player expectations.

Regarding volatility, Dragon Fall is categorized under high volatility games. High volatility infers that wins are infrequent yet tend to be substantial when they occur. This trait implies a larger risk factor, as the game doesn’t pay out often, but the potential for sizable returns is a key element that attracts players. They might need to exhibit patience and resilience in their play strategy, acknowledging that significant gains are possible, albeit interspersed with potentially long intervals of lesser activity.

Dragon Fall suits those prioritising substantial, less frequent wins over consistent, smaller payoffs, aligning with a strategy that’s more about the big splash than frequent ripples. Understanding these aspects helps players gauge if the game aligns with their risk profile and monetary strategies for play.

Top 3 UK Casinos Where You Can Play Dragonfall

For players in the UK eager to explore Dragonfall slot, there are several reputable online casinos to consider. Each site offers its unique blend of services, and while their offerings may differ, they all provide access to Dragonfall among their selections. Here, we introduce three casinos, highlighting their advantages and potential drawbacks.

Genting Casino

One of the established names in the UK casino scene, Genting Casino offers more than just a place for gaming. It’s an establishment known for its integrity, quality of service, and a broad selection of games.

  • Pros
  • Reputation: With years in the industry, Genting is a trusted name, guaranteeing a secure gaming environment.
  • Variety of Games: Beyond Dragonfall, the casino boasts an extensive selection of games.
  • Physical and Online Presence: Genting combines the convenience of online play with its luxurious physical casinos.
  • Cons
  • Limited Promotions: Compared to competitors, Genting might offer fewer bonuses for existing players.
  • Withdrawal Times: Some players might find the withdrawal processing period slightly lengthy.
100% Up to £50 Get bonus #Ad, 18+, BeGambleAware | Automatically credited upon deposit. Cancellation can be requested. First deposit only. Min. deposit: £10, Max. Bonus £50. WR of 30x Deposit + Bonus amount (Slots count 100%, other games 10%) within 30 days. Max bet is 10% (min £0.10) of the Bonus amount or £5 (lowest amount applies). Bonus must be claimed before using deposited funds. First deposit bonus can only be claimed once every 72 hr across all casinos.

Mecca Bingo

Though primarily known for bingo, Mecca also provides a range of slot games, including Dragon Fall. It’s a friendly, community-oriented option for those who like a social atmosphere.

  • Pros
  • Community Feel: Offers a more relaxed, sociable gaming atmosphere emphasising community.
  • Promotional Offers: Regularly presents players with bingo bonuses and otherpromotions.
  • Accessibility: Both easy-to-use online websites and numerous physical locations are available.
  • Cons
  • Focus on Bingo: Slot players might find the casino’s primary focus on bingo somewhat limiting.
  • Simplistic Interface: Some players might want a more modern or technologically advanced site design.
Up to £120 Bingo Bonus Get bonus #Ad, 18+, BeGambleAware | New customers only. Deposit and stake £10 to qualify. Wagering requirements and expiry dates apply.

Grosvenor Casinos

Grosvenor Casinos is a well-established name in the casino industry. It transitions its sophisticated land-based casino elegance to the online scene, making it a distinguished choice for various slot games, including Dragonfall.

  • Pros
  • Trustworthy Brand: Known for reliability and high standards in the casino industry.
  • Multiple Gaming Options: Beyond Dragonfall, they offer a range of other casino games, live options, and sports betting.
  • Robust Customer Support: Efficient service with multiple channels for customer queries and assistance.
  • Promotional Offers: There are various promotions, including slot bonuses and daily offers.
  • Cons
  • High Minimum Deposit: The platform has a slightly higher minimum deposit requirement than some competitors, which might deter players with a smaller budget or those looking to try the platform without a major commitment.
  • Navigation Issues: Some users find the website less intuitive regarding navigation and layout.
Up to £30 Bonus Get bonus #Ad, 18+, BeGambleAware | New customers only. Min deposit £20. Max non-withdrawable bonus £30. Playable on selected games only. 3x wagering required. Expires within 30 days. Max win £2,000.

Tips for UK Players

  • Smart Bankroll Management: One of the most important aspects of playing any betting game is effectively managing your funds. Allocate a specific budget for your play sessions, and it’s pivotal that this budget reflects an amount you are comfortable losing, as there are no guarantees of winning. It helps prevent potential financial strain and keeps the game within the entertainment world rather than financial stress.
  • Understand the Game Mechanics: Before initiating play, take the time to understand the game’s features, pay structure, and winning combinations. Knowing how Dragonfall operates, including its bonus rounds and particular symbols, can clarify what to expect and enable you to strategise accordingly.
  • Maximise Opportunities Sensibly: While it might be tempting to consistently opt for the maximum bet, doing so without strategic consideration can deplete your funds quickly. Instead, consider bets that align with your bankroll and allow for a lengthier play session, potentially increasing your chances of accessing bonus features.
  • Keep Emotions in Check: Getting caught in the ‘heat of the moment’ during a particularly lucky or unlucky streak is easy. Try to maintain a cool head and resist the urge to chase losses or bet more in the heat of a win. Both scenarios could lead to irrational decisions and potential regret.
  • Responsible Gambling Tools and Practices: Gambling should remain a leisure activity. Use tools on slot sites like limit deposits, session times, or losses. If you feel uncomfortable with your gaming habits, don’t hesitate to seek help from organisations like GamCare or GamStop, which support problem gamblers.
  • Stay Informed on Regulations: Keep up-to-date with the latest gambling regulations within the UK. Legislation can change, influencing factors like maximum stakes or bonuses. Being informed guarantees compliance and understanding of your legal gambling environment.

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Dragonfall Slot Demo Mode

Exploring the world of Dragonfall doesn’t require an immediate commitment to wagering real stakes, as several avenues allow for preliminary exploration. This approach is beneficial for formulating strategies and understanding the game’s nuances in a no-stakes environment. Here are your go-to options:

  • Blueprint Gaming’s Official Website: The architects of Dragonfall, Blueprint Gaming, extend the courtesy of a trial through a demo variant on their official webpage. It’s an ideal starting point for acquainting oneself with the rhythm and mechanics integral to the game without the pressure of stakes. Understanding the intricacies of bonus features and the game flow can be instrumental for future strategies when stakes are high.
  • On Our Website: In alignment with making things accessible and convenient, our website facilitates this exploratory phase for you. We host the Dragonfall game in a demo format, allowing you to simulate the betting process or simply relish the game’s detailed artwork and dynamic features in a relaxed setting.

Utilising the demo version is a strategic step in becoming comfortable with the game’s unique features. It’s an invaluable practice stage, helping you gauge different aspects without the distractions or pressures of monetary implications.

Pros & Cons of DragonFall Slot

  • Pros:
  • Innovative Cluster Pays Mechanism: Dragonfall departs from traditional paylines and employs a Cluster Pays system, offering players a unique and interesting way to form winning combinations. This brings a fresh layer of fun and unpredictability to each spin.
  • High RTP: With an RTP of 96.43%, Dragonfall offers a slightly better theoretical long-term return than the industry standard. This could be a plus for players looking to maximise their winning potential.
  • Visually Stunning: The game’s art design is beautiful, with colours, intricate symbols, and a dragon’s lair background. The aesthetic aspects add to the overall player interaction and fun.
  • Free Spins and Sticky Wilds: The game includes a generous free spins feature with sticky wilds, increasing the gameplay and potential for high payouts.
  • Broad Accessibility: Dragonfall is designed for amazing play on desktop and mobile devices, letting you explore the game anytime and anywhere.
  • Cons:
  • High Volatility: Dragonfall is a high-variance game, meaning wins may not come as frequently. This can be a drawback for players who prefer more consistent, smaller wins or those with a limited bankroll.
  • Complex Bonus Conditions: While the game does offer various bonuses and special features, understanding and unlocking them can be somewhat complicated for newcomers. Players may need time to get accustomed to the game’s various features and mechanics.

Final Verdict

Dragonfall by Blueprint Gaming combines amazing graphics, creative gameplay, and great prizes. Cluster Pays and other bonus features like Free Falls and cascading symbols set it apart in the online slot market. Its 96.43% RTP gives it a tiny edge over other slots, making it a tempting pick for players looking to maximise their winnings.

Remember that Dragonfall is a high-volatility slot. It offers big prizes but requires a higher risk tolerance and bankroll. If you want smaller, more consistent wins or have a limited budget, this may not be the game for you.

Dragonfall is an amazing game with great graphics, additional features, and enormous wins. UK players with a budget and a taste for high volatility should try this game. For treasure hunters in the dragon’s lair, its Cluster Pays mechanism and high RTP make it appealing. The game deserves a rating of 4.3 out of 5.


What is the Cluster Pays mechanism in Dragonfall?

The Cluster Pays mechanism in Dragonfall replaces the traditional payline system found in many other slot games. Instead of matching symbols across preset lines, players form clusters of adjacent symbols to create winning combinations. The more symbols you have in a cluster, the higher your potential win, making the gameplay more dynamic.

How do the Dragon's Eye Wild symbols work?

The Dragon’s Eye Wild serves multiple roles in the Dragonfall game. Firstly, it acts as a wild symbol, substituting for any other symbol to form winning clusters. It’s unique because it doesn’t vanish after contributing to a win but moves to an adjacent position, allowing for additional winning clusters. Moreover, each Dragon’s Eye Wild carries a multiplier that increases with each win, and there’s no upper limit to how high this multiplier can go. The Dragon’s Eye also serves as a scatter, triggering the Free Falls feature when three or more appear on the screen.

Is Dragonfall suitable for players with a limited budget?

Dragonfall is a high-volatility slot, meaning that wins may not come frequently but are often substantial when they do. Given this nature, the game might be better suited for players with a bigger budget who can withstand the ups and downs that come with high-volatility slots. If you’re on a limited budget, consider a slot with lower volatility.