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Scribes of Thebes Slot

By Blueprint Gaming

Scribes Of Thebes Free Spins

RTP 96.39%

Min bet £0.25

Max bet £125

Max Win 50000

15 UK casinos offer Free Spins for Scribes Of Thebes

As of July 2024, we're eager to share the latest offers for Scribes Of Thebes, including no deposit bonuses and exclusive free spins. This page is your reliable source for the most up-to-date information on how to maximise your gameplay. Our review dives into the game's features, giving insights into its RTP and why it's a favoured choice among UK players. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your gaming pursuits with our comprehensive Scribes Of Thebes review. Stay informed, and prepare to spin your way to potential wins with Scribes Of Thebes!

Basic info

Game provider Blueprint Gaming

Release Date 16.01.2020

RTP 96.39%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Very low

Min bet £0.25

Max bet £125

Max Win 50000

Gamble Feature No

Layout 5x3

Devices Desktop, Mobile

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility High

Progressive Jackpot No

Scribes of Thebes Slot Review

Venturing into online slots, players often seek encounters that blend modern mechanics with themes steeped in history and mythology. Blueprint Gaming’s Scribes of Thebes slot is a testament to this fusion, launched on 16 January 2020.

As players enter the universe of Scribes of Thebes slot, they are greeted with a visually striking environment inspired by ancient Egyptian lore. The game’s design pays homage to Egypt’s rich history and mystique, combining lively colours with symbols and characters that echo the era’s artistry. It’s not just a game; it’s an odyssey back in time, where hieroglyphs and mythological figures come alive on the reels.

This review aims to delve deep into the heart of the Scribes of Thebes slot. It aims to identify the distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other slots, analyse the gameplay mechanics, and emphasise the visual and thematic aspects contributing to its success. The goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the game, helping players understand what to expect and how to manoeuvre through the mystical universe of ancient scribes and hidden treasures.

Visuals and Sounds

The visual elements of the Scribes of Thebes slot by Blueprint Gaming are key to its appeal. The game features a rich, lively colour palette that captures the essence of the ancient universe it represents. The graphics are detailed and clear, with a quality that adds depth to the gameplay. Character design is particularly noteworthy, with each character appearing carefully crafted to fit the historical theme. The overall graphical presentation is aesthetically pleasing and functional, improving the clarity and ease of play.

Sound plays a crucial role in the Scribes of Thebes slot. The soundtrack is thoughtfully selected to match the historical theme, with rhythmic tunes that evoke a sense of ancient times. Sound effects effectively accentuate game events, such as wins or special features activation, adding extra enthusiasm to the gameplay. These auditory elements greatly contribute to the overall atmosphere, making the gaming pursuits more absorbing.

Players have control over the audio settings, allowing them to turn sound effects and music on or off as per their preference. This feature is particularly appreciated by players who may prefer a quieter gaming session or those who wish to focus more intently on the game mechanics.

The Scribes of Thebes slot’s design and sound work harmoniously to create a cohesive gaming environment. The visuals are striking and relevant to the theme, while the audio complements and elevates the visual impression, making the game an absorbing pursuit for players.

Gameplay and Features

The Scribes of Thebes slot features a 5×3 reel structure with an array of 10 paylines. This layout, common in modern slots, effectively blends traditional gameplay with innovative design. These 10 paylines offer multiple opportunities for players to form winning combinations.

Betting Range

The slot accommodates a variety of players with its flexible betting range. Minimum bets start at a modest £0.25, while the maximum can be ramped up to £125. This range accommodates different styles and strategies, making it accessible for cautious players and those seeking high stakes.

Symbols Selection

In terms of symbols, Scribes Of Thebes features a blend of classic and unique icons. The lower-paying symbols include the playing card icons 10, J, Q, K, and A. Higher-value symbols are themed, including a scarab beetle, a cat statue, a Pharaoh’s mask, and a Lara Croft-style heroine. The standout symbol in this game is the scroll, which serves a dual purpose as both the wild and the scatter for Scribes of Thebes free spins.

Payout Structure

The payout structure in the Scribes of Thebes slot is detailed and varied. Lower-value symbols can yield up to 200.00, whereas higher-value symbols like the Lady Explorer offer up to 10,000.00 for the highest bet. The Papyrus Scroll, as a wild and scatter, has the potential to pay up to 4,000.00 when three or more are landed.

The payout structure for these symbols is detailed in the table below:

Symbol 5 on a payline 4 on a payline 3 on a payline 2 on a payline
Papyrus Scroll 400,000 40,000 4,000
Lady Explorer 1,000,000 200,000 20,000 2,000
Pharaoh 400,000 100,000 10,000 1,000
Egyptian Cat 150,000 25,000 5,000 1,000
Scarab Beetle 150,000 25,000 5,000 1,000
Ace (A) 30,000 8,000 1,000
King (K) 30,000 8,000 1,000
Queen (Q) 20,000 5,000 1,000
Jack (J) 20,000 5,000 1,000
Ten (10) 20,000 5,000 1,000


In the Scribes of Thebes slot, the Double Book Mode stands as a notable aspect, providing an innovative twist. This mode amplifies traditional play by allowing participants to opt for an extra bet, potentially leading to greater payouts and a more varied gaming process.

The Papyrus Scroll symbol is key to the game’s main bonus attribute. Securing three or more of these symbols starts a round of free spins, boosting the prospects of victory and adding a new level of interest to the game. During these free spins, players have opportunities to unlock novel winning combinations and exceptional payouts, greatly improving their chances for significant gains.

To summarise, Scribes of Thebes slot sets itself apart with its evenly balanced reel structure, broad betting range, and variety of symbols. The bonus attributes, especially the free spins activated by the Papyrus Scroll and the addition of the Double Book Mode, bring depth and variety to the play. These elements come together to form a slot game that is both satisfying and appealing for a wide array of players.

RTP and Variance

The Scribes of Thebes slot RTP is 96.39%. This figure is notably higher than many slot games, indicating that players can expect a return of approximately £96.39 for every £100 wagered over a long-term period. While results can vary in specific sessions, this RTP indicates a game that offers a fair balance between the player’s investment and the potential return, aligning well with industry standards for premium slot games.

The slot is characterised by high volatility, which significantly shapes the gameplay dynamics. High volatility implies that wins may be less frequent, but the potential for large payouts is greater when they do occur. This level of variance appeals to players who appreciate the suspense and potential for significant wins, even though these might come less often than lower-volatility games.

For players who are comfortable with the heightened risk associated with high-volatility slots, Scribes of Thebes offers an appealing proposition. It combines the prospect of substantial wins with a higher-than-average RTP, making it an attractive choice for those who seek the enthusiasm for bigger payouts. This combination of high RTP and high volatility positions the Scribes of Thebes slot as a good option for players who appreciate games that offer the potential for large rewards.

Top UK Casinos Where You Can Play Scribes of Thebes Slot

Embarking on the quest for the perfect UK casino to play the Scribes of Thebes online slot, players face a significant decision. The choice of a casino influences more than just the gaming atmosphere; it also impacts security, game variety, and the quality of service provided. In this review, we explore three UK casinos that excel in offering the Scribes of Thebes slot. Each of these casinos stands out for its unique qualities, and we provide a comprehensive analysis of their advantages and disadvantages to assist players in making a well-informed decision.

LV Bet

LV Bet, celebrated for its lively gaming offerings, features the Scribes of Thebes slot in its collection. This casino is notable for its wide range of gaming options that satisfy various player preferences, creating a welcoming and dynamic environment for slot game lovers.

  • Pros
  • Board Game Assortment: Hosts many slots, including Scribes of Thebes.
  • Robust Security Protocols: Prioritizes player safety and security.
  • Frequent Bonus Opportunities: Offers various promotions and welcome bonuses.
  • Cons
  • Slower Withdrawal Times: Some payment methods might have extended processing times.
  • Limited Options for High Stakes: Fewer choices for players interested in higher betting limits.
250% Bonus Up To 70,000 FT + 200 FS Get bonus #Ad, 18+, GambleAware.org | New players only | Play responsibly

Mega Casino

Mega Casino, a sanctuary for players seeking an expansive range of gaming options, proudly includes the Scribes of Thebes slot. Its dedication to offering a high-quality gaming ambience is clear in its assortment of game options, robust customer service, and intuitive design, positioning it as a favoured choice for players in search of well-rounded and sophisticated gaming interaction.

  • Pros
  • Varied Gaming Selection: Features various games, including Scribes of Thebes.
  • Quick and Supportive Customer Assistance: Offers responsive and helpful support.
  • Clear Site Operation: The website is designed for ease of use.
  • Cons
  • Detailed Bonus Conditions: Some promotional offers have complex requirements.
  • Lengthy Account Verification: The setup process can be time-consuming.
100% Up to £50 Get bonus #Ad, 18+, GambleAware.org | Automatically credited upon deposit. Cancellation can be requested. First Deposit Only. Min. deposit: £10, max. Bonus £50. WR of 30x Deposit Plus Bonus amount (Slots count 100% and any other game 10%) within 30 days. Max bet is 10% (min £0.10) of the Bonus amount or £5 (lowest amount applies). Spins must be used and/or Bonus must be claimed before using deposited funds. First Deposit/Welcome Bonus can only be claimed once every 72 hours across all Casinos.


Slingo, renowned for its creative fusion of slot and bingo elements, presents a nice setting for the Scribes of Thebes slot. The casino’s distinctive gaming style merges slot action with the collective elements of bingo, establishing a unique gaming encounter.

  • Pros
  • Creative Game Combination: Offers a novel mix of slot and bingo games.
  • Active Player Community: Encourages interaction and a social gaming environment.
  • Consistent Promotional Activities: Regular bonuses and rewards are available.
  • Cons
  • Fewer Traditional Casino Games: Limited selection of classic table games.
  • Slower Withdrawal Processing: Some payouts might take longer than average.
Up to £50 Bonus Get bonus #Ad, 18+, GambleAware.org | Automatically credited upon deposit. Cancellation can be requested. First Deposit Only. Min. deposit: £10, max. Bonus £50. WR of 60x Bonus amount (Slots count 100% and any other game 10%) within 30 days. Max bet is 10% (min £0.10) of the Bonus amount or £5 (lowest amount applies). Bonus must be claimed before using deposited funds. Welcome Bonus can only be claimed once every 72 hours across all Casinos.

Advice for UK Players on Playing Scribes of Thebes Slot

For UK players venturing into the universe of online slots like Scribes of Thebes slot, responsible gambling habits can significantly improve gaming pursuits. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Set a Fixed Gaming Budget: Establish a specific amount you are comfortable spending on the Scribes of Thebes slot. This budgeting helps maintain financial control and prevents overspending.
  • Implement Win and Loss Limits: Decide on the maximum amount you are willing to lose and a goal amount you wish to win. Cease playing upon reaching either limit to manage your gameplay effectively.
  • Trial with Demo Mode: Use the demo mode on our site or slot sites. This approach lets you get a feel for the game without using real funds.
  • Be Mindful of RTP and Variance: Remember that Scribes of Thebes has a high variance and a 96.39% RTP. This knowledge should guide your betting choices, preparing you for the potential of infrequent but larger wins.
  • Utilise Casino Bonuses: Keep an eye out for promotions or no deposit bonuses specific to Scribes of Thebes slot. Always read the terms and conditions to understand the requirements and benefits.
  • Practise Responsible Gambling: Always approach gambling as a source of entertainment, not income. If you find yourself overspending or losing fun, utilise responsible gambling tools and consider seeking help.

Adhering to these guidelines can help UK players appreciate Scribes of Thebes slot responsibly while optimising their chances of a fulfilling gaming pursuit.

Pros & Cons of Scribes of Thebes Slot

  • Pros:
  • High RTP: The game has an RTP of 96.39%, offering a higher-than-average return to players over time.
  • High Volatility: Suitable for players looking for larger wins, albeit less frequently.
  • Absorbing Theme: The game’s ancient Egyptian theme is visually appealing and well-executed.
  • Dual-Function Symbol: The scroll symbol serves as both the wild and scatter, adding a unique twist to the gameplay.
  • Flexible Betting Range: With bets ranging from £0.25 to £125, it accommodates both casual players and high rollers.
  • Cons:
  • No Progressive Jackpot: Lacks the lure of a progressive jackpot that attracts many slot players.
  • Limited Bonus Features: it offers fewer bonus features than other slots, players should look out for Scribes of Thebes no deposit bonus opportunities, which can provide additional chances to play without immediate investment.
  • Conventional Gameplay: The mechanics are fairly standard, which might appeal to someone other than those seeking innovative gameplay.


Scribes of Thebes slot, with its ancient Egyptian theme and high RTP of 96.39%, stands out as an absorbing option for UK slot players. Our team at Gamblizard recommends it for those who appreciate the potential for significant wins, a feature attributed to its high volatility. However, this aspect might not suit players who prefer more frequent, smaller wins. The absence of a progressive jackpot and limited bonus features, except for the notable Scribes of Thebes free spins no deposit opportunity, could be drawbacks for those seeking a varied gaming atmosphere. The game’s traditional mechanics are solid but may not appeal to those searching for innovative gameplay.

We assign the Scribes of Thebes slot a rating of 3.8 out of 5. This score reflects the game’s attractive theme and potential for high rewards, counterbalanced by its high volatility and standard gameplay elements. It’s a game worth exploring, particularly for those drawn to its thematic design and winning possibilities. For players looking to play Scribes of Thebes for fun, we recommend trying the game in demo mode before participating in real money play. This allows for an understanding of its features and mechanics. As always, we remind players to gamble responsibly and prioritise entertainment in their gaming pursuits.


Are there any specific strategies for winning in Scribes of Thebes?

Winning in the Scribes of Thebes slot largely depends on luck due to its random number generation. However, players can increase their understanding by familiarising themselves with the game’s paytable and features, such as the dual-function scroll symbol and free spins. Setting a budget, choosing a bet size that allows for extended play, and understanding the game’s high volatility can also help strategise your gameplay. While these tactics don’t guarantee a win, they can aid in making more informed decisions during play.

Can I set autoplay options in Scribes of Thebes?

Yes, the Scribes of Thebes slot provides an autoplay function. This feature allows players to select a specific number of spins to be played automatically without manual intervention. It’s a convenient option for those who wish to maintain a consistent bet amount over several spins. Players can also set limits for wins and losses, guaranteeing the autoplay stops once certain conditions are met.

Does Scribes of Thebes have a special mobile version?

Scribes of Thebes slot doesn’t require a separate mobile version due to its HTML5 technology integration. This guarantees the game optimally adapts to various screen sizes and resolutions, offering good interaction on most smartphones and tablets. The game’s mobile compatibility means that all features, including graphics, bonus rounds, and user interface, are consistent with the desktop version, guaranteeing a high-quality gaming pursuit regardless of the device used.

Is the Scribes of Thebes slot available in multiple languages?

The multi-language availability of Scribes of Thebes slot is dependent on the online casinos hosting the game. While the game itself is developed to support multiple languages, it’s up to each casino to implement these options. Players can usually find language settings in the casino’s interface, allowing them to select their preferred language for a more personalised gaming encounter.