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Coin Master Free Spins: Links, Tips & Useful Info On The Game

Nov 16th, 2020
  1. Coin Master Free Spins Links in January 2022
  2. How To Find Coin Master Daily Free Spins Link Today, Tomorrow, In A Week?
  3. What Exactly Is a Coin Master? — All You Should Know About The Game
  4. Coin Master — The Mobile Experience
  5. Gameplay Basics
  6. What Else Does The Developer Of Coin Master Offer To A Player in the United Kingdom?
  7. Recommendations & Tips For Players
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

Are you looking for a Coin Master daily free spins link? Today is your lucky day because you have already found them. Take a look at the table and click on the gift link to get your reward!

DateCoin Master LinksReward
02.10.2021Get Your Bonus10 Free Spins Link & 1 Million Coins
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02.10.2021Get Your Bonus25 Free Spins
02.10.2021Get Your Bonus10 Free Spins Link & 1 Million Coins

All the fastest, the easiest, and the safest way to collect all Coin Master daily free spins are described below.

Invite Your Friends On Facebook

coin master facebook

Of course, the developers of Coin Master encourage players to invite new users to make a game even more popular. And everyone can benefit from it. If you invite your friend on Facebook and if he or she accepts your invitation, starts to play the game, and completes the tutorial, you will get 40 spins (that is a lot, new players get 10 free daily spins).

coin master instagram

Players in the UK and all other countries can find links on Instagram. The trick is to choose the right account. If this is the social media you use most often, just use search to find the accounts that may be useful and check them carefully (read comments, requirements, stories) before you click on them. In most cases, there are conditions to meet, for example, leave the comments or tag friends to get links.

By the way, Twitter is another social media platform where you can find hacks, promo codes, ect.


This is one of the ways to get free spins. Coin Master developers emphasise that this is a free game, so you can get spins without paying for them. You get 5 free spins every hour, to be exact, so if you don’t want to look for links or invite friends, you can just wait a bit.

Send Gifts

coin master send gifts

You can just share your spins and coins with friends. If your friends raided someone’s village successfully, they could send some spins to you. And you can do the same. After all, it is an interactive game.

What Exactly Is a Coin Master? — All You Should Know About The Game

Good old Wikipedia defines Coin Master as is a free, single-player mobile game with the objective to win coins to upgrade items and then build up villages. That pretty much explains what a player gets from it. It was released in 2015, and it is still incredibly popular. Though there was a time when the game was advertised as a multiplayer game, it is designed for one player with a single element of multi-player games — the opportunity to attack and raid other random Vikings to earn more coins.

So, what exactly can one do when playing this game. Generally speaking, you can progress (build new buildings and improve them, then build new villages), attack someone and gain profit by destroying their buildings, and defend your village, i.e., protect your own progress with shields and pets. There are plenty of locations, special prizes, characters, etc., so you can have a lot of fun on your way to becoming a Coin Master.

Getting Started: How To Sign Up For The Game?

All you need to do to get started is to find the official app by MoonActive on App Store or Google Play and download the game (it is compatible with most devices, but almost all users play it on their smartphones.) Then, you will need to confirm that you are 18+ years old, agree to the privacy policy, and confirm that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

You are free to play as a guest or login via Facebook. Note that if you choose the second option, you will be able to play with friends. The company, in turn, undertakes not to post anything on a player’s behalf.

Who Developed Coin Master?

Coin Master (as well as many other popular mobile games) was developed by the Israeli game developing company called Moon Active. Currently, games created by this provider have over 100.000.000 downloads in over 130 countries worldwide. The team focuses on unique visual experiences, gameplay, characters, and stories themselves, and this approach is proving effective.

Is This Downloadable Software?

Yes, it is — you can download the app on App Store or Google Play. Moreover, you can download it on the PC but only with the emulator. You can also play it on other platforms online without downloading anything. Currently, Facebook is the most popular website to play Coin Master.

Is There Any Loyalty Program? Are There Gifts And Bonuses?

The company has a very generous loyalty program, and players have a lot of opportunities to receive various bonuses, in particular, coins and free spins. You can redeem rewards for signing in via Facebook, inviting your friends on Facebook (if they download the game and complete the tutorial), liking the posts of Coin Master on social media, etc. In general, there are tons of opportunities to earn more coins, even without spinning the reel.

What is included in the Terms & Conditions?

Let us be honest — most users don’t read terms and conditions, though reading such agreements, especially the fine print, is more than just important. So, what can you expect from MoonActive, the developer of Coin Master? Let’s take a look at the main points:

  1. The game is available for 18+ y.o. players.
  2. A player must create an account or sign in via Facebook, provide accurate and complete information, and create a username. A player can also modify the information by contacting a developer at [email protected] or remove the account.
  3. If you play a game on the third-party platform, for example, on Facebook, you must follow the rules set by this platform, in this case, Facebook in addition to the terms & conditions set by the developer of the game, MoonActive.
  4. You can win, earn, or buy virtual items in the game for real money, but you don’t have to do it — it is completely voluntary. If you still decide to purchase something note that purchases are final and non-refundable. You can send a request for a refund only if something is wrong, for example, if you were charged for items you didn’t order, you didn’t receive the items you actually ordered or if you were charged a bigger amount, etc.
  5. There are also the standard restrictions according to which a player shall not use the service in an illegal manner, violate the rights of others, disobey laws and regulations, advertise anything, send SPAM, create multiple accounts, use bots, “hack” the game, sell accounts, etc.
  6. Moon Active is the only company that retains all rights in the service, including the Feedback that contains information that is the intellectual property of the company.
  7. If you violate the rules, a company has the right to terminate, suspend, limit, or delete your account.

Coin Master Customer Support

There are two ways to contact the customer support team:

  1. You can join the Coin Master Customer Support on Facebook and just message them on messenger.
  2. You can also browse this webpage. If you didn’t find the answer to your question(s) in the FAQ section(s), click on the Contact Us link and fill in the form (provide your email, describe the problem), and attach files, if necessary.

The FAQ is available in 7 different languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai. You can contact the support 24/7.

Coin Master — The Mobile Experience

Coin Master was initially created as a mobile game. But is it a good game? Can it provide a great experience? Let us take a look.

Coin Master Mobile Application

Coin Master is the mobile app. If you want to get started, you should find it on Google Play or App Store and download the software. After you sign in via Facebook or log in as a guest, you will need to complete the tutorial. Even at this stage, one can understand what to expect from the game and find out what the gameplay is like. There are a few actions you can take: spin the reel to earn coins, attack someone, raid someone, protect your own village (get and use pets, but this is not explained in the tutorial.) The design is great, and the more you play, the more characters and great-looking locations become available.

The main objective is to build. Not for free, of course. The slot machine is what helps you earn money (bags of coins), attacks (hammers), raids (pigs), defends (shield.) Once you improve all buildings in your village, you can move on to other villages (there are hundreds of fun themed locations in the game).

Localisation & Languages

The game is available worldwide, and the good news is also that it has been translated into 10 languages including European languages like English, Spanish, German, French, etc., and Asian languages, in particular, Indonesian, Thai, and Chinese. Note that you can change the language only after the tutorial is complete.

Gameplay Basics

Why are people looking for free Coin Master spins? The game is fun and engaging, and spins are what can provide you with an opportunity to move forward by building something new, protecting what you have already built, or attacking someone else to earn more money and progress. However, this is a generalisation. If you want to understand how the game works, you should know more about the mechanics, and we provide this information below.

The Slot Machine

This is the main element of the game. Every new player gets a particular amount of coins that is spent on the first building. How can one get more to improve the existing building and build the new ones? Yes, you guessed it right — you need to win coins in a slot machine.

Basically, this is a regular slot machine, and players can get casino free spins. You spin the reel, and if you see a winning combination, you get a reward. Every player has a certain number of spins and can win more. Another way to get more spins is to wait for an hour or more to get your next spins.

There are different actions you can take in this game. Their availability depends on the symbols on the slot machine. We describe them below.

Bag Of Coins

coin master capsule bag of coins

A bag of coins is what allows you to win money you can spend on new buildings. The best thing is you don’t need to have a bag on every reel — you will be rewarded only if there is only one bag in the line. Still, the amount would be significantly smaller, but in most cases, players see at least two bags of coins and get pretty big winnings.


coin master hammers

These are attacks that allow you to destroy someone else’s village and get extra coins. Yes, you need to get the entire row to be able to attack someone. By the way, if you play on your Facebook account and if some of your friends are playing, too, you can attack their villages. Otherwise, the game will offer you to attack random villages of random players. You not only get free coins when attacking someone — you also reduce the star level of the player. Others can do the same to you, so you need shields to protect yourself.

Pig Bandit

coin master pig bandit

If you see pig bandits, you can raid the player who is a Coin Master. You don’t really make a choice when you see your pigs in a row. You are taken to a Coin Master’s village where you can see a few spots marked by X’s, and you can choose three of them. Simply put, you are seeking a treasure. Dig up a spot and get your reward. In most cases, a player finds a treasure, i.e., lots of coins. Yes, you are kind of stealing them, but this is how this game works.


coin master shields

Shields are used to protect your village and lose a smaller amount of coins. Other players can attack your village just like you attack their villages, so you need to have 1-3 shields that would protect you from your “fellow Vikings.” If you have 3 shields, you are protected from 3 attacks, if you have 2 shields — from 2 attacks, and if you have 1 shield you are protected from 1 attack, respectively. More importantly, shields are used not only to protect your money but also to protect your Star rating — if you have a shield, your building will remain the same because you will not lose a star. Note that shields cannot protect you from raids, though.


coin master capsule

If you see energy capsules in a row, you get 10 new spins that, in turn, can be spent to win shields, hammers, coins, and “raids.”

So, here is what you can get by playing a slot machine, and that is why players are looking for Coin Master free spins — progress is what you can get by spinning the reel.

What Else Does The Developer Of Coin Master Offer To A Player in the United Kingdom?

Of course, if there were only slot machines, the game would never become this popular. In fact, there are a lot of other things to get and to do in the game. There is even the betting mechanics, collections of cards, and many more. So, let us take a look at all these things in more detail.

What About Betting?

There are Coin Master spins, the Coin Master slot machine, and that all remind us of casino games of chance. If so, can British players actually bet? Yes, they can. If you don’t spend your spins and if you have a lot of them, you can place the bets or increase them, to be exact. You will spend more than just one spin at a time, but you can also win more than ever before.

Are There Levels In The Game?

Villages are levels in this game. You start in your first village where you need to build 5 buildings and upgrade them to their best versions. Only after you do it, you will be able to move on to the next village that will be different from the previous one. The harder the “level”, i.e., the more buildings you have already built, the more coins you will need to spend on each building and every improvement. The best thing is all villages are completely different, all 280 of them. Here are some of the most illustrative and interesting examples, or villages that you can build in this game:

  • Ancient Egypt (2 lvl)
  • Wild West (15 lvl)
  • Halloween (24 lvl)
  • The 50’s (31 lvl)
  • Night of the Dead (41 lvl)
  • Japan (51 lvl)
  • Olympus (65 lvl)
  • Cyber Cowboys (109 lvl)
  • Chocolate Factory (243 lvl)
  • Leonardo’s Workshop (260 lvl)
  • Astronaut Station (280 lvl)

As you can see, the selection of villages or levels is more than just wide, and the variety of themes is definitely one of the game’s main benefits.

I Was Attacked — Can I Get Revenge?

Yes, you can. Revenge is what makes Coin Master more fun and dynamic. If you lost stars and coins, you can see who did that to your village and payback. However, you need hammers to attack someone. So, you can spin the reel on the slot machine until you get them. Yes, you are likely to be taken to a random village, but you can see the Revenge option on the top of the screen. Just press that button, and you will be redirected to the village of the player who attacked you. Then just attack the village and enjoy your revenge to the full.

Card Collections

coin master card collections

A lot of British players love collecting cards. A lot of games use this mechanic, but in Coin Master, it is not exactly about playing cards, it is about collecting and trading rare cards. There are a lot of collections, each of which contains 9 different cards. Once you collect all 9, you get a reward (coins, spins, or pets.)

The only way to get cards is to open chests. Chests, in turn, can be purchased by players. Prices vary. The pricier is the chest, the bigger treasure you will find inside. Please note that a player who is now on level 1 cannot donate and buy any chest — some chests become available after 3rd, 10th, 20th, 70th level. By the way, there are also gold cards. The chance of getting a gold card increases when you level up.

By the way, card trade is not forbidden. Moreover, it is even encouraged because this is one of the most interesting mechanics in the game. You can send various cards to your friends a day, and you can find a lot of Coin Master communities on the web, so why not join them to find more trading opportunities and finally find the cards you need?


coin master chests

So, cards can be found in chests. Chests, in turn, can be bought. Currently, there are 29 chests in the game. Some of them are special events chests, some are standard ones, but they all have different card drop odds. You can find cards, pets, and spins inside, depending on the chest you choose. We will pay more attention to each of these categories, but let us focus on cards now. The first thing you need to know is that rarity matters.

There are two types of cards you can get: 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-star cards and joker. 5-star cards are rarer than 1-star cards, and the joker is rarer than even 5-star cards. Joker is really special. Firstly, it is really difficult to get it (you can find the proofs in the table below.) Secondly, you can transform it into literally any card you need to complete the set.

But there are tons of chests, and how does a player know which of them are really worth buying? You can find the answers below.

What Coin Master Chest Should I Choose?

The good news is the policy of the developer is pretty transparent — Moon Active shares all the drop odds on the official webpage. Take a look at the table, and you will see the list of all chests in Coin Master, the level requirement you need to pass, and chances to get a particular card (in percentage). Please note that there is a separate column for a Joker Card, and all figures in it are marked in bold.

The type of chestAvailable fromNumber of cards in totalChance to get 1 Star Card (%)Chance to get 2 Star Card (%)Chance to get 3 Star Card (%)Chance to get 4 Star Card (%)Chance to get 5 Star Card (%)Chance to get Joker Card (%)
Wooden3 lvl +28648181520
Golden3 lvl +460.477.7499.535.875.950
Magical3 lvl +879.2194.2999.599.523.60
Emerald20 lvl +463.7156.1380.6970.8427.100
Sapphire70 lvl+671.7879.1690.4999.5038.040
Small Lucky4+60.01989899.599.51.4
Small Easter10+60.0199.599.599.599.52.4
Big Easter20+856839799616
10 Million Followers4+60.0199.599.599.599.52.4
4th of July10+60.0199.499.499.599.53.2
Red Crown4+85682.497.199.561.22.4
Blue Crown4+60.0199.599.599.599.50
12 Million Followers10+60.0199.599.599.999.92.45
Small Circus10+60.0199.499.499.599.53.2
Big Circus10+60.0198.999.899.599.56.6
Labor Day10+60.0199.499.499.599.53.2
Big Wild10+60.5989899994
Small Wild10+85682.497.199.561.22.4
Small Halloween10+85682.497.199.561.22.4
Big Halloween10+60.0199.199.299.999.95
15 Million Followers10+60.0199.599.599.999.92.45

By the way, a lot of them are the so-called boom villages in which you can get more gold cards.

Pets & Spins In Chests

coin master pets and spins in chests

As we have already mentioned, there are also pets in Coin Master. Why do players need them? The answer is they help them earn more or lose less. There are 3 pets, fox, rhino, and tiger, and all of them give their own bonuses to a player. You activate each of them once, and then you can use their powers for 4 hours. Pets need rest, so no matter which of the pets you use, an animal will fall asleep, and you will need to wait for some time until your pet is ready to help you again.

If you don’t want to wait this long, you can speed up the process. Just get some treats and feed your pet. Treats can be purchased for real money or won on the slot machine. You can also boost the powers of your pets, make them more effective by giving them the so-called XP potions that can also be won when spinning the reel or by receiving pet XP that can be found in the chests as well.

  • The fox. This is the first pet you get (it is available at 4th level) but it doesn’t mean that Foxy is the weakest one. It is more than just useful when it comes to raids — it increases the chance of finding a real treasure significantly.
  • The rhino. The only way to get this pet is to complete the Creatures Card Collection. He is a kind of alternative to shields, i.e., he also protects your village from other Vikings’ attacks. However, you need to boost his powers — at the very beginning, he can repel only 1 in 10 attacks.
  • The tiger. Well, a tiger is considered a pretty aggressive animal, so no wonder he helps you attack other players or allows you to get more coins, to be exact.

What Chest Should I Choose To Receive Pet XP, Pet Food And Spins?

Pet XP can be found in the following chests:

  • Emerald Chest
  • Sapphire Chest
  • Ruby Chest
  • Valentine’s Chest
  • Small Lucky Chest
  • Small Easter Chest
  • Big Easter Chest
  • Tiger Chest
  • Foxy Chest
  • 10 Million Followers Chest
  • Royal Chest
  • 4th of July Chest
  • Sixties Chest
  • Red Crown Chest
  • Blue Crown Chest
  • 12 Million Followers Chest
  • Small Circus Chest
  • Big Circus Chest
  • Labor Day Chest
  • Big Wild Chest
  • Small Wild Chest
  • Eighties Chest
  • Small Halloween Chest
  • Big Halloween Chest
  • 15 Million Follower Chest

Pet snacks and food, however, can be found in fewer chests.

  • Mystery Chest
  • Valentine’s Chest
  • Tiger Chest
  • Foxy Chest
  • 12 Million Followers Chest
  • 15 Million Follower Chest

Please note that the probability of receiving pet XP varies depending on your level (village). The same can be said of spins that you can get. Just like pet XP, free spins can also be found in 26 chests.

Recommendations & Tips For Players

Are there any ways to make the most of the game? Yes, and we are going to share some secrets with you.

Raid Big

So, there is a kind of betting in the game. You can spend more spins to get bigger wins, but sometimes, you should resist the temptation. The thing is they could be spent on raiding incredibly “wealthy” users. Use max bets only on Coin Masters who have tons of coins, and you will be able to earn a huge amount of coins during one raid. By the way, don’t forget about Foxy — she can also help you earn more when raiding big.

Choose The Right Time To Use Your Pet Bonus

As we have noted before, you can use the boosted pet powers only for 4 hours. So, we recommend choosing the right time to spend this time playing Coin Master to make the most of the boost.

Spend Your Coins If You Can

Nobody is protected from raids besides players with shields and rhinos. But if you have no shields, and if you have not unlocked this pet yet, spend your coins — you can just lose them if you try to save up for bigger purchases. If you can buy something, do it.

Complete Card Sets

You don’t get any bonuses for single cards, even for gold ones. But you can get tons of gifts (including pets) for completing card collections. Collect, trade, exchange your coins, and you will get more useful things. And if you are lucky to win Joker, use it wisely.


You have probably seen that advert with Jennifer Lopez or other celebrities. You can find a Coin Master fan page (or even multiple accounts) on any social networking website. It has millions of active players, and a lot of them are looking for Coin Master free spins link 2022. Today you need one link, tomorrow you will need another one — that is how the system works. But if you use them regularly, you can turn your villages into heaven and build new ones really, really fast. Most boosts cost money, but the good news is you don’t have to pay or become a VIP player to enjoy the game. Links also work pretty well, so why not miss your chance to upgrade your village?


⚒️ How To Play Coin Master?

You need to find the app on Apple Store, Google Play, Facebook, etc. Download it and log in — you can do it via Facebook (no additional verification needed) or choose the guest mode. Then complete the tutorial — it explains most things you should know about the game.

⚒️ What Exactly Do Stars Mean In The Game? Do They Have Any Value?

Stars are ranks. A player has a rank, a building has its own rank, even a card has its rank. The higher it is, the better.

⚒️ How Many Levels Are In The Game?

Currently, there are 280 levels in the game.

⚒️ Why Do I Need Cards In Coin Master?

Because it is fun to collect them, and because you get amazing rewards after you collect a set, without glitches, codes, tools, and websites like Haktuts and many other platforms. This is just a safe way to progress in the game.

⚒️ How Many Villages Can I Build In The Game?

You can build up to 280 villages.

⚒️ Can I Get Coin Master Coins Without Paying For Them?

The easiest and the safest way to do it is to follow the link you can see on this page. We update them regularly according to the schedule, so you can always find the codes for a few last days here. There are plenty of cheats you can find on the web, but not all of them work, and not all of them are safe.

⚒️ How Can I Find Gold Cards?

Level up. Players who have more villages are likely to find gold cards more often.

⚒️ How To Raise The Bet Amount In Coin Master?

Just press the bet x2, x3, or higher to win big.

⚒️ How Can I Change The Raid?

You can actually do it. This happens automatically.

⚒️ Are There Any Ways To Hack The Game?

There are always ways to hack something, and Coin Master is not an exception. You actually can cheat, but note that a random spin generator may give you nothing but a virus. That is why we recommend using links we publish on this website.

⚒️ I Want To Block Someone, How Can I Do It?

If you want to stop someone from attacking your village, again and again, you can unfriend this person on Facebook and wait up to a day until the list is updated.

⚒️ Are There Any Ways To Hide The Village?

Yes, there is the so-called ghost mode. It is a trick, and to use it, you need to open the Facebook app, go to the settings, tap on the app, choose the login with Facebook, remove the game, then open it but don’t log in via Facebook — use the guest mode instead. That is how you can enjoy the game without other Vikings’ raids.

⚒️ The Connection Is Lost, Nothing Is Working, What Should I Do?

The developer recommends shutting down Coin Master and then opening it again. If it doesn’t work, consider reinstalling the game. If it doesn’t help, contact the developer.

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