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Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow

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Grosvenor Online Casino


Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, situated in the dynamic Glasgow, stands as a distinguished gaming destination. This well-established provider, located at 16-18 Glassford Street, offers a perfect fusion of gaming and social encounters. Glasgow, known for its rich history and energetic cultural scene, is the perfect backdrop for this gambling site, creating an inviting setting for local and visiting players.

Inside, Grosvenor Casino Merchant City presents a broad spectrum of gaming options accommodating all gaming preferences. Patrons can indulge in classic table games like Blackjack and Roulette and a variety of contemporary electronic slots. This is not just about gaming; it also houses a quality restaurant and bar, offering guests a range of meals and beverages.

Adding to its appeal, it provides a space for live entertainment and sports screenings, guaranteeing that it’s not just a gaming centre but a comprehensive entertainment locale. This multifaceted approach marks this provider as more than just a place to play games; it’s a complete entertainment encounter in the heart of Glasgow. With its varied offerings, Grosvenor Casino Merchant City is a standout choice for those seeking an absorbing visit to Glasgow.

Grosvenor Casino Location and Contacts

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City in Glasgow is at a prime location, 16 – 18 Glassford Street, Glasgow G1 1UL, UK. This central location in Glasgow makes it easily accessible for visitors. Its position in the city’s heart guarantees convenient access to various transport options, augmenting the visitor encounter for gaming, dining, and entertainment.

To guarantee your visit to the Grosvenor Casino in Glasgow is effortless and hassle-free, this section provides comprehensive details for contacting and reaching the location. We aim to make your trip planning effortless, including essential information, such as the Grosvenor Casino Glasgow address, to facilitate an easy and convenient encounter at the casino.

Address Merchant City, 16 – 18 Glassford St, Glasgow G1 1UL, UK
Website grosvenorcasinos.com
Manager Mark McCluskey
Email [email protected]
Phone Number +441415535410
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/grosvenorbristol
Twitter https://twitter.com/grosvenorcasino

Parking and Transportation

  • Parking: The Grosvenor Casino Merchant City in Glasgow provides free self-parking for its visitors. Located on Glassford Street, the casino is convenient for those who prefer to drive. Additionally, there’s an option for free parking at the NCP Glasshouse, which is close to the casino.
  • Public Transportation: For those using public transportation, the casino is well-served by various bus routes. Frequent bus services such as the 21, 255, 263, and simpliCITY 6, 18, and 240 make stops near the casino. Furthermore, the Argyle Street train station is situated less than 500 feet away, offering easy access for train travellers. This convenient location guarantees the casino is easily accessible for those who prefer not to drive.

Grosvenor Casino Glasgow Opening Hours

Planning a visit to Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, is direct with their accommodating hours. This popular gaming and entertainment locale is open round the clock, 24/7, guaranteeing that visitors can partake in its offerings at any hour that suits them.

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

The casino’s bar has extended hours too, operating from 11 am to 6 am, accommodating both early birds and night owls. Regardless of you’re looking to indulge in gaming, dining, or just relaxing at the bar, the casino’s flexible hours make it a convenient choice for entertainment at any time of day or night. This accessibility guarantees that Grosvenor Casino Merchant City remains a lively and welcoming destination for all visitors in Glasgow.

The Gambling Floor at Grosvenor Casino Glasgow

Grosvenor Casino Merchant Gambling Floor

The gaming floor at Grosvenor Casino Bristol boasts an elegant and spacious design, providing for a broad range of players, from those new to the gaming scene to seasoned high-stakes devotees. It features a comprehensive selection of games, including classic slot machines, various table games like blackjack and roulette, and exclusive poker rooms.

Game Zones and Options

Nestled in the lively heart of Glasgow, Grosvenor Casino Merchant City stands as a beacon for entertainment devotees. This distinguished establishment offers a wide array of gaming options and exudes an ambience of sophistication and enthusiasm. Here’s a glimpse into the varied game zones and options available at this premier casino:

  • American Roulette: This prestigious casino in the heart of Glasgow boasts 6 tables dedicated to American Roulette. This timeless game is a staple among customers for its engrossing dynamics and the rush of chance.
  • Blackjack: Offering 4 tables, Blackjack at Grosvenor Casino Merchant City is a hit among visitors. This game, balancing skill and fortune, accommodates both seasoned players and beginners, making it a versatile choice.
  • Poker Variants: Including Texas Hold’em and Omaha, the casino has a dedicated poker room with 5 tables. This area is enthusiastic, attracting local and visiting poker devotees.
  • Slot Machines: Grosvenor Casino Merchant City features 30 state-of-the-art slot machines. These include popular titles and progressive jackpots, with potential wins ranging from £5,000 to £25,000, accommodating all tastes and preferences.
  • Electronic Roulette: For a modern spin on a classic, there are 25 electronic roulette terminals. These offer a fluid and contemporary roulette encounter, blending traditional play with digital innovation.
  • Sports Betting Area: The casino also includes an area for sports betting, with multiple screens and betting terminals. This zone allows clients to bet on a variety of sports, adding another dimension to the gaming encounter.

High-Stakes Gaming

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, is notable for its high-stakes gaming. It provides an ideal setting for those who favour larger wagers.

  • American Roulette: Bets up to £500 on a single number, offering an electrifying opportunity for high rollers.
  • Blackjack: Tables with bets reaching up to £2500 per hand, one of the highest limits in Glasgow.
  • Slot Machines: Players can win from £5,000 to £25,000, attracting casual and serious slot players.

Recommendations for Visitors:

  • New Customers: Beginners are encouraged to start with electronic roulette and slot machines. These games provide a friendly introduction to the casino atmosphere and are a great way to get acquainted with gaming dynamics.
  • High-Stakes Players: Those who prefer high-stakes gaming will appreciate the elevated bet limits in games like American Roulette and Blackjack. It is advisable to acquaint yourself with each table’s specific rules and betting limits to augment your gaming encounter.
Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, offers a dynamic and welcoming environment with varied gaming options. It’s designed to accommodate a variety of gaming tastes, making it a top choice for anyone looking to participate in traditional and modern casino games in a sophisticated yet comfortable setting.

Grosvenor Casino Glasgow Tournaments

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, provides opportunities for poker devotees, primarily focusing on cash games. These games are available for poker players looking for a flexible and dynamic gaming environment. The casino organises cash games that allow players to join and leave at their convenience, creating a relaxed and adaptable poker setting.

Unlike other locales, Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, does not currently host regular poker tournaments. This means there are no recurring events where players compete against each other for a combined prize pool. However, the absence of tournament-style poker does not diminish the poker gaming encounter at the casino.

For those interested in the poker offerings at Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, the most current information can be found by visiting their official website or following their social media channels, such as Facebook. These outlets provide updates on the poker games available, any special poker-related events, and any game schedule or format alterations. This guarantees that players are always informed about the latest poker gaming opportunities at the casino.

Grosvenor Casino Glasgow Dress Code

At Grosvenor Casino Merchant City in Glasgow, a dress code is in place to cultivate a relaxed and refined setting. This dress policy is consistent across Grosvenor Casinos, focusing on an innovative casual approach for a pleasant and stylish environment.

For Men

  • Ideal: Smart casual choices are recommended. This includes trousers or smart jeans paired with a collared or polo shirt.
  • Avoid: Any form of sportswear, including tracksuits and gym attire, is not suitable. Also, refrain from wearing clothes that appear scruffy or excessively casual.

For Women

  • Ideal: Women are encouraged to wear smart casual outfits—from dresses and skirts paired with blouses to stylish tops matched with smart jeans.
  • Avoid: Like men, sportswear and any attire that looks worn-out or scruffy should be avoided.

General Notes

  • The key to dressing for Grosvenor Casino Merchant City is to balance comfort with sophistication. The aim is to maintain an environment that is both welcoming and respectful.
  • Outerwear such as coats and jackets should be placed in the cloakroom.
  • Traditional or religious headwear is permitted, aligning with the casino’s inclusive approach.

This dress code guarantees a refined ambience, augmenting the overall encounter for guests during their visit to the casino.

The Bar & Restaurant at Grosvenor Casino Glasgow

The bar at Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, presents a tranquil haven for visitors to unwind. Distanced from the lively gaming floor, it offers a serene atmosphere. The bar is well-stocked, with an assortment of snacks accommodating varied tastes.

The restaurant at Grosvenor Casino Merchant City is celebrated for its varied menus, making it an appealing destination for food lovers. Guests can reserve a table in advance for a hassle-free dining encounter. The menu is designed to appeal to a wide range of palates, featuring:

  • Starters: A variety of appetisers, such as soup of the day, crispy chicken wings, breaded chicken strips, fried calamari, and more.
  • Main Courses: A wide selection of dishes, including pasta, burgers, hotdogs, and grilled specialities.
  • Vegetarian Options: A considerate selection for vegetarian guests.
  • Desserts and Alcoholic Beverages: An assortment of desserts accompanied by a wide range of alcoholic drinks.

Among the most popular dishes at the Grosvenor Casino Merchant City restaurant, praised for their flavour and presentation, are:

  • Spicy Nduja Tagliatelle Pasta: A favourite for its robust and zesty flavours.
  • Classic Scampi & Fries: A timeless and beloved choice.
  • Vegetable Penang-Style Curry (VE): A rich and flavorful vegetarian option.
  • Pit Boss Chicken: A hearty and fulfilling dish.
  • Crispy Fried Chicken Burger: A popular choice for burger lovers.

According to reviews, visitors often favour dishes like burgers, steaks, fried potatoes with vegetables, sweet puddings, and cheesecakes.

At Grosvenor Casino’s restaurant, diners can find a menu that effectively accommodates various preferences, balancing cost and quality. The price spectrum is broad, starting as low as £2.10 for a bottle of still water and extending up to £75 for a luxurious bottle of champagne, guaranteeing options for different financial considerations. On average, a lunch meal is priced at about £15, representing a good blend of affordability and culinary excellence. This approach to pricing and the broad selection of menu items guarantees every guest can savour a gratifying meal encounter marked by a harmonious combination of reasonable prices and high-quality offerings.

Grosvenor Casino Glasgow Promotions, Offers & Events

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, is known for its interesting and dynamic environment. The casino regularly hosts various special events and promotions, providing for gaming devotees and those seeking a fun night out. For the most current information on events, guests are encouraged to follow Grosvenor Casino Merchant City on social media, particularly their Facebook page, where updates on upcoming events and promotions are frequently posted.

One of the recent popular promotions includes the “Glasgow Gaming Gala.” This event combines enthralling gaming opportunities with live entertainment, creating a memorable night for all attendees. The gala features special gaming tournaments, live music performances, and exclusive prize giveaways.

In addition to these events, Grosvenor Casino Merchant City also offers several ongoing promotions to augment the visitor’s encounter:

  • Complimentary Drinks: In collaboration with local businesses, the casino distributes drink vouchers, which guests can redeem at the casino’s bar. These vouchers are typically available during specific hours and days, providing an extra perk to the casino visit.
  • Merchant City Casino FREE DRINK voucher

    HAVE A FREE DRINK when you visit Grosvenor at Merchant City

    Terms & Conditions Free Drink Offer: 18+ drinkaware.co.uk. Present this voucher at the bar to receive one drink. One voucher per customer, new customers must sign up in order to redeem the offer. Limited to one pint of beer, wine (175ml), single measure of spirit or soft drink. This voucher has no cash value and is non-transferable. Management reserve the right to restrict the use of the voucher. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Management decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Promoter: Grosvenor Casinos Limited, Grosvenor Casinos (GC) Limited Customers can claim their Free Drink reward at the cash desk.

  • Dining Offers: The casino’s restaurant often features special dining promotions. A frequent favourite is the “Two for One” meal deal, allowing guests to partake in a delicious meal at a great value.

Moreover, the casino’s entertainment offerings are not limited to gaming. Regularly scheduled live music and special themed nights add to the lively atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a night out in Glasgow.

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City strives to blend gaming, dining, and entertainment in a way that provides a unique and enjoyable visit for everyone. Irrespective of whether you’re a regular gamer or just looking for a place to relax and have a good time, this casino offers an array of options to fulfil your needs.

Grosvenor Casino Glasgow Membership Info & ID

The Grosvenor Casino Merchant City in Glasgow extends a membership scheme that connects fluidly with its broad network of casinos and its online outlet. This membership is structured to offer multiple benefits to its members:

  • Unified Membership Across All Locations: Members can play across all Grosvenor Casinos using a single account. This feature adds a layer of convenience to their gaming habits.
  • Flexible Fund Management: The system allows for easy fund transfers between the casino and online accounts, guaranteeing security and ease of management.
  • Exclusive Promotional Offers: By being a member, people gain access to unique promotions and offers, both at the physical casino and on their online service.
  • Streamlined Entry: Membership facilitates quicker entry into the casino, making visits more efficient.
  • Direct Access to Cash Funds: Members relish immediate access to their cash funds while at the casino.
  • Responsible Gaming Support: The membership program includes features that enable members to set and control their gaming limits, supporting a responsible gaming environment.

How to Become a Member

  • For Existing Members: People with a membership card or number can easily upgrade to a full membership online in just a few minutes.
  • New Members: Newcomers can join by signing up online. They should select the “New Member” option and provide the necessary details. Following this, they can collect their Grosvenor One card on their next visit to the casino.

To register, new members must present a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport, during their first visit.

This membership approach at Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, is planned to offer a well-rounded and enjoyable gaming environment, accommodating a variety of gaming preferences and styles.

Grosvenor Casino Glasgow User Reviews

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City in Glasgow has garnered attention through its customer reviews on TripAdvisor. These reviews offer insights into various aspects of the casino, including the ambience, service quality, and customer encounters. By analysing these reviews, we can comprehensively understand what the casino offers and identify areas for improvement or continued excellence. Here are some casino visitor reviews I found on TripAdvisor:

A visit in November 2022 was marked by an appreciation for the casino’s appealing ambience, cleanliness, and quality of food and drinks, with a special mention of the friendly service provided by staff member Ailee:

“We visited at lunchtime for drinks and food. The casino and restaurant are very appealing with a good atmosphere. Beautifully appointed, modern and clean including the toilets which were spotless. Drinks were reasonably priced given the surroundings and location. The food was very good and keenly priced. Ailee at the bar was friendly, welcoming and provided a really good service. A great experience which we look forward to repeating often.”

  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Nov 2022
  • Source: TripAdvisor

The overall encounter was rated highly, suggesting a repeat visit. An encounter in October 2023 highlighted the staff’s exemplary handling of a lost backpack in the cloakroom, showing their exceptional customer service and empathy.

“Love this place so much, great venue for a late night drink, especially for those who work in hospitality.

However I’m writing this review because sadly I experienced an issue one night, my backpack was in the cloakroom and when I went to retrieve it with my ticket as I was leaving, it wasn’t there. Things go wrong, I know that, but as we all know it’s how issues are handled that are important. I cannot fault the staff at the casino in any way, as soon as the issue was identified, the reception team contacted management and they worked together to find out what happened to my bag and then took steps to retrieve it. The casino staff, on a whole are amazing, but this was above and beyond. They worked to contact the person who had accidentally been given my bag, they arranged the safe return and kept me updated throughout. I may not get names right but I especially want to thank the girl at reception, Lyndsey I think, David the manager and also Michael the manager who among others were pivotal in resolving the issue.

I was hesitant to post this because I worry it sounds negative about the place, but as I said, mistakes happen. They have been absolutely amazing in resolving this issue and I am so thankful to all of them. Any trust lost, has been restored, to a point that I put my bag back in the cloakroom that night and safely retrieved it upon my departure.

I cannot thank everyone enough, just the best people who understand not just customer service, but also people. Many thanks to all of you”

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Oct 2023
  • Source: TripAdvisor

The staff, notably Lyndsey at reception and managers David and Michael were praised for their efficient and compassionate handling of the situation. The team’s effort to resolve the issue, including the safe return of the bag and constant updates, restored the customer’s trust. This encounter highlights the staff’s dedication to customer service and empathy.

However, a review from June 2022 pointed out discomfort due to the overbearing presence of staff and subpar drink quality, suggesting areas for improvement.

“More staff than guests, couldn’t relax for being watched, spirits served with brown limes, not like casinos abroad”

  • Rating: 2 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Jun 2022
  • Source: TripAdvisor

A customer felt uncomfortable due to the high number of staff compared to guests, leading to a sense of being constantly watched. They also criticised the quality of drinks, specifically mentioning spirits served with brown limes. This review suggests a need for improvement in maintaining a relaxed atmosphere and beverage quality.

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City in Glasgow shows a strong performance in customer service, particularly in handling unexpected situations and providing a welcoming environment, as evidenced by the high ratings in the first two reviews. The attention to cleanliness and modern amenities also contributes positively to the customer encounter. However, the third review indicates a need for improvement in creating a more relaxed atmosphere and guaranteeing consistent quality in food and beverages. Addressing these concerns while maintaining high standards of service and ambience would further enrich the reputation of Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow.

Accommodation Options For Grosvenor Casino

Motel One Glasgow

Several excellent accommodation options accommodate different preferences and budgets for visitors or tourists planning a stay near Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow. Here are a few recommended places to stay:

  • Motel One Glasgow: This 3.5-star property in the City Centre of Glasgow is highly rated for its exceptional services and facilities. It offers modern comfort and convenience, making it an excellent choice for travellers seeking quality accommodation.
  • Carlton George Hotel: A 4-star hotel in the City Centre of Glasgow, it is known for its wonderful amenities and services. It combines luxury with accessibility, close to the casino and other major attractions.
  • Leonardo Inn Glasgow West End: This 3-star hotel in North West Glasgow offers good facilities and services for those looking for a more budget-friendly option. It provides a comfortable and convenient stay without breaking the bank.
  • YOTEL Glasgow: Another 4-star property in the City Centre of Glasgow, YOTEL Glasgow, is recognised for its excellent facilities. It offers a unique and modern stay, ideal for travellers looking for something different.

Local Attractions Around Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City in Glasgow is surrounded by a variety of local attractions that offer a rich cultural and entertaining encounter for tourists and visitors. Here are some noteworthy attractions in the vicinity:

  • Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre: An art gallery and theatre that offers a unique and artistic encounter, showing intricate and moving pieces of work.
  • Glasgow Police Museum: This speciality museum provides an insightful view into the history of the Glasgow Police Force, making it an interesting visit for those curious about local history.
  • Glasgow Central Station: Not just a transportation hub but also an architectural marvel, Glasgow Central Station is worth visiting for its historical and structural significance.
  • George Square: A landmark for its statues and beautiful surrounding buildings, offering a pleasant encounter for those who appreciate leisurely exploration.
Each of these attractions provides a unique glimpse into Glasgow’s history, culture, and artistic heritage.

Grosvenor Casino Glasgow Advantages & Disadvantages

  • Advantages
  • Real-Time Gaming Enthusiasm: The live game atmosphere at Grosvenor Casino, featuring real dealers and physical equipment, offers electrifying enthusiasm, unlike Grosvenor’s online casino, bringing a unique level of anticipation and pleasure.
  • Instant Payouts: In offline casinos, winnings are usually received instantly, unlike online casinos, where withdrawals take some time.
  • Security and Fairness: Offline casinos are strictly regulated and monitored, providing a secure environment where the fairness of games is often guaranteed.
  • Disadvantages
  • Limited Game Variety: Unlike online casinos, offline casinos may have limited games due to physical space constraints.
  • Higher Minimum Bets: Offline casinos often have higher minimum bets than their online counterparts, which might not suit players with smaller budgets.

Final Verdict

Evaluating Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, my recommendation for British players is positive, with a rating of 4.3 out of 5. This score is based on the casino’s strengths and some areas that could be improved.

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City is a solid choice for those seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable gaming session in the UK. The casino offers a lively atmosphere, a variety of games, and excellent customer service. The additional amenities, like dining and live entertainment options, make it an appealing destination for a complete evening out.


What unique gaming options does Grosvenor Casino Merchant City offer?

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City, Glasgow, provides a unique blend of traditional and modern gaming encounters. It features classic table games like roulette and blackjack, innovative electronic gaming options and poker tournaments. The casino prides itself on offering a variety of games to suit all types of players, from beginners to seasoned gamblers.

Can visitors participate in any loyalty programs at Grosvenor Casino Merchant City?

Yes, Grosvenor Casino Merchant City offers a loyalty program called the Grosvenor One. This program allows members to accumulate points through gameplay, which can be redeemed for gaming, food, drinks, and other rewards. Membership in this program provides access to exclusive promotions and events, augmenting the casino’s overall gaming and leisure encounter.

What measures does Grosvenor Casino Merchant City take to guarantee responsible gambling?

Grosvenor Casino Merchant City is committed to promoting responsible gambling. The casino implements several measures, including trained staff to recognize and address problem gambling behaviours. They offer tools and resources for self-exclusion and provide information on external support organisations. The casino’s approach guarantees a safe and responsible environment for all guests.