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Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate

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Grosvenor Online Casino


Enter the heart of Leeds, where the Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate invites players with its blend of classic sophistication and modern gaming. This renowned gambling site stands as a beacon of entertainment in the dynamic city of Leeds. From the moment you walk through its doors, you’re greeted with a wide array of games that promise both fun and potential rewards. If you’re a fan of traditional table games or the latest electronic slot machines, there’s a broad array of options for everyone.

But Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate isn’t just about games. It’s a complete escapade, offering various food and drink options to supplement your visit. It maintains a smart casual dress code, securing an atmosphere of class and comfort. With our detailed review, you’ll get an insider’s look at everything about the offers, including insights into the games, amenities, and the unique appeal of Leeds itself. As of February 2024, our Gamblizard review is the perfect guide for UK players exploring this premier gaming destination. Discover why Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate is more than just a gambling place – it’s a cornerstone of leisure and enthusiasm in Leeds.

Grosvenor Casino Location and Contacts

Located in a prime area of Leeds, Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate is ideal for visitors at Wellington Bridge Street. Its address is distinctive, providing easy access for those wishing to participate in gaming, socialising, or simply savouring the atmosphere.

Contact Details

This section provides essential contact details and information on how to reach Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate, guaranteeing a hassle-free visit for guests.

Address Wellington Bridge Street, Leeds, England, LS3 1LW
Website grosvenorcasinos.com
Manager Ms Louise Whittle
Email [email protected]
Phone Number +441133893700
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Grosvenor-Casino-Leeds-Westgate-102232928465134/
Twitter https://twitter.com/grosvenorcasino

Parking and Transportation

  • Parking: Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate offers a convenient parking facility for visitors. It has its parking lot, open during the regular house hours and provides easy access for guests arriving by car.
  • Public Transportation: The casino is well-served by public transport. It is within walking distance from the Leeds city centre, making it accessible via various bus routes. For those preferring rail, the Leeds railway station is just a short taxi ride or a brisk walk away. Its proximity to major roads makes it easily reachable for those travelling from other cities.

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Opening Hours

Organising your visit to Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate becomes a breeze with a clear understanding of its operational schedule. Known for its hospitable atmosphere and variety of gaming options, the casino invites guests to align their leisure plans with its flexible timings. Regardless of being an early bird or a night owl, its round-the-clock service accommodates all preferences, guaranteeing that your gaming and leisure activities fit perfectly into your schedule.

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
With its 24/7 open doors, Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate serves as a hub for spontaneous and well-planned gaming escapades. The non-stop availability of the casino is a testament to its commitment to providing a welcoming space for all visitors, regardless of their preferred visiting hours. This adaptability secures that the casino remains a favourite destination for those seeking a quality gaming escapade at any time of the day or night.

The Gambling Floor at Grosvenor Casino Leeds

The gaming hall at Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate presents an exceptional environment distinctly customised to satisfy a spectrum of players, from those newly introduced to casino gaming to clients interested in higher wagering limits. This location has a unique mix of gaming options and an atmosphere accommodating varied tastes and strategies.

Game Zones and Options

  • American Roulette: This classic game is represented by 5 tables, with minimum bets starting at just £0.50 and maximum bets reaching £200 per number.
  • Blackjack: 5 tables offer this popular game, with minimum stakes at £3, and players can place bets up to £1000 per hand.
  • Poker Variants: The casino hosts dedicated tables for games like Texas Hold’em and Three Card Poker, accommodating seasoned and novice poker players with stakes ranging from £2 to £500.
  • Baccarat: This game, favoured for its elegance, is available with bets ranging from £5 to £500.
  • Slot Machines: Over 40 slot machines, including progressive jackpots and popular titles, provide a dynamic range of choices with bets from 20p to £5 per spin.
  • Electronic Roulette: 25 terminals offer this digital version of the classic game, with stakes starting from 10p.

High-Stakes Gaming

  • VIP Gaming Area: A dedicated area for high-stakes gaming, offering increased privacy and higher bet limits, is available for discerning players.
  • Blackjack High-Limit Tables: Specific tables accommodate high rollers with maximum bets of up to £2000.
  • Roulette High-Stakes Play: Certain tables offer a maximum of £500 on a single number for Roulette fans, attracting those seeking higher stakes.

Recommendations for Visitors

  • Introductory Games: Newcomers are encouraged to try slot machines or electronic roulette for an easy introduction to casino gaming.
  • Explore Table Games: Novice players should explore games like Blackjack and Three Card Poker, where lower minimum bets allow learning and enjoyment.
  • Stay Informed: Always check the latest betting limits and rules at each table, as they may vary.
Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate offers a unique and varied gaming environment, providing an ideal setting for all types of casino visitors. With a wide selection of games and customised areas for different betting preferences, it stands out as a premier site for gaming in Leeds.

Grosvenor Casino Tournaments

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate hosts a variety of tournaments, primarily focusing on poker, which is a significant draw for both local and visiting players. These tournaments offer a competitive and lively atmosphere, appealing to a range of skill levels.

Poker Tournaments

  • Regular Schedule: Poker tournaments are held regularly, with specific days and times allocated each week. The most popular days are typically Thursdays and Sundays.
  • Game Variants: These tournaments mainly feature Texas Hold’em, widely regarded as the most popular form of poker.
  • Buy-ins: These tournaments’ buy-ins vary, accommodating casual players and those looking to play at higher stakes. They typically range from £20 to £50, offering accessibility to a broad player base.
  • Prize Pools: The prize pools are determined by the number of participants and the buy-in amounts, often leading to substantial winnings.

Players looking to participate in Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate tournaments can find up-to-date information on the casino’s official website or social media channels. These sources provide details about upcoming tournaments, special events, and any changes to the regular schedule.

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate’s commitment to offering various poker tournaments guarantees that it remains a favoured spot for poker devotees. With a schedule that meets various preferences and skill levels, the casino provides a stimulating and competitive environment for all poker players.

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Dress Code

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate adheres to a smart casual dress code, consistent with the general standard across Grosvenor Casinos. This dress code is designed to guarantee a comfortable yet sophisticated environment for all guests.

For Men

  • Ideal: Smart casual wear is encouraged. This includes trousers or smart jeans paired with a collared shirt or polo. Neat and well-kept attire contributes to the overall sophisticated ambience of the casino.
  • Avoid: Men should refrain from wearing sportswear, tracksuits, gym attire, and overly casual or unkempt clothing. These types of clothing do not align with the smart casual ethos of the casino.

For Women

  • Ideal: Women are advised to dress in smart casual outfits. Choices such as dresses, skirts paired with blouses, or stylish tops accompanied by smart jeans are perfect for a night at the casino.
  • Avoid: Similar to the men’s guidelines, sportswear and any attire that appears scruffy, worn-out, or too casual should be avoided.

General Guidelines

  • Comfort and Elegance: Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate’s dress code is about balancing comfort with a touch of elegance. Guests are encouraged to dress comfortably yet look polished.
  • Outerwear and Headwear: After arrival, Coats and jackets should be checked into the cloakroom. Traditional or religious headwear is permitted per the casino’s inclusive policy.
  • Footwear: Smart footwear is recommended. Avoid wearing trainers, flip-flops, or overly casual shoes.
This dress code is in place to cultivate a welcoming yet refined atmosphere, allowing guests to appreciate their casino escapade to the fullest. It reflects the casino’s commitment to maintaining an inviting and stylish setting.

Bar & Restaurant at Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate offers a delightful culinary escapade with both a restaurant and a bar to serve the tastes and preferences of its visitors.


The bar area at Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate is perfect for guests to relax. The bar menu offers an admirable selection of beverages, including:

  • Beer: A variety of bottled and draught beers, such as Peroni, Budweiser, Corona, and Brewdog varieties, with prices starting around £2.90 for a half-pint.
  • Spirits: A comprehensive spirits selection, including favourites like Jameson’s, Smirnoff, Bacardi, and Hennessy, with 25 ml and 50 ml servings, priced from £4.80 upwards.
  • Wine: A choice of white, rosé, red, and sparkling wines is available in different serving sizes, starting from £4.60 for 125ml.
  • Soft drinks: Soft drinks for those preferring non-alcoholic options, including juices, water, and sodas, with prices starting from £0.65.


The restaurant at Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate offers an eclectic mix of dishes, attracting a broad spectrum of tastes. The varied menu features everything from hearty breakfast options to satisfying main courses. Highlighted selections include:

  • Sausage and Bacon Muffin: Priced at £4.95, this is an ideal breakfast option, featuring an English muffin filled with sausage and bacon.
  • Toasted Bloomer: For just £2.50, you can savour white or brown bloomer bread, toasted and served with various preserves and spreads.
  • Nduja Tagliatelle Pasta: A delightful pasta dish at £7.95, combining the spicy flavours of Nduja sausage with sun-blushed tomatoes, fresh chilli, and fennel.
  • Scampi & Fries: This classic offering, priced at £7.95, includes breaded scampi served alongside chips and complemented with homemade tartar sauce.
  • Vegetable Penang-Style Curry (VE): For those seeking a vegetarian option, this dish is available for £7.95 and served with basmati rice and garlic coriander naan.

Highly acclaimed dishes at Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate, as highlighted in visitor reviews, include:

  • Chicken Tikka Masala: A popular choice for its rich and authentic flavours.
  • Pulled Beef Chilli Con Carne: Praised for its robust taste and tender beef.
  • Margherita Pizza: A favourite for its classic simplicity and cheesy goodness.
  • Pepperoni Pizza: Loved for its spicy kick and generous toppings.
  • Salt and Pepper Chicken Pizza: Known for its unique blend of flavours and crispy chicken topping.

Other notable items include an array of sandwiches, burgers, and global favourites like Chicken Tikka Masala and Pulled Beef Chilli Con Carne. The menu also features indulgent desserts like Chocolate & Hazelnut Filled Mini Doughnuts and Apple Filled Mini Doughnuts, providing a sweet end to any meal.

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate is notable not just for gaming but also for its culinary offerings. The restaurant offers a varied menu that serves all tastes, from light snacks and breakfast items to hearty main courses and delightful desserts. With its comprehensive selection of drinks, the bar provides the perfect place to relax and unwind. The varied menu options, reasonable pricing, and welcoming atmosphere make Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate a commendable choice for casual and serious diners. The casino’s commitment to offering a comprehensive and satisfying dining escapade is evident in its attention to detail and the breadth of its menu.

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Promotions, Offers & Events

Throughout the year, Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate hosts a variety of special events and promotions, keeping the atmosphere lively and stimulating. Guests are encouraged to stay updated with the latest events and offers by following the casino’s social media channels, especially their Facebook page, where new and upcoming events are regularly posted.

One of the recent standout promotions at Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate was the “Lucky Spin” event. This event offered guests a chance to succeed at big prizes by simply trying their luck on a special wheel of fortune set up in the casino. The anticipation and eagerness surrounding this event drew a large number of participants, making it a memorable occasion for all.

In addition to special events, the casino offers ongoing promotions to improve the visitor escapade.

  • “Happy Hour Specials”: This promotion features discounted drinks and appetisers during selected hours, encouraging guests to unwind and socialise.
  • “Members-Only Deals”: Regular visitors can benefit from exclusive deals and offers, adding value to their frequent trips.
These varied promotions, offers, and events at Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate are designed to provide an unparalleled escapade, combining the euphoria of gaming with exceptional entertainment and dining in a hospitable environment.

Membership Info & ID at Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate offers a membership program that provides several benefits and conveniences to its members, boosting their overall casino visit.

  • Unified Gaming Visit: Members can relish gaming at any of Grosvenor’s casinos across the UK, including Grosvenor online casino, with a single membership account. This feature guarantees a flawless visit, even if you’re playing in-house at one of their physical locations or online through their digital interfaces.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Membership grants access to special promotions, events, and offers, both at the Leeds Westgate location and online. These exclusive deals add value to the gaming and amusement visit.
  • Ease of Transaction: The ability to quickly transfer funds between the casino and online accounts offers members flexibility and ease of financial management.
  • Quick Entry: Membership facilitates speedier entry into the casino, bypassing long queues and wait times, especially during peak hours.
  • Responsible Gaming Support: The program supports responsible gaming by allowing members to set personal gaming limits, promoting a safe and controlled gaming environment.

How to Join the Membership Program

  • Online Registration: Prospective members can sign up for the membership online by filling out a simple form with their details. After the online registration, they can collect their membership card on their next visit to the casino.
  • In-Person Registration: Visitors can also sign up for membership directly at the casino. Helpful staff are available to assist with the process.
  • Required Documentation: A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport, is required for the initial registration. This guarantees a secure and verified membership process.
Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate members relish immediate access to their funds at the casino, making the gaming visit more convenient and pleasant. The membership structure is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various players, guaranteeing a complete and satisfying gaming visit.

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate Reviews

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate, a popular gaming destination, has received various customer reviews on TripAdvisor and Google, offering insights into its strengths and areas for improvement. These reviews provide a snapshot of the customer visit, highlighting aspects like affordability, atmosphere, and customer service.

A TripAdvisor review from February 2023 applauds the casino for its family-friendly environment, particularly noting the presence of 50p tables. This feature is highly appreciated as it makes the gaming visit more accessible and pleasant for families and persons on a tight budget. The reviewer emphasises their extended fun, contrasting their visits to other casinos, and urges the casino to maintain these affordable gaming options.

“Great night with the family, first time I’ve been here and will return. Great to see a casino accounting for 50p tables, which all my family enjoyed and we stayed until the early hours of the morning where in other casinos we would have left.

Don’t lose the 50p tables as it suite people in families that don’t have a lot of money and they feel like they have lots of chips.


  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Feb 2023
  • Source: TripAdvisor

A November 2023 Google review praises the casino’s classy interior and friendly staff, suggesting a positive first encounter and a welcoming atmosphere. However, this review also points out a significant downside: the high cost of minimum bets for games like Blackjack and Roulette. This aspect may discourage some customers, especially those who prefer lower-stakes gaming.

“First visit in many many years. Classy inside with friendly staff. Only let down by the cost if a minimum bet on Blackjack and Roulette. Will be going again though.”

  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Nov 2023
  • Source: Google

Another Google review from November 2023 highlights the casino’s peaceful environment during afternoons and commends the cleanliness and tidiness of the place. The customer service is particularly appreciated, with staff being attentive and helpful. This review reflects the casino’s ability to maintain a pleasant atmosphere even during quieter times.

“Quiet on an afternoon but still a friendly atmosphere. Clean and tidy. All the staff were there to help with anything you wanted.”

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Nov 2023
  • Source: Google
The general evaluation from these reviews indicates that Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate excels in creating a family-friendly and hospitable atmosphere supported by a clean environment and attentive staff. The 50p tables are a unique and popular feature, accommodating budget-conscious visitors and families. However, the high minimum bets on certain games are a notable concern and may limit the casino’s attraction to a broader audience. In conclusion, while the casino excels with its ambience and customer service, addressing the issue of high minimum bets could make it more attractive and fulfilling for customers. Continued focus on affordability and maintaining a welcoming environment will likely contribute positively to the casino’s reputation.

Accommodations Around Grosvenor Casino

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

Several excellent accommodation options accommodate various preferences and budgets for visitors or tourists planning a stay near Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate. Here are some recommended places to stay:

  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Leeds City Centre: This modern hotel is conveniently situated near Leeds railway station, offering easy access to the casino. It features stylish rooms with beautiful city views, a rooftop bar, and a contemporary restaurant. Ideal for visitors seeking comfort and convenience.
  • Novotel Leeds Centre Hotel: Located within a short walking distance of the casino, Novotel offers a blend of modernity and comfort. Guests can savour spacious rooms, fitness facilities, and an in-house restaurant, making it a great choice for both leisure and business travellers.
  • Ibis Leeds Centre Marlborough Street Hotel: A budget-friendly option, this hotel provides essential comforts in a central location. It’s known for its clean, modern rooms and is conveniently close to major attractions, including Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate.
  • The Queens Hotel – QHotels: For those seeking a touch of luxury and history, The Queens Hotel, located near Leeds train station, is an iconic building offering elegant rooms, refined dining options, and exceptional service. Its proximity to the casino and city centre makes it an attractive choice for discerning guests.

Each of these hotels offers a unique stay, from luxury to budget-conscious options, guaranteeing that visitors to Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate can find accommodation that suits their needs and augments their stay in Leeds.

Local Attractions Close To Grosvenor Casino

Kirkstall Abbey

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate is surrounded by various local attractions, making it a fantastic tourist destination. Here are some notable nearby attractions that are worth a visit:

  • Kirkstall Abbey: A little further from the casino but worth the trip, Kirkstall Abbey is a stunning example of a mediaeval Cistercian abbey. Set in beautiful parkland along the banks of the River Aire, it’s perfect for history lovers and those seeking a peaceful outdoor setting.
  • Leeds Art Gallery: Renowned for its admirable collection of contemporary British art, Leeds Art Gallery is a must-visit for art devotees. It’s just a short drive from the casino and offers a tranquil escape into the artistic domain.
  • Royal Armouries Museum: This national museum showcases arms and armour from across the globe. It’s an educational and fascinating exploration, particularly for history buffs, and is located within easy reach of the casino.
  • Leeds City Museum: Offering a wide range of exhibits, including natural history, ancient history, and interactive galleries, Leeds City Museum is both educational and fun for all ages. It’s a great place to learn more about the rich history of Leeds.
These attractions, ranging from cultural and historical sites to modern shopping explorations, guarantee that visitors to Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate have plenty to explore and relish in the surrounding area.

Reasons to Visit & Areas for Improvement

  • Reasons to Visit
  • Varied Gaming Options: The casino offers various gaming choices, from affordable 50p tables to high-stakes options, accommodating multiple players.
  • Quality Customer Service: Reviews consistently praise the friendly and helpful staff, creating a welcoming atmosphere that adds significantly to the overall visit.
  • Elegant Ambience: The casino’s classy interior and clean environment make it an attractive destination for a night out or a leisurely afternoon.
  • Strategic Location: Positioned near local attractions, the casino provides gaming stimulation and easy access to cultural and historical sites in Leeds.
  • Areas for Improvement
  • Slot Machine Accessibility: Reviews have mentioned the limited availability of slot machines. Addressing this could improve the visit for slot devotees.
  • Minimum Bet Cost: Some reviews indicated concerns about the high minimum bets on certain games. Adjusting these could attract a wider range of visitors.

Final Verdict

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate is a prime location for those looking to savour a variety of gaming options in a welcoming and elegant setting. Its proximity to local attractions increases its appeal as a well-rounded entertainment destination. While there is room for improvement in terms of game accessibility and bet costs, the casino’s strengths in atmosphere, customer service, and gaming variety make it a commendable choice for British players seeking a quality casino visit.

As an author assessing Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate, I would recommend it to British players, giving it a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5. This verdict reflects the casino’s notable strengths and areas that, if improved, could further augment the overall visit.


Are there any exclusive high-roller areas or VIP services at the casino?

Yes, Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate provides exclusive areas for high rollers and VIP guests. These areas offer higher-stakes gaming and a more private atmosphere, with personalised services to guarantee a premium visit.

Does the casino offer any learning sessions for beginners?

Yes, Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate offers ‘Learn to Play’ sessions for beginners. In a friendly and supportive environment, these sessions are designed to introduce new players to various casino games, including their rules and strategies.

What measures does Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate take to promote responsible gaming?

The casino is committed to responsible gaming and offers various measures to support this. These include setting personal betting limits, providing access to self-exclusion programs, and having trained staff to offer advice and support to guests exhibiting signs of problem gambling.

How does the casino guarantee the fairness and integrity of its games?

Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate adheres to strict regulatory standards to guarantee the fairness and integrity of its games. This includes using certified and regularly inspected gaming equipment, employing trained and professional dealers, and operating under the regulations set by the UK Gambling Commission.