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Treasures of the Lamps Slot

By Playtech

Treasures of the Lamps Free Spins

RTP 95.15%

Min bet £0.20

Max bet £500

Max Win 5000000

11 UK casinos offer Free Spins for Treasures of the Lamps

Treasures of the Lamps at Gamblizard, a slot game that takes UK players to the ancient East's mysteries and rewards. This game is not just a regular slot; it's a portal to a world of hidden treasures and extraordinary opportunities. Our detailed review sheds light on key features of the game, especially the sought-after Treasures of the Lamps free spins no deposit offers. Our guide aims to provide useful tips and strategies to help you maximise each spin. With Gamblizard, your next significant win could be closer than you think. Experience the wonder of Treasures of the Lamps and begin your quest for fortune. Join us today and discover what fortunes the game holds!

Basic info

Game provider Playtech

Release Date 01.06.2018

RTP 95.15%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Very low

Min bet £0.20

Max bet £500

Max Win 5000000

Gamble Feature No

Layout 5×3

Devices Mobile, Desktop

Configurable Winlines No

Volatility Medium

Progressive Jackpot No

Treasures of the Lamps Symbols And Paytable

symbol wild treasures of the lamps slot
5 x500
4 x50
3 x5
symbol scatter 10 treasures of the lamps slot
symbol scatter multiplier treasures of the lamps slot
symbol scatter free games treasures of the lamps slot
symbol scatter stargazer treasures of the lamps slot
symbol ruby treasures of the lamps slot
5 x100
4 x15
3 x5
symbol audrey treasures of the lamps slot
5 x70
4 x12
3 x4
symbol gloria treasures of the lamps slot
5 x50
4 x10
3 x3
symbol horse treasures of the lamps slot
5 x25
4 x7.5
3 x2.5
symbol palace treasures of the lamps slot
5 x20
4 x7.5
3 x2.5
symbol knife treasures of the lamps slot
5 x17.5
4 x7.5
3 x2
symbol treasure treasures of the lamps slot
5 x17.5
4 x7.5
3 x2
symbol a treasures of the lamps slot
5 x12.5
4 x5
3 x1
symbol k treasures of the lamps slot
5 x12.5
4 x5
3 x1
symbol q treasures of the lamps slot
5 x10
4 x5
3 x1
symbol j treasures of the lamps slot
5 x10
4 x5
3 x1

Treasures of the Lamps Slot Review

Treasures of the Lamps, developed by Playtech in 2018, stands out in the domain of online slots. This game transports players to an enchanting Eastern setting, skillfully blending a mesmerising theme with a visually appealing style. The slot is infused with symbols and designs reflective of Arabian folklore, featuring elements like magical lamps and genies. The graphics and thematic soundtracks create a unique gaming atmosphere, setting it apart from conventional slots.

This review aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Treasures of the Lamps slot. We focus on delivering an unbiased overview of the game’s mechanics, bonuses, and overall user interaction. We aim to guide players through the game’s intricacies, helping them understand the rules, paylines, and special features. By providing this information, we strive to assist players in making informed decisions about their gameplay, guaranteeing they have a fulfilling time exploring what Treasures of the Lamps offers.

Treasures of the Lamps Slot Visuals and Sounds

Treasures of the Lamps Slot features a visual aesthetic that artfully captures the essence of Arabian tales. The colour palette is a rich blend of warm hues like gold, ruby, and sapphire, reminiscent of a sunset in a desert landscape. These colours add warmth and mystery to the game, augmenting the enchanting Arabian theme. The character design is notably detailed, with characters such as genies and mystical beings portrayed in a style that balances realism and fantasy. This attention to character detail and high-quality graphics create a visually striking and absorbing environment for players.

Sound-wise, the game boasts an evocative soundtrack that complements the visual theme. The music is a harmonious blend of traditional Middle Eastern instruments, creating a soothing and invigorating rhythm. The sound effects of spinning reels and winning combinations are well-tuned to the theme, augmenting the overall gaming atmosphere without overpowering. These auditory elements contribute significantly to the overall ambience, making the gameplay more absorbing and dynamic.

Players have the flexibility to control the audio settings, allowing them to decide their auditory preferences. This feature is particularly appreciated by those who may prefer to focus more on the visual elements or play in quiet environments. The option to turn the sound effects on or off guarantees that the game remains accessible to all types of players.

In conclusion, the design and music of Treasures of the Lamps Slot work in unison to create an enchanting gaming atmosphere. The vivid visuals and thematic audio transport players into a domain of Arabian mystery and wonder, making the game a slot and a visually and sonically rich interaction.

Gameplay and Features

Treasures of the Lamps slot features 20 paylines, offering players a variety of ways to win on its classic 5×3 reel setup. This number of paylines combines the traditional feel of the game with ample opportunities for forming winning combinations.

Betting Range

The game offers a flexible betting range, accommodating cautious players and high rollers. The minimum bet starts at £0.20, allowing newcomers or those with a conservative approach to participate without significant risk. Conversely, the maximum bet goes up to £500, appealing to players willing to wager more for higher potential returns.

Symbols and Payout Structure

The symbols in Treasures of the Lamps are thoughtfully designed to align with the Arabian theme. The Magic Lamp acts as the Wild symbol, while various Scatters include 10 plays, an x5 multiplier, free games, and a stargazer bonus. Other symbols include girls on red, yellow, and blue backgrounds, a horse, a palace, daggers, a chest, and the traditional card symbols (Ace, King, Queen, Jack). The payout structure is as follows:

Symbol 5 on a payline 4 on a payline 3 on a payline
Magic Lamp x500 x50 x5
Girl on Red Background x100 x15 x5
Girl on Yellow Background x70 x12 x4
Girl on Blue Background x50 x10 x3
Horse x25 x7.5 x2.5
Palace x20 x7.5 x2.5
Daggers x17.5 x7.5 x2
Chest x17.5 x7.5 x2
Ace (A) x12.5 x5 x1
King (K) x12.5 x5 x1
Queen (Q) x10 x5 x1
Jack (J) x10 x5 x1

Treasures of the Lamps Slot Features

Wild Symbol – Magic Lamp: It has the power to substitute for almost all other symbols on the reels, aiding in the creation of winning combinations. This increases the likelihood of hitting a winning line.

Scatter Symbols – Multiple Functions: The game includes several Scatter symbols, each with its unique function:

Each feature is designed to add more layers of interest and potential for rewards in the game. Combining the Wild and multiple Scatters guarantees that the gameplay remains varied and mesmerising, with plenty of opportunities for players to increase their winnings in different ways.

Treasures of the Lamps slot combines a traditional reel structure with a broad betting range and a variety of symbols and features, making it an appealing game for a wide range of players. Its balanced approach to standard gameplay and inventive bonuses creates a dynamic gaming interaction.

Treasures of the Lamps Slot RTP and Variance

Treasures of the Lamps slot machine boasts an RTP of 95.15%, a figure that positions it within the reasonable range compared to other slots in the industry. This RTP indicates that players can expect a return of £95.15 for every £100 wagered over an extended period of gameplay. While this RTP is not the highest available in the slot game market, it remains competitive, offering a fair balance between the casino’s edge and the player’s potential winnings.

The game’s variance, classified as medium, strikes a balance between frequency and size of payouts. Players can expect to encounter a mix of smaller, more frequent wins and larger, less frequent ones. This level of variance is suitable for a wide range of players, especially those who prefer a more balanced approach to gameplay without the extreme highs and lows associated with high or low-variance slots.

Understanding the Treasures of the Lamps slot RTP and its medium volatility is crucial for players in strategising their gameplay. Those who prefer steady, albeit not always large, wins will find this game appealing. It accommodates players who are not chasing massive jackpots but still appreciate the chance for significant payouts. This combination of RTP and volatility makes Treasures of the Lamps appealing for players seeking a balanced slot game interaction.

Top 3 UK Casinos to Play Treasures of the Lamps slot

Playing with online slots at the right site is vital, especially for absorbing titles like Treasures of the Lamps. The choice of an online casino can significantly influence your gaming satisfaction. When it comes to playing Treasures of the Lamps, several UK slot sites and online casinos stand out due to their exceptional features and user-friendly environments. These sites offer access to this specific slot and provide various services and amenities to improve your overall gaming time. Below, we discover three distinguished online casinos, each offering Treasures of the Lamps and unique aspects to accommodate different player preferences.


Sling Casino presents an interesting gaming hub featuring many slot games, including Treasures of the Lamps and live dealer options. With a sleek interface and perfect mobile compatibility, it offers rewarding bonuses, secure transactions, and responsive customer service.

  • Pros
  • Great Game Selection: Slingo boasts a large variety of slots, including popular slots like Treasures of the Lamps.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website is easy to manoeuvre, making it simple for players to find their favourite games.
  • Regular Promotions: Slingo offers various bonuses and promotions, augmenting the overall gaming time.
  • Cons
  • Withdrawal Limits: Some players might find the withdrawal limits restrictive.
  • Customer Support: The response time can be slow during peak hours.
Up to £50 Bonus Get bonus #Ad, 18+, BeGambleAware | Automatically credited upon deposit. Cancellation can be requested. First Deposit Only. Min. deposit: £10, max. Bonus £50. WR of 60x Bonus amount (Slots count 100% and any other game 10%) within 30 days. Max bet is 10% (min £0.10) of the Bonus amount or £5 (lowest amount applies). Bonus must be claimed before using deposited funds. Welcome Bonus can only be claimed once every 72 hours across all Casinos.


PrimeSlots Casino offers a good gaming portfolio with a wide array of slot games from top providers. With a focus on slots, it features a user-friendly interface, great bonuses like 100 free spins, and secure transactions, making it a perfect choice to play Treasures of the Lamps.

  • Pros
  • Focus on Slots: Specialises in slot games, offering a wide range, including "Treasures of the Lamps".
  • Attractive Bonuses: Offers good bonus schemes for new and regular players.
  • Good Customer Support: Offers reliable customer service for player inquiries and issues.
  • Cons
  • Limited Game Variety Beyond Slots: Fewer options for those interested in other types of casino games.
  • Interface: The website design could be more modern.
123 Free Spins Get bonus #Ad, 18+, BeGambleAware | Automatically credited upon deposit. Cancellation can be requested. First Deposit Only. Min. deposit: £10. Game: Thor (GVG), Spin Value: £0.1. WR 60x free spin winnings amount (only Slots count) within 30 days. Max bet is 10% (min £0.10) of the free spin winnings amount or £5 (lowest amount applies). Spins must be used and/or Bonus must be claimed before using deposited funds. First Deposit/Welcome Bonus can only be claimed once every 72 hours across all Casinos.

Genting Casino

This UKGC-licenced casino is one of the best and safest slot sites to play Treasure of the Lamps. Also, including plenty of classic table options and live dealer titles, it offers exclusive rewards and exceptional services.

  • Pros
  • Strong Reputation: Known for its reliability and trustworthiness in the online casino domain.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Genting mobile casino works fluidly on all devices.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Offers efficient and helpful customer service.
  • Cons
  • Website Layout: Even if very clear, the site’s design is rather unimpressive.
  • Limited Exclusive Games: While offering a wide range, it has fewer exclusive titles.
100% Up to £50 Get bonus #Ad, 18+, BeGambleAware | Automatically credited upon deposit. Cancellation can be requested. First deposit only. Min. deposit: £10, Max. Bonus £50. WR of 30x Deposit + Bonus amount (Slots count 100%, other games 10%) within 30 days. Max bet is 10% (min £0.10) of the Bonus amount or £5 (lowest amount applies). Bonus must be claimed before using deposited funds. First deposit bonus can only be claimed once every 72 hr across all casinos.

Tips for UK Players

For UK players looking to play the Treasures of the Lamps online slot, a strategic approach can significantly impact the outcome of your gameplay. Here are some practical tips to boost your chances of success:

  • Start with Demo Mode: Before placing real money bets, it’s wise to play Treasures of the Lamps in demo mode. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the game mechanics and features without any financial risk. You can access the demo version on the game developer’s site or on Gamblizard, providing an opportunity to practise and understand the game better.
  • Manage Your Bankroll Wisely: Set a budget for how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it. Responsible gaming interaction is key.
  • Utilise Bonus Offers: Maximize your gameplay with Treasures of the Lamps by taking advantage of free spins and no deposit bonus offers. These promotions are ideal for both new players and those wanting to try the game before committing more funds.
  • Understand the Paytable and Features: Knowing the value of each symbol and how the various features work can help you make informed decisions during play. This understanding can be pivotal in making strategic bets.
  • Play Responsibly: Remember to play Treasures of the Lamps for fun. While winning is great, the primary goal should be having a good time. Keeping a positive attitude towards gaming can make for a more pleasant and less stressful interaction.

By following these tips, UK players can manoeuvre through the Treasures of the Lamps slot more effectively, potentially leading to a more rewarding time playing.

Pros & Cons of Treasures of the Lamps

  • Pros:
  • Visual and Audio Appeal: Enchanting Eastern theme with detailed character designs, vibrant colour palette, and thematic soundtracks.
  • Multiple Bonus Features: The game includes a variety of bonus features like free spins, multipliers, and a unique stargazer bonus, adding depth to the gameplay.
  • Quality Graphics and Sound: High-quality graphics and an appropriate soundtrack contribute to an absorbing gaming atmosphere.
  • Decent RTP: The RTP of 95.15% is within the industry standard, offering a fair chance of returns over time.
  • Cons:
  • Limited Innovative Features: While the game has several interesting features, it might not offer as many innovative or unique gameplay elements compared to newer slots.
  • Lacks Progressive Jackpot: The absence of a progressive jackpot might be a downside for players seeking massive jackpot wins.
  • Potentially Confusing for Beginners: The variety of features and bonuses might overwhelm new players initially.


As we reach the end of our review of Treasures of the Lamps slot, it’s clear that this game offers a unique blend of features that accommodates a variety of UK players. With its absorbing Arabian theme, well-designed graphics, and a multitude of bonus features, the game stands out as an appealing choice for those seeking a slot with both visual appeal and dynamic gameplay elements. The medium variance of the slot provides a balanced risk, which is suitable for players who prefer steady gameplay without extreme fluctuations in their winnings.

However, it’s important to note that the game’s RTP of 95.15%, while within industry standards, is not the highest on the market. This, along with the absence of a progressive jackpot, might not appeal to players seeking games with higher payout potential or life-changing jackpot wins.

Taking these factors into account, Treasures of the Lamps Slot earns a score of 3.7 out of 5. It is a solid choice for UK players looking for a game with an enchanting theme and a variety of bonus features. Still, it may not satisfy those in pursuit of higher RTP slots or massive jackpot opportunities. In conclusion, while Treasures of the Lamps offers many positive aspects, it may only accommodate some players’s needs, making it a good but not exceptional choice among other online slots.


Are there any strategies to increase winning chances in Treasures of the Lamps?

While Treasures of the Lamps is a game of chance, players can adopt certain strategies like managing their bankrolls effectively, understanding the paytable, and taking advantage of any bonus features or free spins. However, it’s important to remember that outcomes in slots are random, and there is no guaranteed strategy for winning.

How often are bonus features triggered in the game?

The frequency of triggering bonus features in Treasures of the Lamps varies. As a medium variance slot, it balances smaller, frequent wins with larger, less frequent ones. Bonus features like free spins or the Stargazer bonus are triggered randomly, so there is no set frequency for their activation.

Can I set limits on my bets in Treasures of the Lamps?

Yes, most online casinos offering Treasures of the Lamps allow players to set limits on their bets. This is part of responsible gaming practices, enabling players to control spending and play within their budgets.

Can I access Treasures of the Lamps slot on mobile devices?

Yes, Treasures of the Lamps slot is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. The game is optimised for mobile play, guaranteeing a fluid interface and full functionality on smaller screens. This means players can appreciate the game’s features and graphics quality on the go, providing flexibility and convenience.