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Halloween Fortune Slot

By Playtech

Halloween Fortune Free Spins

RTP 97.06%

Min bet £0.20

Max bet £20

Max Win 10000

8 UK casinos offer Free Spins for Halloween Fortune

Looking for a spellbinding slot experience? You're at the right crypt! Discover the magic of the Halloween Fortune slot with Gamblizard, your ultimate UK guide to gaming enchantments. Not only will we unwrap the mysteries of this captivating slot in our thorough review, but we'll also unveil how you can maximise your gameplay with some bewitching free spins. Why merely play when you can conjure up bigger wins? Read on, fellow gamer, and let Gamblizard lead the way to fortune-filled fun!

Basic info

Game provider Playtech

Release Date 15.10.2012

RTP 97.06%

Game Technology HTML5

Popularity Medium

Min bet £0.20

Max bet £20

Max Win 10000

Gamble Feature No

Layout 5×3

Devices Mobile, Desktop

Configurable Winlines Yes

Volatility Medium

Progressive Jackpot No

Halloween Fortune Symbols And Paytable

symbol wild halloween fortune slot
5 x1000
4 x100
3 x10
2 x1
symbol scatter halloween fortune slot
5 x5
4 x1
3 x0.5
symbol bonus halloween fortune slot
symbol witch green halloween fortune slot
5 x100
4 x25
3 x5
2 x0.5
symbol witch blue halloween fortune slot
5 x50
4 x15
3 x3
2 x0.5
symbol witch pink halloween fortune slot
5 x40
4 x10
3 x2
2 x0.5
symbol cat halloween fortune slot
5 x30
4 x7.5
3 x1.5
2 x0.5
symbol bird halloween fortune slot
5 x25
4 x5
3 x1
symbol skull halloween fortune slot
5 x20
4 x2.5
3 x1
symbol elixir halloween fortune slot
5 x15
4 x2
3 x0.5
symbol amulet halloween fortune slot
5 x10
4 x2
3 x0.5

Halloween Fortune Slot Review

Playtech, a well-known software company, has created the game Halloween Fortune. It’s more than just a seasonal game; it offers a unique experience full of magic and chances to win.

When you start the game, you’ll see a dark scene with a creepy house set against a moonlit sky. But don’t worry, this isn’t a scary game. Instead, three friendly witches will guide you through a fun adventure. As you play, you’ll see various symbols like potions, broomsticks, black cats, and special wild pumpkins.

If you love Halloween-themed games or enjoy magical stories, you’ll probably like Halloween Fortune. The game even works well on mobile phones and tablets, so you can play wherever you are.

This review will look into all the details of Halloween Fortune. We’ll talk about how it works, its special features, and see if it can really give players good rewards. Let’s find out more about this game!

Halloween Fortune Visuals and Sounds


Halloween Fortune is an absolute treat for the eyes, seamlessly merging intricate design with high-definition graphics. As soon as you dive in, the colour palette immediately stands out – deep purples, midnight blues, and smoky greys dominate the screen, perfectly encapsulating the mysterious twilight of a Halloween night.

The symbols are a testament to Playtech’s attention to detail. The main characters, our three captivating witches, are rendered in exquisite detail – from the glint in their eyes to the swirls of their gowns. Each witch carries her own unique charm, bringing a distinct splash of colour to the reels – emerald greens, fiery reds, and enchanting blues. Secondary symbols, like the bumbling potions and broomsticks, are no less impressive. Their vibrancy and playful design contribute to the whimsical nature of the game.

As for the quality of graphics, it’s top-notch. Smooth animations accompany every spin, with special effects for winning combinations adding an extra layer of excitement. The wild pumpkins, in particular, come to life when forming a win, adding a delightful surprise element.

Halloween Fortune Slot Sounds

Equally entrancing is the game’s auditory landscape. The background score is a haunting melody – a blend of eerie chimes, soft whispers, and the distant hoot of an owl. It’s both calming and suspenseful, ensuring players are always on their toes, awaiting the next twist in their magical journey.

Each spin is accompanied by a gentle whirring reminiscent of an enchanting spell being cast. Winning combinations delight the ears with celebratory tunes, turning each win into a mini-celebration. Special symbols and bonus rounds have their unique sounds, too. The witches’ brew bonus, for example, bubbles and pops with mischief, immediately immersing players into the cauldron’s depths.

The true magic of Halloween Fortune lies in the symbiotic relationship between its visuals and sounds. Together, they transport players to a realm where magic is palpable, and fortunes await the daring. The soundtrack amplifies the suspense of the visuals, ensuring every spin is an adrenaline-packed adventure. Whether it’s the tantalising anticipation of a big win or the joy of watching the beautifully designed symbols dance on the reels, the game ensures that players are constantly engaged, entertained, and enchanted.

Halloween Fortune Gameplay and Features

Halloween Fortune is a dynamic slot game boasting an intriguing Halloween-themed design. The game format consists of a standard n-reel, n-payline layout. Players can customise their gameplay by activating anywhere between 1 and 20 paylines, giving them control over their risk and potential rewards.

Players are offered a flexible betting range, starting from a modest 0.01 and extending up to 1 credit for each active payline. This makes the game accessible to both casual players looking for some fun spins and high rollers hunting for hefty prizes.

Halloween Fortune Symbols

The game is adorned with thematic symbols that enhance the eerie atmosphere:

Symbol Two On Payline Three On Payline Four On Payline Five On Payline
Amulet No Win 5x 20x 100x
Vial Of Potion No Win 5x 20x 150x
Skull and Candle No Win 10x 25x 200x
Raven No Win 10x 50x 250x
Black Cat 5x 15x 75x 300x
Green Witch 5x 20x 100x 400x
Red Witch 5x 30x 150x 500x
Blue Witch 5x 50x 250x 1,000x
Pumpkin (wild) 10x 100x 1,000x 10,000x
Halloween Fortune Logo(scatter) No Win 5x Total Bet Multiplier 10x Total Bet Multiplier 50x Total Bet Multiplier

Halloween Fortune Features

Halloween Fortune captivates a broad audience with its engaging design that attracts fans of spooky-themed games. At the same time, its rewarding gameplay features and betting flexibility cater to both newcomers and experienced slot players. The game not only promises a visual delight but also potential significant rewards. Whether you’re a Halloween aficionado or just looking for some spinning action, this slot is a must-try.

Halloween Fortune RTP and Variance

One of the most crucial metrics to consider when analysing the potential profitability of an online slot is its Return to Player percentage (RTP). Halloween Fortune boasts an impressive RTP of 97.06%, which is notably higher than the industry average, typically hovering around 95-96%. This essentially means that for every £100 wagered, the game theoretically pays back £97.06 over an extended period.

However, it’s paramount to understand that RTP is a long-term indication and doesn’t guarantee a certain outcome in any particular gaming session.

Halloween Fortune Variance

Halloween Fortune is classified as a medium variance game. Variance, often interchangeably used with the term ‘volatility,’ gives insight into the risk level associated with the slot and how frequently you might expect payouts. Medium variance slots, such as Halloween Fortune, strike a balance between high and low-volatility games. This means players can expect a mix of smaller, frequent wins and the occasional larger payout.

For gamers, this suggests that Halloween Fortune offers a well-rounded experience, providing consistent rewards without exceedingly long dry spells but also holding the potential for sizable wins. It’s an excellent choice for players who want a balance between risk and reward without the extreme peaks and troughs that high or low-variance games might present.

With its above-average RTP and medium volatility, Halloween Fortune is a tempting proposition for those who like a good balance in their gameplay. It promises both regular rewards and the thrill of chasing bigger jackpots.

Tips for UK Players

Navigating the world of online slots can be exhilarating, but it’s essential to approach the experience with knowledge and prudence. Here are some practical tips for UK players diving into Halloween Fortune and other casino games:

Top 3 UK Casinos Where You Can Play Halloween Fortune Slot

Mirror Bingo

Mirror Bingo, an extension of the famous British newspaper brand, the Mirror, offers a diverse range of slots and bingo games. With its easy-to-use interface and secure gaming environment, it’s a top choice for many UK players.

  • Pros
  • Promotions and Bonuses: Regularly offers generous welcome bonuses and promotions tailored to both new and loyal players.
  • Diverse Game Selection: Apart from Slot Name, Mirror Bingo boasts an extensive range of slots and traditional bingo rooms.
  • Reputable Brand: Being affiliated with a renowned UK brand, players often trust its reliability and security.
  • Cons
  • Withdrawal Times: Some users have mentioned that withdrawal times can be longer than other online casinos.
  • Customer Support: While they offer support, it may not be 24/7, leading to potential delays in resolving queries.
Up to 500 FS Get bonus #Ad, 18+, BeGambleAware | New players only, £10 min fund, £8 max win per 10 spins, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250) to real funds, 65x wagering requirements.

Wild West Wins Casino

Wild West Wins provides a thematic casino experience reminiscent of the cowboy era. With a blend of classic and modern slots, it captivates players looking for an adventurous gaming journey.

  • Pros
  • Thematic Experience: The casino's Wild West theme offers a unique and immersive gaming experience.
  • Varied Payment Options: Players have access to a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Mobile Optimization: The platform performs smoothly on mobile devices, allowing for gaming on the go.
  • Cons
  • Limited Table Games: The casino primarily focuses on slots, which might not cater to players interested in traditional table games.
  • Potential for Overwhelming Graphics: Given the intense thematic experience, some players might find the Wild West graphical design and sounds a bit overwhelming and distracting from the actual gameplay.
Up to 500 FS Get bonus #Ad, 18+, BeGambleAware | New players only, £10 min fund, £8 max win per 10 spins, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250) to real funds, 65x wagering requirements.

Daily Record Bingo

Originating from Scotland’s best-selling newspaper, Daily Record, this bingo site also features many slot games, ensuring entertainment for a wide range of players.

  • Pros
  • Trusted Brand: Being tied to a well-known newspaper brand, players often feel confident about the platform's reliability.
  • Community Feel: With chat rooms and community events, the platform fosters a sense of camaraderie among players.
  • Regular Updates: New games are frequently added to keep the gaming roster fresh.
  • Cons
  • Focused on Bingo: As the name suggests, the primary focus is on bingo, which might overshadow their slot offerings.
  • Limited Customer Support Hours: Unlike some other platforms, Daily Record Bingo might not offer 24/7 customer support, leading to potential delays in resolving player issues or inquiries.
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Halloween Fortune Demo Mode

Before you dive into the world of real-money wagering, it’s often recommended to try out the game in a demo mode. This allows players to familiarise themselves with the game mechanics, the bonus features, and the general feel of the game without risking any money. For those interested in the Halloween Fortune slot, there are two primary avenues to explore:

Playtech’s Official Website: As the esteemed developer of the slot, Playtech offers demo versions of many of their games. Visit their official website, navigate their gaming section, and look for the Halloween Fortune slot. Here, you can play the game with virtual credits, giving you a taste of the action without the financial commitment.

On Our Website: We understand the importance of trying before buying. That’s why we’ve integrated a demo mode for Halloween Fortune right here on Gamblizard. Enjoy the thrills, understand the mechanics, and when you’re ready, you can switch over to a real money mode with just a click.

Remember, while demo mode provides a genuine feel of the game, the thrill of real-money play is unmatched, and the potential for real rewards adds a layer of excitement. When transitioning to real money play, always play responsibly and set limits to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Halloween Fortune Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
  • Engaging Theme: The theme is meticulously crafted, making it perfect for those who enjoy the spooky ambience. From witches to pumpkins, the visuals and audio harmonise to immerse players in a Halloween adventure.
  • High RTP: With an RTP of 97.06%, the slot stands out as one of the more generous games, giving players a higher-than-average return over prolonged play.
  • Diverse Bet Range: Suitable for casual gamers and high-rollers, the Halloween Fortune slot offers a wide betting range, catering to different budgets.
  • Innovative Bonus Features: The game isn’t just about spinning reels. With its various bonus rounds and features, players are always on the edge of their seats, anticipating the next big win.
  • Mobile Optimised: Players can enjoy the Halloween Fortune slot on the go, thanks to its seamless optimisation for mobile devices.
  • Cons:
  • Medium Variance: While it strikes a balance, the medium variance nature of the slot might not appeal to those who prefer consistent small wins (low variance) or those chasing massive payouts at higher risk (high variance).
  • Focused Theme: The Halloween theme, while captivating for many, may not appeal to players who don’t resonate with spooky or seasonal games.

Final Verdict

Playtech’s Halloween Fortune slot dazzles with its immersive visuals, unique bonus elements, and a noteworthy RTP. Though its Halloween-inspired theme is seasonal, the exhilaration it delivers is evergreen. The slot’s medium volatility might not cater to every player’s taste, but the gameplay manages to find a sweet spot that appeals to a wide audience.

For UK slot enthusiasts with a fondness for thematic gameplay, Halloween Fortune is a delightful indulgence, not just in October but throughout the year. On the other hand, if the Halloween theme doesn’t quite catch your fancy, giving the demo a spin before playing with real cash might be a wise choice.

Halloween Fortune stands out for its atmospheric graphics and lucrative features. Halloween Fortune might just carve its place as an all-year-round favourite in your slot lineup. It rightfully earns a score of 4.2 out of 5.


Who developed Halloween Fortune Free Spins slot?

Halloween Fortune Free Spins slot was developed by Playtech, a leading online gaming software developer. This game features a spooky witchcraft theme and offers players the chance to win up to 40 free spins with a multiplier up to 10x. It is available to play on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

How many reels does Halloween Fortune Free Spins slot have?

Halloween Fortune Free Spins slot has 5 reels. The reels are the vertical columns on which the game’s symbols spin. Each reel has three rows of symbols, making a 5×3 grid that creates the game’s 20 paylines. The number of reels and paylines is a common feature in online video slots.

What is the variance of Halloween Fortune Free Spins slot?

Halloween Fortune Free Spins slot has a high variance, which means that the payouts can be less frequent but larger. This game can offer potentially large payouts, but there is also a greater risk of losing your money faster than in low variance slots. The variance can affect the gameplay experience, so it’s important to keep this in mind when deciding which slots to play.

Is Halloween Fortune suitable for beginners?

Yes, Halloween Fortune is beginner-friendly due to its user-friendly interface and demo mode, allowing new players to practise without risk. The game offers intuitive controls and engaging graphics, making it an ideal choice for novice slot games.

Is there a risk game feature in Halloween Fortune Free Spins slot?

No, Halloween Fortune Free Spins slot does not have a risk game feature. However, it has other bonus features such as the Witches’ Brew Bonus, where players can win cash prizes by selecting from a set of potions, and the Free Games feature, where players can win up to 20 free spins with a 10x multiplier. The slot also has a gamble feature where players can choose to gamble their winnings for a chance to double them.

Can I play Halloween Fortune Slot on my mobile phone?

Absolutely! Halloween Fortune Slot is fully optimized for mobile gameplay, ensuring a seamless experience on both Android and iOS smartphones and Windows devices. You can relish its features and graphics, irrespective of your screen’s resolution.