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Grosvenor Online Casino


Nestled on the lively banks of the River Clyde, Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow beckons UK players with its splendid mix of classic and contemporary gaming. Since its establishment, this casino has become a landmark for locals and tourists seeking a unique gaming environment. This casino is not just about games; it offers a full spectrum of entertainment, including various dining options and a selection of drinks to suit all tastes.

The casino’s interior, resonating with the city’s rich history and modern flair, sets the perfect backdrop for a noteworthy gaming session. It provides for all preferences, from traditional table games to the latest electronic slots. Irrespective of you being a veteran player or just starting, the atmosphere here is welcoming.

Our thorough examination of Gamblizard explores the nuances of this casino, from its strategic site to its specific dress code. We also touch on the array of games available, guaranteeing you are well-informed before your visit. As you plan your next gaming outing in Glasgow, check our latest review, updated as of February 2024, for insider tips and comprehensive insights. Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow is not just a casino; it’s a testament to Glasgow’s lively gaming scene.

Location and Contacts

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow, positioned at the scenic riverfront of Glasgow, offers a unique blend of gaming and entertainment. The Grosvenor Casino Glasgow address, 61 Broomielaw, Glasgow, Scotland, G1 4RJ, situates it perfectly in the city’s landscape, making it a convenient destination for locals and tourists. Its central location guarantees easy accessibility and various transport options for visitors.

All essential contact information is conveniently available for a hassle-free visit to Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow. Everything is designed to assist visitors in planning their trip effortlessly, from the central address to varied communication channels.

Address 61 Broomielaw, Glasgow, Scotland, G1 4RJ
Website grosvenorcasinos.com
Manager Mark McCluskey
Email [email protected]
Phone Number +441412266000
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/grosvenorglasgowriverboat
Twitter https://twitter.com/grosvenorcasino

Parking and Transportation

  • Parking: The casino offers a convenient parking solution for guests arriving by car. It is located near several public parking areas, including the Broomielaw Quay Car Park, which operates 24 hours a day. This offers ample space for visitors.
  • Public Transportation: The location of Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow is conveniently connected to public transportation. Glasgow Central Station is a brief walk away, offering easy access for train travellers. Nearby, bus stops on Broomielaw and Oswald Street, served by routes 1, 2, and 3, provide direct routes for bus users. For those preferring the subway, St. Enoch SPT Subway Station is also within easy walking distance, making it a simple route for city visitors.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Opening Hours

Organising a trip to Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow is simple, with a clear understanding of its operational schedule. The casino welcomes guests daily, offering flexible hours to accommodate a range of schedules.

For those keen on table games, knowing the specific hours of operation is key. This guarantees you can join the gaming tables at the most convenient time.

Day Opening Hours Table Games
Monday 12 pm to 6 am 6 pm to 6 am
Tuesday 12 pm to 6 am 6 pm to 6 am
Wednesday 12 pm to 6 am 6 pm to 6 am
Thursday 12 pm to 6 am 6 pm to 6 am
Friday 12 pm to 6 am 6 pm to 6 am
Saturday 12 pm to 6 am 6 pm to 6 am
Sunday 12 pm to 6 am 6 pm to 6 am
Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow’s schedule provides for various lifestyles and preferences, guaranteeing irrespective of if you’re planning a midweek diversion or a weekend outing, the casino is always prepared to host you. The casino’s commitment to offering accessible and flexible gaming hours highlights its dedication to meeting the needs of its guests.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Gambling Floor

The gambling hall at Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow is meticulously arranged, offering a varied range of gaming options for both newcomers and high-stakes players.

Game Zones and Options

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow provides a varied array of gaming areas and options to suit different preferences and styles. From classic table games to modern electronic choices, the casino offers something for everyone:

  • American Roulette: The casino houses 4 American Roulette tables, a staple for those who love the classic casino atmosphere.
  • Blackjack: There are 5 Blackjack tables, providing a balance of skill and chance, suitable for a variety of player levels.
  • Poker: The casino features 2 dedicated Poker tables, offering a mix of Texas Hold’em and Omaha games, ideal for players who savour a more strategic game.
  • Slot Machines: With over 30 slot machines, including popular titles and progressive jackpots, the stakes range from £0.01 to £5 per spin.
  • Electronic Roulette: 20 electronic roulette terminals offer a modern twist to traditional roulette, with bets starting as low as £0.10.

High-Stakes Gaming

For those interested in higher stakes, Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow offers:

  • American Roulette: Maximum bets of up to £500 on a single number.
  • Blackjack: High-stake tables where bets can reach up to £3000 per hand.
  • Poker: High-stake poker games with varying buy-ins and pot limits, providing for serious players.

Recommendations for Visitors

As you plan your visit to Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow, consider these customised recommendations to optimise your visit. From first-time visitors to those familiar with the casino environment, these tips will guide you through our varied gaming options and member benefits:

  • For Newcomers: Start with electronic roulette or slot machines, which are user-friendly and a great way to get acquainted with casino gaming.
  • For High-Stakes Players: Explore the high-stakes tables in American Roulette and Blackjack, but always check each table’s specific betting limits.
  • Membership: Consider joining the casino’s loyalty program for extra perks and promotions.
Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow’s gambling hall is designed to provide for a broad array of gaming preferences, guaranteeing a noteworthy visit for every guest, regardless of their gaming style or budget.

Tournaments at Grosvenor Casino Riverboat, Glasgow

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow hosts a lively array of tournaments, predominantly focusing on poker. These tournaments are a highlight for many players, offering a competitive and dynamic gaming environment.

This establishment is renowned for its meticulously arranged poker tournaments, which are scheduled regularly. The principal events typically take place on weekends, complemented by smaller tournaments and satellite events during the weekdays. Texas Hold’em, a widely favoured variant of poker often takes centre stage at these tournaments.

Poker remains the central attraction, but this establishment occasionally organises competitions in games such as Blackjack and Roulette. Though not as regular, these additional events are publicised well in advance on the establishment’s communication channels.

For the latest updates on tournament schedules, types of games, and entry requirements, players are encouraged to visit the Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow website or follow their social media pages. This guarantees they have the most recent information and can fully appreciate the competitive spirit of the tournaments offered.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Dress Code

The Grosvenor Casino Riverboat in Glasgow maintains a smart casual dress code. This approach guarantees guests are dressed neatly and appropriately for the sophisticated yet relaxed casino environment. The guidelines for attire are relatively flexible, allowing for a range of fashion choices as long as they adhere to the overall theme of smart casual.

For Men

To maintain the casino’s standards of sophistication, male guests are advised to follow these guidelines:

  • Ideal: The preferred style is smart casual, including options like trousers or smart jeans with a collared shirt or polo.
  • Avoid: Guests should avoid wearing sportswear, tracksuits, gym attire, and any clothing that appears chaotic or overly casual.

For Women

Female guests are encouraged to dress in a way that blends comfort with elegance:

  • Ideal: Women are encouraged to choose smart casual attire, such as dresses, skirts with blouses, or stylish tops combined with smart jeans.
  • Avoid: Similar to the men’s dress code, sportswear and any clothing that is scruffy or excessively worn should be avoided.

General Notes

Overall, the dress code at Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow aims to create a harmonious environment:

  • The focus is on fostering an atmosphere that is both welcoming and dignified. The dress code contributes significantly to the overall ambience of the casino.
  • Outer garments like coats and jackets should be checked into the cloakroom.
  • All forms of traditional or religious headwear are acknowledged and respected.
This dress code promotes a welcoming yet sophisticated environment, enabling guests to savour their visit to Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow fully.

The Bar & Restaurant at Grosvenor Casino Riverboat

The bar provides a tranquil setting for guests to relax away from the gaming floor. It features an assortment of snacks and beverages to suit various tastes. There’s something for everyone, from light snacks like chips and dips to more substantial offerings like sandwiches and burgers. The selection ranges from soft drinks and juices to alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, wines, and spirits.


The restaurant at Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow is known for its varied menu, which serves a broad range of palates. Guests are encouraged to reserve a table in advance for a fluid dining visit. The menu includes:

  • Starters: An array of appetisers such as soups, crispy chicken wings, panko chicken strips, and calamari.
  • Main Courses: A comprehensive selection including pasta, burgers, hotdogs, and grilled items.
  • Vegetarian Options: Thoughtfully curated vegetarian dishes.
  • Desserts & Alcoholic Beverages: A variety of desserts complemented by a full alcoholic beverage menu.

Popular dishes among visitors, as noted in reviews, include:

  • Nduja Tagliatelle Pasta: A spicy and flavorful choice at £7.95.
  • Scampi & Fries: A classic and beloved dish, also priced at £7.95.
  • Vegetable Penang-Style Curry (VE): A vegetarian delight for £7.95.
  • Pit Boss Chicken: A hearty meal for £7.95.
  • Seared Coronation Monkfish Medallions: A sophisticated option at £7.95.

The restaurant’s pricing is carefully calibrated to offer value while maintaining quality. Prices vary from affordable snacks like kettle crisps and nuts at £1.50 to more luxurious options like the Pulled Beef Chilli Con Carne for £13.95. The average cost for a meal is around £15, providing guests with a gratifying dining visit that balances cost and quality.

The bar and restaurant at Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow provide a varied and appealing menu, with dishes and drinks to suit a wide array of tastes and budgets. Irrespective of looking for a quick snack or a full meal, guests can find quality options within a comfortable and inviting setting.

Promotions, Offers & Events

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow offers an array of promotions, offers, and events, augmenting the overall visitor visit. The casino is dedicated to providing memorable and involving activities for its guests.


Regularly, the casino rolls out various promotions that appeal to a broad audience. These can range from special gaming bonuses to dining deals. To stay updated with the latest promotions, guests are encouraged to check the casino’s website or follow their social media channels, where new offers are frequently posted.

One popular recent promotion is the “Lucky Number Roulette.” In this promotion, guests have the chance to win additional prizes in roulette games if their bet matches the chosen lucky number of the day.

Events and Entertainment

The casino is not just about gaming; it hosts various events and entertainment activities regularly. There’s always something happening, from live music performances to themed parties and special game nights.

For instance, the casino has hosted “Jazz Nights,” offering a relaxed atmosphere with live jazz music, complemented by special drink and meal offers. This event is ideal for guests looking for a relaxed evening with quality entertainment.

Guests should visit the casino’s website or check their social media pages to keep track of upcoming events. Information about events, timings, and special requirements are regularly updated, guaranteeing guests can plan their visits accordingly.

Membership Info & ID

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow offers a complete membership program that augments its members’ gaming and leisure visits. This program is customised to provide numerous benefits and conveniences.

Advantages of Membership

Being a member of Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow comes with a host of advantages designed to elevate the overall casino visit:

  • Unified Account: Members can use the convenience of a unified account, which allows for effortless integration between physical play and Grosvenor online casino services.
  • Ease of Fund Management: The ability to transfer funds between casino and online accounts, guaranteeing secure and flexible financial management.
  • Exclusive Promotions: Membership grants access to unique promotions and offers, both in the casino and online, adding value to the gaming visit.
  • Streamlined Entry: Faster casino entry makes visits more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Instant Funds Access: Members can easily access their funds within the casino, providing immediate liquidity for gaming.
  • Gaming Control: The membership allows setting personal gaming limits, promoting a responsible approach to gambling.

How to Become a Member

Becoming a member at our casino is easy and convenient, offering various options to suit your preference and schedule:

  • Online Registration: Visitors can sign up for membership online. This process involves selecting the New Member option and filling in the required details. New members can then collect their membership card during their next visit to the casino.
  • In-Casino Sign-Up: Membership can also be obtained directly at the casino. Friendly staff are available to assist with the registration process.
  • Required Documentation: A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport, is required for first-time registration. This guarantees a secure and verified membership process.
Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow’s membership program is structured to offer a versatile and rewarding visit for a broad range of players. Regardless of visiting in person or playing online, the membership benefits are designed to provide a superior gaming and leisure visit, customised to the preferences and needs of each individual member.

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Visitors Reviews

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow, situated in a unique riverboat setting, has garnered attention and feedback from its visitors, as reflected in the reviews on TripAdvisor and Google. These reviews provide valuable insights into the casino’s strengths and areas for improvement, covering various aspects such as staff interaction, food quality, ambience, and overall visit.

A TripAdvisor review from October 2023 highlights the exceptional service provided by the Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow staff. The reviewer, a first-time casino visitor, praises the welcoming and friendly attitude of every staff member encountered, from receptionists to the cleaning crew. The reviewer’s interaction with the supervisor, Daryl, and other employees significantly augmented their overall visit, demonstrating the casino’s commitment to excellent customer service.

“First time at a casino, from the receptionists to the cleaner in the toilet/bartenders/ supervisor. Every member of staff made my night a joy. There were too many names to remember but I spoke to the supervisor Daryl and could not commentd every employee I met tonight they made me feel welcome and had made me have a great laugh/time. Your staff are your asset, I hope they are rewarded accordingly. – Jack Morrison.”

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Oct 2023
  • Source: TripAdvisor

A review from July 2022 on TripAdvisor admires the contemporary yet classic ambience of Grosvenor Riverboat. The friendly staff and the provision of gluten-free food options are particularly appreciated. This commentary highlights the establishment’s dedication to accommodating varied dietary preferences while preserving a stylish and traditional ambience.

“Very modern but still has the classic casino vibe, staff were lovely, food was great had gluten free options which suited me perfectly will definitely be back”

  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Jul 2022
  • Source: TripAdvisor

Another review from February 2022 commends Grosvenor Riverboat for being a prime choice for an evening out, particularly for those less familiar with such settings. The fusion of dining, gaming, and a lively yet relaxing environment distinguishes it from conventional bars. The positive feedback and endorsement of the services reflect a complete and satisfying visit.

“Great for a night out, service absolutely great. Had a meal and played a few tables, so much better than standing in an average bar. Plenty to fo and great for first timers to the casino. Definitely recommend.”

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Feb 2022
  • Source: TripAdvisor

A July 2022 review highlights the scenic location of the Grosvenor Riverboat on the River Clyde and its versatility in hosting varied events. The welcoming staff, satisfying gaming sessions, and excellent cocktails and snacks are noted for their contribution to the establishment’s attraction. Its ability to appeal to various types of visitors and occasions is a key aspect of its attraction.

“Great location looking over the River Clyde , warm friendly welcome from the reception staff and then a great experience on the gaming tables , cocktails are great and have snacks and a full extended menu .

Great venue for an event or even just a wee night out with friends and family .

We were advised that the can arrange packages to cater for everyone’s special night .”

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: Jul 2022
  • Source: TripAdvisor

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow excels in providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, particularly noted for its exceptional staff service. The modern yet classic ambience, coupled with varied food options, including for special dietary needs, augments the visitor’s visit. It’s also praised as an ideal location for first-time visitors and regulars, offering various entertainment options. The scenic location and capability to host different events add to its attractiveness. In conclusion, the casino’s commitment to customer service, varied entertainment options, and unique setting are key strengths. Focusing on these areas will likely guarantee sustained customer satisfaction and popularity.

Accommodation Options Near Grosvenor Casino Riverboat

Hilton Glasgow

For visitors or tourists planning a stay near Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow, several excellent accommodation choices are provided for various preferences and budgets. Here are some recommended options:

  • Jurys Inn Glasgow: This contemporary hotel, located a short walk from the casino, offers guests comfort and convenience. With its modern rooms and amenities like a restaurant and coffee bar, Jurys Inn is ideal for those seeking a blend of accessibility and comfort.
  • Hilton Glasgow: A brief drive from the casino, Hilton Glasgow provides a more upscale lodging visit. The hotel features spacious rooms, a fitness centre, an indoor pool, and dining options, guaranteeing a luxurious stay.
  • Premier Inn Glasgow City Centre (Charing Cross): This hotel is an excellent choice for those who are more budget-conscious. It offers clean, comfortable rooms and is conveniently located near public transport links, making visiting the casino and exploring Glasgow easy.
  • The Z Hotel Glasgow: This hotel offers a unique boutique visit with compact, efficiently designed rooms. It’s located in the city centre, a short distance from the casino, and is known for its affordability and contemporary design.
Each of these hotels provides a comfortable base for visiting Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow and exploring the lively city of Glasgow. They provide for a range of budgets and preferences, guaranteeing a pleasant stay for all guests.

Local Attractions Around Casino

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow is surrounded by an array of local attractions, making it an appealing destination for tourists. Here are some recommended places to visit:

  • The Glasgow Science Centre: Located on the south bank of the River Clyde, this is a great destination for families and science fans. It offers interactive exhibits and a planetarium, providing both education and entertainment.
  • The Riverside Museum: A short distance from the casino, this award-winning transport museum showcases Glasgow’s rich history in shipbuilding and transportation. It’s perfect for history buffs and those interested in maritime heritage.
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum: This museum, set in a stunning Victorian building, houses one of Europe’s great art collections. It’s a must-see for art lovers and offers a thorough exploration of Scottish culture and history.
  • Glasgow Green and the People’s Palace: A historic park in the city, Glasgow Green is home to the People’s Palace, which documents the social history of Glasgow. The park itself is perfect for a relaxing stroll and offers insight into the city’s past.
  • The SSE Hydro: For those interested in entertainment and concerts, the SSE Hydro is a nearby place hosting various major music, comedy, and sporting events throughout the year.
Each of these attractions adds to the overall visit of Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow, offering a varied range of activities and cultural insights into the city of Glasgow. Irrespective of being interested in science, history, art, or entertainment, there’s something nearby to explore and appreciate.

Reasons to Visit & Points for Improvement

  • Reasons to Visit
  • Varied Gaming Options: The casino offers a broad range of games, including table games, slots, and poker, providing for various gaming preferences.
  • Quality Dining and Bar Services: The restaurant and bar within the casino provide excellent food and drink options, improving the overall visit.
  • Strategic Location and Ambiance: Situated on the River Clyde, the casino boasts a unique and inviting atmosphere, making it a standout destination.
  • Regular Promotions and Events: The casino’s variety of promotions and events adds extra appeal, encouraging both new and repeat visits.
  • Reasons to Visit
  • Enriched High-Stakes Options: While the casino provides well for general players, expanding its high-stakes gaming options could attract a broader audience.
  • Updated Facilities: Some casino areas could benefit from modernization or refurbishment to meet contemporary standards.

Final Say

After thorough consideration, I would recommend Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow to British players, assigning it a rating of 4.2 out of 5. This score reflects the casino’s significant strengths, alongside a few areas that could be improved to augment the visitor visit further.

In summary, Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow presents a compelling choice for British players seeking a combination of quality gaming, dining, and a unique atmosphere. Its few areas for improvement do not significantly detract from the overall positive visit it offers. It stands as a strong contender in the UK casino scene.


Are there any notable events or tournaments that have taken place at the casino?

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow has been a lively location for various events and tournaments, particularly gaining recognition for its regional poker tournaments. These tournaments have seen significant participation from local and national players, creating an energetic and competitive atmosphere. Additionally, the casino has hosted special gaming nights, often featuring unique themes and attracting a varied crowd, providing an exceptional gaming visit and attractive prizes.

How does the casino guarantee responsible gaming?

Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow is committed to responsible gaming practices. They offer a complete approach, which includes self-exclusion programs for those who wish to limit their gaming activities. The casino also provides options for setting betting limits, helping players to maintain control over their gaming habits. Trained staff are always available to assist and provide guidance on gambling-related concerns. Moreover, the casino has informative materials readily available on-site to educate guests about responsible gaming.

Can international tourists avail of any special services or benefits?

International tourists are welcomed at Grosvenor Casino Riverboat Glasgow and can access the same services and benefits as local visitors. The casino’s staff is trained to assist guests from various countries, guaranteeing a comfortable and appreciable visit. Additionally, the casino provides currency exchange services, making transactions convenient for international guests. Visitors from abroad can also appreciate the casino’s unique ambience and gaming options.