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Genting Casino Welcome Bonus

100% Up to £50


#Ad, 18+, GambleAware.org | Automatically credited upon deposit. Cancellation can be requested. First deposi...t only. Min. deposit: £10, Max. Bonus £50. WR of 30x Deposit + Bonus amount (Slots count 100%, other games 10%) within 30 days. Max bet is 10% (min £0.10) of the Bonus amount or £5 (lowest amount applies). Bonus must be claimed before using deposited funds. First deposit bonus can only be claimed once every 72 hr across all casinos. Full Bonus T&C Show more

Genting Casino


Palm Beach symbolises sophistication and premier entertainment in the heart of London. Established as a beacon of high-end gaming and leisure, this casino offers a unique blend of tradition and contemporary luxury. Visitors can familiarise themselves with various games, from classic table games to modern slots, all serviced by expert staff. But The Palm Beach is more than just a casino; it’s a culinary trip with exquisite dining options and a selection of fine drinks to suit every palate. If you’re a local or a visitor to the bustling city, Palm Beach stands out as a must-visit destination for an evening of refined entertainment and relaxation.

The Palm Beach Location and Contacts

Nestled in the prestigious Mayfair area, The Palm Beach Casino is a destination for premium gaming and a landmark of elegance and style in London. Located at 30 Berkeley Street, it’s a stone’s throw from the iconic Berkeley Square and the bustling streets of Piccadilly. If you are arriving by public transport or car, accessing the casino is a breeze, thanks to its prime location near major underground stations and convenient parking options.

Contact Details

This section provides detailed information on contact and transportation options for casino visitors, guaranteeing a convenient and hassle-free visit.


30 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 8EH




[email protected]

Phone Number

020 7493 6585





Transport and Parking Information

  • Public Transportation: The Palm Beach Casino is easily accessible via public transport. Green Park Underground Station, serving the Jubilee, Piccadilly, and Victoria lines, is a 3-minute walk away. Additionally, Bond Street Underground Station is a 10-minute stroll from the casino.
  • Parking: Valet services and a limited amount of street parking are offered for those arriving by car. The proximity to popular areas such as Berkeley Square and Piccadilly makes it convenient for those driving to the location.

This central location in the heart of Mayfair, close to various transport links, guarantees easy access for visitors if they are coming by public transport or driving.

The Palm Beach Opening Hours

The Palm Beach Room, renowned for its exclusive ambience and top-tier gaming facilities, welcomes guests daily to indulge in an unparalleled gaming and leisure process. Embrace the blend of luxury and fun in a setting that echoes the sophistication of Mayfair.


12pm to 5am


12pm to 5am


12pm to 5am


12pm to 5am


12pm to 5am


12pm to 5am


12pm to 5am

Live Tables

The live table games, a highlight for many visitors, commence operations from 3 pm. This allows guests to plunge into the fun of live gaming with the guidance of expert dealers.


3 pm to 5 am


3 pm to 5 am


3 pm to 5 am


3 pm to 5 am


3 pm to 5 am


3 pm to 5 am


3 pm to 5 am

With its convenient operating hours and the late-night availability of live table games, The Palm Beach Room fits early birds and night owls, promising a memorable visit at any hour.

The Gambling Floor at The Palm Beach

The Palm Beach Casino, nestled within the Mayfair Hotel’s former grand art deco ballroom, presents a fusion of luxury and tropical elegance. As you enter, your eyes are immediately drawn to the spectacular palm tree-styled chandelier, a symbol of the unique atmosphere that awaits on the gaming floor.

Gaming Options

The casino offers a variety of traditional table games, creating an environment where novice and skilled players can find fun. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  • American Roulette: The classic game, deeply rooted in European heritage, is presented in its traditional American form. With 37 numbers on the wheel, players have many betting options, from specific numbers to simple choices like Red/Black or Odd/Even.
  • Blackjack: This globally popular game is a staple at The Palm Beach Casino. Played against the dealer, the goal is to reach as close to 21 without exceeding it. The casino also offers additional side bets to improve the playing process.
  • Three-Card Poker: A simpler yet fun variant of poker where players vie to have the best three-card hand.
  • Baccarat (Punto Banco): This version of Baccarat, popular for its simplicity, is a game of anticipation and chance. Players bet on the outcome rather than playing against the dealer, adding a layer of suspense with each turn of the cards.
  • Electronic Terminals and Slot Machines: For those who prefer contemporary gaming, the casino features the latest electronic terminals and a variety of slot machines. With a progressive jackpot that can reach up to £20,000 and a high payout percentage, these machines offer a dynamic gaming process.

Exclusive High Stakes Gaming

For guests seeking a more private and elevated gaming session, the high-stakes room offers an air of exclusivity. This secluded area offers a serene environment for guests to participate in higher-stakes games, providing a retreat from the bustling activity of the main floor.

Additional Services:

  • Cash and Chip Exchange: Guests can exchange cash for chips directly at the tables with the dealers.
  • Slots Hosts: The casino’s friendly and knowledgeable slot hosts can assist with game selection, answer queries, or even take drink orders, guaranteeing a comfortable visit.

A Night of Entertainment

The Palm Beach Casino is not just a place to play games; it’s a destination for a complete evening of entertainment. Its various games and luxurious settings make it a premier choice for those seeking a memorable night in the heart of Mayfair.


The Palm Beach Casino hosts a variety of tournaments, primarily focusing on poker, in its prestigious card room. These events are a highlight for many visitors, offering a competitive yet refined atmosphere.

Poker Tournaments. Texas Hold’em and Omaha Cash Games:

  • Schedule: These popular poker variants are played daily from 8 pm.
  • Stakes: The games fit various preferences, varying from £5 to £50.
  • Session Fees: Please note that session fees apply to all games.

FT. Slots Tournament

Start 2024 with our free-to-enter Slots Tournament.

  • Qualifying Heats: From 15th to 28th January 2024, between 8 PM – 11 PM. Daily prizes include £100 Free Play and a spot in the tournament final for the highest scorer.
  • Tournament Finals: Held on 21st and 28th January 2024 at 9 PM, offering two opportunities to participate and win.
  • Prizes: 1st Prize is £1500, 2nd Prize is £750, and 3rd Prize is £500.

The Card Room Atmosphere

The card room at The Palm Beach Casino is designed to provide an optimal tournament process. The environment balances the intensity of competitive play with the elegance of the casino’s overall ambience. It’s a space where strategy and skill meet the sophistication of Mayfair.

Alternative Gaming Options

For those who prefer different types of gaming sessions, The Palm Beach Casino also offers a variety of table games and electronic gaming options. While poker tournaments are a significant draw, the casino guarantees all guests find games that suit their preferences.

For All Levels

if you are new to poker or a regular player, the tournaments at The Palm Beach Casino offer a welcoming and professionally managed environment. The staff is on hand to provide fair play and assistance, making it an ideal setting for those looking to feel the fun of poker in a prestigious London casino.

The Palm Beach Casino Dress Code

At The Palm Beach Casino, the dress code is designed to complement the sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere of the venue. While there is no stringent dress code, smart casual attire is recommended to guarantee all guests feel comfortable and in tune with the elegant surroundings.

Dress Code for Men

  • Recommended: Men are encouraged to wear smart casual outfits such as collared shirts, chinos, smart jeans, or trousers.
  • Footwear: Dress shoes or smart loafers are preferred.
  • Jackets: While not compulsory, a blazer or sports coat can add an element of finesse to the overall attire.

Dress Code for Women:

  • Recommended: Women may opt for dresses, blouses with skirts or trousers, or other smart-casual ensembles.
  • Footwear: Heeled shoes or smart flats are ideal choices.
  • Accessories: While optional, tasteful accessories can improve the outfit.

What to Avoid:

  • General: Both men and women should avoid sportswear, including athletic trainers, tracksuits, and sports jerseys.
  • T-Shirts: Graphic tees or overly casual tops are not recommended.
  • Footwear: Flip-flops, beach sandals, or excessively casual shoes should be avoided.
  • Headwear: Caps, bandanas, and other casual headgear are generally unsuitable for the casino setting.

Additional Tips:

  • Considerations: Consider the weather; light layers or appropriate outerwear may be necessary.
  • Comfort: Comfort is crucial at the casino, so choose stylish and comfortable attire.
  • Personal Style: The Palm Beach Casino welcomes individuality, so express your style within the smart casual framework.

The smart casual dress code at The Palm Beach Casino is about balancing comfort, individuality, and respect for the casino’s upscale environment. It’s about feeling good in what you wear while feeling the luxurious and welcoming atmosphere of the casino.

Bar & Restaurant

The Palm Beach Casino boasts remarkable dining, curated by the award-winning Executive Head Chef Mahmud Zaman. With over 25 years of work in the central London hospitality scene, Chef Zaman brings a blend of tradition and innovation to the table, offering an array of dishes that fit various palates.

Restaurant Hours

  • Open daily from 7 pm to 1 am.
  • Reservations can be made online or by calling +44 (0) 207 493 6585.

European Selection

Feel a taste of Europe with our exquisite European dishes, expertly prepared to tantalise your taste buds. The Grilled King Prawns (£24), a customer favourite, offer a succulent and flavorful seafood delight. The Pan-Fried King Scallops (£19) are a must-try for those who prefer something from the sea. The Burrata (V) (£14) provides a creamy and delightful vegetarian option, while the Fresh Crab Pasta (£26) is a perfect blend of rich flavours and fresh ingredients.

Indian & South Asian Selection

Delve into the rich and aromatic flavours of India and South Asia. The Chicken Tikka (£17) is marinated to perfection, bringing a burst of traditional spices. The Tandoori Lamb Chops (£32) provide a tender and flavorful. For our vegetarian guests, the Achari Paneer Tikka (V) (£14) is a delightful choice, and the Delhi Butter Chicken (£19) offers a creamy and indulgent curry.

Chinese Selection

Discover the flavours of China with our specially curated Chinese menu. The Salt & Pepper Prawns (£18) provide a delightful combination of spice and crispiness. The Steamed Fillet of Sea Bass (£28) is a delicate dish for those who appreciate subtle flavours. Our Singapore Noodles (starting from £16) are a popular choice for a more casual yet flavorful option.

Middle Eastern Selection

Explore the exotic and rich flavours of the Middle East. Our Middle Eastern Mixed Grill Platter (£36) is an excellent choice for those wishing to sample various meats. The Farrouj Musahab (£21) offers a unique take on marinated baby chicken. The Truffled Hummus (V) (£10) is a luxurious twist on a classic, perfect for starting your meal with a burst of flavour.


The Palm Beach Casino bar offers a range of beverages, from classic cocktails to fine wines and premium spirits. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink to complement your meal or a sophisticated cocktail in the casino’s atmosphere, the bar has something to suit every taste.

Ambience and Service

The restaurant and bar area mirror the casino’s overall theme of luxury and comfort. The staff are attentive and knowledgeable, guaranteeing tasty dining.


  • For First-Time Visitors: The Grilled King Prawns and Chicken Tikka are highly recommended.
  • For Returning Visitors: Exploring the range of cuisines, from European to Asian, offers a delightful culinary trip.

Dining at The Palm Beach Casino concerns the food and the atmosphere. With Chef Zaman’s expertise, the restaurant presents dishes that are as visually appealing as they are delicious, all served in an environment that reflects the elegance and sophistication of Mayfair.

Promotions, Offers & Events at The Palm Beach Casino

The Palm Beach Casino is part of the renowned Genting Rewards Loyalty program. This scheme improves every visit, allowing members to earn points with each purchase or play at tables and slots. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including food, drinks, electronic gaming, or table bets. It’s an excellent way for regular visitors to get more out of their visits.

Champagne, Cocktails, and More at the Lounge Bar

Their Lounge Bar, a hidden gem within the casino, offers an exceptional selection of wines, champagnes, cocktails, and spirits. The bar, with its speakeasy vibes, is located off the gaming floor and presents a perfect blend of intimacy and energy.

  • Live Entertainment: Featuring live DJs every night, the bar creates an atmosphere with a mix of contemporary and Arabic music.
  • Shisha Availability: Our bar provides various options for those who like shisha.
  • Opening Hours: The Lounge Bar is open from 9 pm daily. Bookings can be made by calling +44 (0) 207 493 6585.

Live DJ and Entertainment

Feel the enchantment of Arabian nights at The Palm Beach Casino. Their exclusive entertainment includes:

  • Arabian Nights Theme: With belly dancers, delicious mezes, and shisha, the Lounge Bar evokes the attraction of the Middle East.
  • Music: Our DJs bring an amazing mix of contemporary and Arabic music.
  • Dates: This special event occurs every Wednesday and Sunday from 9 pm.

Come and feel the fun at The Palm Beach Casino, where you can participate in various events and promotions. From interesting slot tournaments to the sophisticated ambience of our Lounge Bar, and the enchanting Arabian Nights, there’s something for everyone to try. Feel unforgettable nights at Mayfair’s premier entertainment destination.

Membership Info & ID

The Palm Beach Casino has updated its access policy, making it more accessible to a broader audience. Previously, membership was required for entry, and guests had to wait 24 hours after applying for membership before they could play. Members were allowed to bring up to six guests per visit. However, this policy has been revised.

  • Open to General Public: Now, the casino welcomes the general public, eliminating the need for a membership for entry. This change makes visiting the casino easier for first-time visitors and tourists without prior arrangements.

Loyalty Program

While membership is no longer a prerequisite for entry, visitors can sign up for the casino’s loyalty program.

  • Earning Points: This program rewards you every time you use your rewards card in the casino. Points are accumulated with each game played, as well as with purchases made within the casino.
  • Redemption of Points: Accumulated points can be redeemed for various perks, including food, drinks, vouchers, and free bets. This program adds value to each visit, making it more beneficial for frequent visitors.

ID Requirement

  • Valid Photo ID: Although membership is not required, guests may be asked to present a valid photo ID at the door. In many casinos, this is a standard procedure to guarantee that all guests meet the age requirements and maintain a safe and secure environment.

Advantages of the Loyalty Program

  • Improved Process: The loyalty program is designed to improve your visit to The Palm Beach Casino. Regular visitors benefit from this program as it offers various rewards that can be used during subsequent visits.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: With the ability to earn and redeem points, the loyalty program offers flexibility and convenience.

How to Sign Up

  • Simple Process: Signing up for the loyalty program is a simple process. Guests can register for the program at the casino and start earning points immediately.

The Palm Beach Casino’s revised policy and loyalty program offer ease of access for new visitors and reward systems for frequent guests. The option to join the loyalty program is an excellent way for guests to make the most of their visits to this prestigious London casino.

The Palm Beach Casino Reviews

The Palm Beach Casino, situated in the heart of Mayfair, has garnered varied opinions from its visitors. These reviews, collected from Google, offer insights into the thoughts of different customers, ranging from the ambience and service to pricing and policies. Analysing these reviews clarifies what future visitors can expect and highlights areas where the casino excels and may need improvement. Let’s plunge into the details of each review to understand the perspectives of these visitors.

Review written by Wale Dawodu:

“This place is great for an exquisite dinner with friends or for business. Atmosphere is great and vibrant being on a busy street for nightlife. There’s casino and staffs are friendly. Have your ID if you’re going at night.”

  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: November 2023
  • Source: Google

Wale Dawodu appreciates The Palm Beach Casino’s excellent dinner setting, perfect for social and business gatherings. He commends the staff’s atmosphere and friendliness, noting the casino’s location on a lively street. The review suggests a positive and welcoming environment for guests.

Review by Nathan Strong:

“I write very few negative reviews but sadly I couldn’t find anything good to say about this place.

Three friends and I headed to the Palm Beach late evening for a drink (admittedly not to play the tables. Two house vodka and cokes plus two non-brand tequilas cost £80.

We decided not to pay £500 for the pleasure of sitting down so stood in the bar area. We were told we couldn’t stand there and pointed to another area. We were then told again that we had to move. Our choices were to pay to sit or to play, which I guess is their point.

We stayed for about ten minutes. Really disappointed with the poor service and the excessive prices. I’ve been to a few casinos in town and none are quite as pricey on the drinks. I get it’s Mayfair but even the fancy cocktail bars off Berkeley Square aren’t that expensive.”

  • Rating: 1 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: December 2023
  • Source: Google

Nathan Strong shares a contrasting thought, focusing on the high drink prices and the inconvenience faced due to seating policies. These factors negatively impacted his visit, mainly for socialising rather than gaming. This review highlights concerns about the casino’s approach to non-gaming guests and its pricing strategy.

Review by Naomi Grant:

“Absolutely disgusted with the way in which we were dealt with tonight, myself and 7 female friends attend for a birthday, the security allowed us in, reception checked our ID and allowed us threw only for the manager to come towards us and say that what we were wearing was to revelling and we had to leave, we were a mixed crowd of black and mixed race colour and felt that we were discriminated against as 1 of the friends we were with told us she attended before in a more reveling outfit than what any of us had on.

So sad!!!.”

  • Rating: 1 out of 5
  • Date of Visit: August 2023
  • Source: Google

Naomi Grant’s review focuses on an unfortunate incident regarding the casino’s entry policy. Grant and seven female friends visited for a birthday celebration but encountered an issue with the dress code. Despite being initially allowed entry by security and having their IDs checked, they were approached by the manager and asked to leave due to their attire needing to be more revealing. Grant felt this was discriminatory, especially since one of her friends had previously visited in similar attire without issue. This review highlights potential inconsistencies in dress code enforcement and suggests a need for clearer communication and non-discriminatory practices

The reviews of The Palm Beach Casino are a mixed bag, with positive and negative aspects. While guests appreciate the friendly staff and the lively atmosphere, they have provided negative feedback regarding high prices, quality of service, and strict dress code enforcement. The casino may need to address these concerns to improve the overall guest expectations, guaranteeing clarity in policies and consistency in service. Despite these drawbacks, the overall rating of The Palm Beach Casino remains positive, with an average rating of 4.0 on Google.

Accommodation Options Near The Palm Beach Casino

For visitors or tourists planning a stay near The Palm Beach Casino in London’s Mayfair area, several accommodations range from luxurious to more budget-friendly. Here are three recommended choices:

The Mayfair Hotel

This high-end option offers luxury and comfort. Located in the heart of Mayfair, it provides easy access to the casino and is known for its elegant rooms and exceptional service.

  • Features: Guests can try amenities like a spa, an in-house restaurant, and a bar, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a premium stay.
  • Proximity to Casino: Being in the same area, it’s a short walk to The Palm Beach Casino, making it an ideal choice for convenience and ease of access.

The Chesterfield Mayfair

The Chesterfield Mayfair is a blend of traditional British beauty and modern comfort and offers a cosy yet upscale atmosphere.

  • Features: Known for its excellent dining options and attentive staff, this hotel provides a more personalised visit.
  • Proximity to Casino: Situated within a comfortable walking distance from the casino, guests can easily feel the atmosphere of Mayfair.

Holiday Inn London Mayfair

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option without compromising on location, the Holiday Inn London Mayfair is a great choice.

  • Features: It offers clean, comfortable rooms with all the necessary amenities, suitable for business and leisure travellers.
  • Proximity to Casino: Located near The Palm Beach Casino, it provides convenient access along with the reliability of the Holiday Inn brand.

Each option fits different budgets and preferences, guaranteeing that visitors can find a suitable place to stay while trying the amenities and attractions of Mayfair, including The Palm Beach Casino.

Local Attractions Near The Palm Beach Casino

The area surrounding The Palm Beach Casino in Mayfair, London, is rich with attractions that fit various interests. The vicinity offers numerous opportunities for exploration and fun, from historical landmarks to modern art galleries. Here are some noteworthy local attractions:

Buckingham Palace

As one of the most iconic buildings in the UK, Buckingham Palace is a must-visit. It’s the London residence of the monarch and a key piece of national history.

  • Process: Visitors can witness the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony or explore the State Rooms during the summer opening.

Green Park

Located just a short stroll from the casino, Green Park offers a peaceful escape from the urban bustle. It’s one of the Royal Parks of London, known for its lush greenery.

  • Process: Ideal for leisurely walks, picnics, or simply relaxing on a sunny day, Green Park is a breath of fresh air amidst the city.

Royal Academy of Arts

This renowned art institution is known for its dynamic exhibitions featuring historical and contemporary works.

  • Process: Art lovers can plunge into the latest exhibitions, attend talks, or participate in artist-led workshops.

Bond Street

Famous for its luxury shops and exclusive brands, Bond Street is a haven for those who appreciate fine shopping.

  • Process: From high-end fashion to exquisite jewellery, Bond Street offers a shopping that encapsulates the elegance and sophistication of Mayfair.

Berkeley Square

This leafy, historic square is known for its Georgian and Victorian architecture and central garden.

  • Process: Visitors can take a serene walk, explore the surrounding art galleries, or dine in some of London’s finest restaurants around the square.

These attractions near The Palm Beach Casino offer a range of activities and sights, fitting a variety of interests from history and nature to art and luxury shopping. The proximity of these attractions to the casino makes them easily accessible for visitors looking to explore the best of what Mayfair and London offer.


The Palm Beach Casino in Mayfair, London, presents a distinctive blend of luxury gaming and entertainment options. Our overall rating for this establishment would be a 4 out of 5, and here’s why:

Positive Aspects

  • Location and Ambiance: Situated in the heart of Mayfair, the casino offers a unique atmosphere that combines the beauty of its historic setting with modern luxury. This makes it an attractive destination for those seeking an upscale gaming environment.
  • Gaming Options: With various games, including traditional table games, electronic games, and slots, the casino fits various gaming preferences, making it a suitable choice for skilled players and newcomers.
  • Dining and Bar: The on-site restaurant and bar, managed by the award-winning Executive Head, Chef Mahmud Zaman, offers fantastic cuisine. The varied menu fits a range of tastes.
  • Accessibility: The casino’s policy of being open to the general public without needing membership is a significant plus, making it more accessible to a wider audience, including tourists and casual visitors.

Areas for Improvement

  • Customer Service: Based on some reviews, there appears to be room for improvement in customer service, particularly in the bar area. Providing consistent, high-quality service would improve the overall thoughts of all guests.
  • Pricing: Some feedback indicates that the prices, especially for drinks, can be higher. While this is expected in Mayfair, more competitive pricing could attract a broader range of visitors.

Why UK Players Should Visit

UK players should consider visiting The Palm Beach Casino for its elegant setting, various gaming options, and excellent food. It’s a place where one can spend a night out in one of London’s most prestigious areas.

The Palm Beach Casino is a premier destination in London for those seeking an upscale gaming process, fine dining, and an atmosphere. While there are areas for improvement, particularly in customer service and pricing, the overall amenities it offers are noteworthy. The casino’s accessibility to a broader audience adds to its appeal, making it a recommended visit for local and visiting players in the UK.


Can I organise a private event or party at the casino?

You can organise private events or parties at The Palm Beach Casino. The casino offers an elegant and sophisticated setting, making it a superb choice for hosting exclusive gatherings, corporate events, or special celebrations. It’s recommended to book in advance and consult with the casino’s event team to customise the visit according to your specific requirements and preferences. Their expertise and attention to detail will make your event memorable and unique.

What kind of gaming license does The Palm Beach Casino hold?

The Palm Beach Casino is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, affirming its commitment to maintaining high standards in gaming. This license guarantees adherence to strict regulations regarding fair play, responsible gaming, and the security of players. Such compliance guarantees a trustworthy and reliable gaming environment for all visitors.

What kind of bonuses can I expect at The Palm Beach Casino?

At The Palm Beach Casino, guests can anticipate a range of bonuses mainly offered through their loyalty program. This program allows members to accumulate points for every game they play or for purchases within the casino. These points can be exchanged for rewards, including complimentary bets, meals, and beverages. Additionally, the casino occasionally introduces special promotional bonuses.