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Zodiac Showdown: Which Signs Hold the Winning Hand in Poker?

Does luck favour certain zodiac signs over others when it comes to hitting big in the world of poker? The answer may still be a bit of a mystery but there’s no denying that astrology and gambling have long been a subject of fascination. For years, enthusiasts all over the world have been speculating about the influence of the stars on one’s luck at the poker table.

So, what do the stats say? With the advent of the 54th World Series of Poker, let’s delve into the realm of celestial fortune and find out which zodiac signs are believed to be the most and least lucky in their pursuit of a poker fortune.

Gamblizard analysed TOP 300 poker players from the all time money list who won more than $5 million in their career and found a pattern to which zodiac signs appeared in the list more often than others. The list also signified which particular signs are more likely to win a fortune.

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Among this elite group, several zodiac signs made more appearances than others. Cancer with a total number of 31 players, known for their intuitive nature and emotional depth, takes a prominent position among these poker stars.

Following suit, Sagittarius, with a total number of 29 players, renowned for their adventurous spirit and risk-taking tendencies, also appears prominently on the list.

The fierce and confident Leo, with a total number of 28 players, isn’t far off the list either. With their natural charisma and competitive drive, they also prove to be a prevalent sign among the top players.

Finally, the ambitious and strategic Capricorn which players’ total number is also 28, showcases its presence within this distinguished group.

On the other hand, Gemini and Pisces tend to appear in the list less frequently than other zodiac signs – 20 and 19 players respectively.

But the situation changes when looking at the players’ winnings.


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From what we can see, the first place matches the chart above. Cancers are absolute leaders in the poker world, both for players’ numbers and winnings, counting a total of $384M.

At the second place stands Leos with $336M, and Aquariuses with $328M.

But what of their nature? How do they correlate to their abilities to win big? Let’s take a look one sign at a time.


Cancer individuals bring a unique approach to the poker table, blending their intuitive nature with calculated decision-making. Known for their emotional depth and strong intuition, Cancer players have a remarkable ability to read their opponents’ intentions and detect subtle cues, giving them an edge in understanding the dynamics of the game. They can use this insight to their advantage, making strategic moves and exploiting vulnerabilities when the time is right.

Cancer individuals are also known for their flexibility, resourcefulness and improvisation skills. Being able to adjust their strategies instantly also contributes to their success in poker, making them formidable opponents. Not just that, Cancer players often have excellent bankroll management skills. Paired with patience and discipline, they know when to take calculated risks and when to conserve their chips; ultimately ensuring long-term sustainability and greater chances of success.


Known for their extroverted nature and magnetic personality, Leo players instantly create an aura of dominance. Unlike Cancers, Leos are not afraid to take risks and make bold moves, using their confidence to assert control over the table. This can sometimes intimidate opponents giving Leo players an advantage, but patience and stealth prove more successful which may be why Cancers rank higher in winnings at a poker game.

Leos also dictate the dynamics of the table more often, taking charge of the game. Much like Cancers, they too are keen observers. Adept at picking up on subtle cues and patterns in their opponents’ behaviour, it’s instrumental in making informed decisions during gameplay. Not to mention, Leo players have an inherent sense of showmanship. Sometimes with a captivating narrative and other times by putting on a good “poker face”, they are able to reveal or conceal information thereby manipulating the perceptions and actions of their opponents.


Aquarius players excel in analysing the game and making well-informed decisions too. No wonder they are still in the top 3! Unlike Cancer and Leos, they possess a natural curiosity and are constantly seeking new strategies and approaches to gain an edge over their opponents. Their innovative mindset sets them apart from every other sign and allows them to adapt to different situations and come up with creative solutions to challenging scenarios.

Aquarius individuals are also known for their independent and non-conformist nature. They are less likely to follow traditional strategies or conform to the expectations of others. This individualistic mindset can make them unpredictable and difficult to read at the poker table, as they often deviate from conventional playstyles and adopt unorthodox approaches at a whim.