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Where to Find Trusted Online Casinos in the Netherlands

Jamie Wall
Written by Jamie Wall

Online casinos are very popular worldwide, including in the Netherlands, because they are easy to use and offer lots of games like slots, poker, and live games. You can play these games anytime and anywhere, which is really convenient. But it’s very important to choose an online casino that is safe and can be trusted. A good casino makes sure your money and personal details are safe and that all the games are fair. This means they check their games regularly to make sure everything is correct and honest. Choosing a casino that takes these steps means you can have fun without worrying about your safety or being treated unfairly.

The Dutch online gambling market has undergone significant regulatory changes aimed at providing a safer and more controlled environment for gamblers. The Remote Gambling Act (Koa), which came into effect on April 1, 2021, paved the way for the official launch of the regulated online gambling market on October 1, 2021. This act allows operators to apply for licenses to offer online gambling services legally in the Netherlands, subject to strict regulations set by the Dutch Gaming Authority (Kansspelautoriteit, KSA).


For an online casino to operate legally in the Netherlands, it must obtain a license from the KSA. This licensing process is rigorous, requiring operators to demonstrate compliance with stringent measures designed to protect players, guarantee game fairness, and prevent gambling addiction. Players should verify the licensing status of an online casino by checking the KSA’s official website or looking for the license information on the casino’s website.

Online Gambling Statistics in the Netherlands

  • Number of Players: The KSA reported that within the six-month period from February to July 2023, approximately 676,000 people in the Netherlands participated in online gambling, which represents about 4.7% of the adult population. On a monthly basis, an average of 417,000 Dutch players participated in online betting activities.
  • Betting Volume: In 2024, the online gambling market in the Netherlands is expected to make €1.092 billion. The market is predicted to grow by 5.62% every year from 2024 to 2028, reaching a total of €1.359 billion by 2028. Looking at online sports betting alone, its revenue is expected to be €495.5 million in 2024. When compared globally, the United States is set to earn the most from online gambling in 2024, with revenues of €21.06 billion. The average amount of money each user in the Netherlands spends on online gambling is expected to be €710 in 2024. Also, the number of people using online gambling sites is likely to grow to 1.9 million by 2028. By 2024, about 8.9% of people in the Netherlands are expected to have used online gambling sites.
  • New Trends in Online Gambling: Innovations such as mobile gaming, live dealer games, and virtual reality casinos are gaining traction among Dutch players.
  • Investments in the Gambling Industry: The Dutch online gambling market has attracted significant investment, both from local operators and international companies looking to enter the regulated market.

In the Netherlands, people play a lot of different gambling games. Online slots are a big hit because they come in many themes and can give big prizes. Games like poker, blackjack, and roulette are also popular, both online and in real casinos, because they’re fun and need some strategy. The Dutch lottery, with Lotto and Eurojackpot, is something many people join, hoping to win. Betting on sports like football, cycling, and speed skating is also popular, showing how much the Dutch love their sports. Simple games like bingo and scratch cards are liked for being easy to play and offering quick wins. With so many options, there’s something for every gambler in the Netherlands.

Best Websites with Online Casino Reviews in the Netherlands

#1 BetFans

Established in 2021, BetFans.nl emerges as a special portal for Dutch online betting fans, offering a rich array of content focused on casino and bookmaker evaluations, betting strategies, and promotional insights.

betfans website

Targeted at the Dutch gambling community, BetFans.nl aims to serve both new and existing players in the field by providing:

  1. Full analyses of online casinos and bookmakers, with a keen eye on their promotional activities.
  2. Professional advice on bets across various sports and gaming events.
  3. Comparative insights into the most beneficial promotions, including odds boosts, bet credits, casino incentives, and spins without cost.
  4. Practical guides for online betting, tailored to enhance the betting efficiency for players in the Netherlands.
  • Pros
  • Licenses: The website contains reviews only on licensed products.
  • Wide-ranging Insights: BetFans.nl stands out for its comprehensive examination of the gambling sector, particularly focusing on promotions that can elevate the betting journey.
  • Ranking Criteria: licenses, bonuses, mobile optimisation, promos, withdrawals.
  • Personal Bonuses for Users: 100x bonuses, free deals, welcome bonuses, free bets, and free spins.
  • Current Updates: It ensures that users are always informed about the latest promotional offers, maximizing the opportunity to benefit from them.
  • Professional Betting Tips: The BetFans delivers actionable advice from betting professionals to foster more informed and potentially successful wagering.
  • Localized for the Dutch Market: The content is specifically crafted for the Dutch audience, considering the legal landscape and preferences specific to the Netherlands.
  • Cons
  • Low Quantity of Brands: 13 licensed brand reviews.

#2 Beste Bookmakers

The team at Beste Bookmakers loves sports and works hard to give you information that’s easy to trust and understand. If you’re new to sports or already know a lot, they want to help you learn and get excited about sports. Check out what they have to offer and find your way through the big sports with information you can rely on.

beste bookmakers nl

You’ll find everything about sports, both Dutch and international, on the beste-bookmakers.nl site. This includes:

  1. Game previews
  2. Detailed articles
  3. Event schedules
  4. Results
  5. Histories
  • Pros
  • Licenses: The website contains reviews only on licensed products.
  • Wide-ranging Insights: Beste-bookmakers.nl is notable for its analysis of the gambling industry, especially highlighting promotions that improve the betting process.
  • Ranking Criteria: licenses, betting offers, bonuses, registration process, payment options, withdrawals, website optimisation, customer service, security and reliability.
  • Personal Bonuses for Users: free bets, free spins, welcome bonuses.
  • Current Updates: Beste Bookmakers make sure users are always up-to-date with the newest promotional deals, optimizing their chances to take advantage of these offers.
  • Professional Betting Tips: The Beste Bookmakers delivers actionable advice from betting professionals to foster more informed and potentially successful wagering.
  • Localized for the Dutch Market: The content is optimized for the Dutch audience.
  • Cons
  • Low Quantity of Brands: 8 licensed brand reviews.
  • Sports Betting Only: They pay more attention to sports betting than online casino games.

#3 Voetbalwedden

Voetbalwedden started in 2007 and quickly became a leading betting community, now the biggest in the Benelux. They focus on keeping quality high rather than just getting bigger, making sure it stays great for its members.

The whole team loves betting, but they’re always honest about the tough odds of winning. They don’t promise big wins but give users helpful tools and info to boost their winning chances. In addition to betting, they also specialise in gambling. For users interested in exploring online casinos, they’ve created a list of reputable options, which can be found at https://www.voetbalwedden.net/casinos.


They also believe having fun is as important as winning. So, everything on Voetbalwedden, from articles to features and tools, is made to make betting both fun and valuable for its users.

  • Pros:
  • Licenses: The website contains reviews only on licensed products.
  • Ranking Criteria: licenses, website optimisation, betting offers, live betting, customer service, deposits, payouts, and bonuses.
  • Wide-ranging Bonuses: Free bets, refer-a-friend bonuses, welcome bonuses, free spins, cash sign-up bonuses, cashback.
  • Current Updates and Usability: Pleasant interface with user-friendly navigation. The website is constantly updated and provides the user with current information.
  • Community: Created a large community passionate about sports.
  • Localised for the Dutch Market: The content is specifically crafted for the Dutch audience.
  • Cons:
  • Low Quantity of Brands: 12 licensed brand reviews.

#4 Online Casinos Vergelijken

OnlineCasinosVergelijken.nl serves as a crucial guide for Dutch online casino players. This website clearly compares the top casinos, focusing on helping users make educated choices about where to play. It evaluates casinos on several key aspects: game variety, bonus offers, user interface, customer support, and security protocols.

onlinecasinosvergelijken nl

This resource aims to equip users with detailed insights, enabling them to select casinos that meet their preferences for safety and entertainment. It scrutinizes each website to ensure it matches the highest standards players expect.

The significance of OnlineCasinosVergelijken.nl lies in its objective approach. It cuts through the complexity for those new to online casinos or looking to switch platforms, offering straightforward advice. The site’s reviews cover essential information, from how to get started to the types of games available, ensuring users can make choices based on their specific interests.

Additionally, the site champions responsible gaming, offering advice on how to enjoy online casino games thoughtfully. This emphasis is crucial in balancing the fun of casino games and gaming responsibilities.

  • Pros:
  • Licenses: They check the availability of licenses in online casinos and indicate this in their reviews. A blacklist of unlicensed sites was also created.
  • Ranking Criteria: licence availability, bonuses, deposit options, payout options, payout time, game variety, customer support.
  • Current Updates and Usability: The website is constantly updated with information about current bonuses. Also, the interface is modern, and navigation is convenient.
  • Quantity of Brands: 16 brands, more than their competitors.

#5 OnlineCasinokix

OnlineCasinoKix.com is a website created by a group of professional gamblers and web developers who love online gambling and technology. Over the past seven years, they’ve become a respected name in the industry, and they are proud of their success and the trust they’ve earned from the community.


Onlinecasinokix is known for providing detailed reviews and only featuring safe, fair, and enjoyable gambling sites. They examine factors like licensing, security, game variety, bonuses, and customer service and write articles, strategies, and tips to help players improve their gambling skills. The website values honesty and transparency. Its ratings are based on objective criteria, and it does not accept payments from casinos to influence rankings.

Looking forward, OnlineCasinoKix aims to keep innovating and staying updated with the gambling industry’s latest developments. The team appreciates its community’s support and wants to remain a trusted guide in online gambling.

  • Pros:
  • Licences: They check the casino license and mention it in the review. All casinos on the website are licensed.
  • International coverage: The website features reviews of casinos from Belgium, Germany, and other European countries.
  • Ranking Criteria: Licensing & security, bonuses, payment options, deposit and payout, customer service.
  • Valuable information: They provide interesting guides, insights, and opinions on choosing a casino and other details for players.
  • Cons:
  • Bonuses: A limited variety of bonus offers. Primarily consisting of free spins.
  • Interface details: Generally, the interface is user-friendly, but navigation back to the homepage is not intuitive.

How to Evaluate Websites With Online Casino Reviews in the Netherlands?

Reading casino reviews carefully is important because it helps you find a safe and trustworthy casino. Reviews tell you about a casino’s license, how fair their games are, how good their security is, and what their customer service is like. This helps players make good choices, stay away from scams, and have better gambling practices.

step 1 Visibility Check in the Search Network

This analysis shows how hard website owners work to keep their site updated with fresh information. When they do this well, search engines give their website a higher position in search results.

step 2 License Verification

This process involves checking if a license is real and legal, given by the right authority. We also look to see if the website lists only officially licensed brands or includes brands with licenses from other countries.

step 3 Quality and Depth of Reviews

We check how trustworthy and detailed the reviews are, looking for rich information, careful analysis, and real knowledge from users.

step 4 Variety of Casino Game Reviews

We look at how many different types of casino games are reviewed on the site.

step 5 Bonuses and Special Offers

We check for special deals and bonuses available for players that add extra fun and value to their games.

step 6 User Experience and Interface

This step is about how easy and enjoyable it is to use the website or app, including how it looks and works.

Recommendations for Netherlands players

Choosing a trusted online casino in the Netherlands requires careful consideration of several factors, including legal compliance, licensing, user reviews, and personal gaming preferences. Players are advised to consult reputable review websites that offer transparent, unbiased information on casinos. Ensuring that an online casino is licensed by the KSA is paramount to guaranteeing a secure and fair gambling environment.

The evolution of the online gambling industry in the Netherlands offers good opportunities for players. However, the importance of selecting a trusted and secure online casino cannot be overstressed.

Jamie Wall
Jamie Wall Casino Analyst

Former NetEnt developer with MSc in Casino Game Development from the London School of Economics and an article featured in The Times of Malta. Jamie dissects each game & casino, so you can read reviews that blend passion and insight. You’ll never meet a person who knows more about game mechanics than him.