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Where to Find Trusted Online Casinos in Finland

Jamie Wall
Written by Jamie Wall

The digital age has greatly changed how we entertain ourselves, with online casinos becoming very popular in Finland. This increase shows how much gaming is changing and stresses the need to pick safe and reliable online gaming sites. With so many options available, it can be hard for Finnish players to know which casinos are trustworthy. This article will help you understand online gambling in Finland better, including the laws, some statistics, and where to find reliable online casino reviews.

Finland’s gambling industry operates within a regulated environment, where the government holds a monopoly. The primary legal entities, such as Veikkaus, RAY, and Fintoto, have merged to form a single state-owned company, Veikkaus, which oversees all gambling activities. This unique model is designed to channel profits back into society, funding various social and cultural projects.


In Finland, the concept of licensing revolves around the state-controlled model, meaning private operators cannot obtain licenses to offer gambling services from within the country. However, Finnish players can legally access European online casinos, which are regulated by reputable bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission.

Statistical Data about Online Gambling in Finland

  • Number of Players: A significant portion of the Finnish population participates in some form of gambling annually, with online gambling growing steadily. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health reports that more than 41% of Finland’s adult population gamble on a weekly basis. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the user base will expand to 1,121.0 thousand by the year 2028.
  • Betting Volume: Online gambling accounts for a substantial share of the total gambling volume, with figures consistently rising each year. The market size in Finland is expected to reach a volume of US$0.70 billion by 2024.
  • Popular Gambling Games: Slot machines, sports betting, and lottery games are among the most popular choices for Finnish gamblers.
  • New Trends in Online Gambling: The rise of mobile gaming and live dealer games marks the latest trends in the Finnish online gambling scene.
  • Investments in the Gambling Industry: Investments are predominantly seen in technology improvements, responsible gambling initiatives, and customer experience improvements.

In Finland, people love gambling, and they have many favourite games. Slot machines are very popular because they’re easy to play and give quick wins. A lot of Finns also like poker and even compete in tournaments. Online casinos are busy with Finnish players too, offering games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat for those who like classic casino games. The Finnish lottery, called Veikkaus, is a big deal for many, with its weekly draws and big prizes. Sports betting is also popular, especially bets on ice hockey and football games. Overall, Finland has a wide range of gambling activities, so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Best Websites with Online Casino Reviews in Finland

№1 Nettikasinot Media

The website Nettikasinot.media was established in 2019. It features new licenced Finnish online casinos, and much more. Visitors can also find comprehensive casino reviews and articles related to casinos. The site is regularly updated with new online casinos added to the page. Since the beginning, transparency and honesty have been core values, ensuring user satisfaction.


The staff and office are based in Malta, which is also where many online casinos are located. This proximity allows for close contact with service providers and easy participation in industry events. The team has experience in the gaming industry, having worked for large online casinos, game manufacturers, and companies involved in partnership marketing.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Licence verification: Nettikasinot Media checks for a licence and indicates it in their review.
  • Number of reviews: Over 100 different online casino reviews.
  • Personal Bonuses for Users: Non-sticky bonuses, free spins without wagering, cashback, cash return, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses.
  • Content Updates: The website is constantly updated with current information.
  • Usability: Very convenient and intuitive user interface.
  • Cons
  • Brief reviews: It would be better to write more detailed casino reviews.
  • Casinos without licences: Not all casinos have licences.

How to Evaluate Websites With Online Casino Reviews in Finland?

Carefully evaluating casino reviews is crucial because it helps identify reputable and secure websites, ensuring players’ safety and a fair gaming environment. Reviews offer insights into a casino’s licensing, game fairness, security measures, and customer service quality. This information guides players in making informed decisions, avoiding fraudulent sites, and improving their overall knowledge.

step 1 Website Visibility Check in the Search Network

This analysis helps to understand how well website owners work on it, always updating information to keep it relevant. When the website is actively used, the search engine ranks it higher in the search results.

step 2 License Verification

We are checking if the website includes licensed brands in its list or also brands with offshore licenses.

step 3 Quality and Depth of Reviews

This metric emphasizes the credibility and insightfulness of reviews, focusing on the richness of information, thoughtful analysis, and genuine user experiences shared.

step 4 Variety of Casino Game Reviews

Evaluating the wide range of reviews on various types of casino games.

step 5 Bonuses and Special Offers for Players

We evaluate the availability of exclusive offers for players. These bonuses aim to improve the overall gaming process for players, providing additional value beyond the standard gameplay.

step 6 User Experience and Interface

Refers to the overall interaction and presentation of a digital resource, emphasizing how users interact with a website, application, or system.

Recommendations for Finnish Players

Choosing a trusted online casino in Finland is paramount for secure and appreciable gambling. Finnish players are encouraged to consider the licensing, game variety, customer support, and security measures of the casino before making a decision. By doing so, they can explore the broad sector of online gambling with confidence, guaranteeing they participate in safe and responsible gaming practices.

Jamie Wall
Jamie Wall Casino Analyst

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