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How to Win at Slot Machines: Ultimate Online Casino Guide

Online casino with slot machines is a separate world with its own rules. There are always dozens of new video slots coming out, presenting famous characters and slot machines with colourful designs. Exciting stories, familiar heroes from TV shows, friendly hosts – casinos do everything to compete for gamblers’ attention. Gambling is a great pastime, and its popularity is growing every day.

However, gambling is a high-stake activity, and whenever you make a new bet you want to increase your chances of winning. Is there a way of outsmarting the casino so that you bring home a jackpot?

How to Definitely Win in Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the most popular ways to entertain gambling lovers. It has become so common that it earned its own internet gambling genre. Bright and appealing machines have a very simple mechanism. They can be found in most land-based and online casinos, as it is the quickest way of getting results and instant satisfaction.

Every time you start a game, you like to think you have figured out the secret of slots and will definitely get a big win in the next round. Nevertheless, the basic principle of slot machines remains the same as before – the result of the game is random and has no predetermined patterns. The slot’s parameters are set up during the manufacturing process, and the machines are regularly checked out to make sure they work steadily.

Don’t despair – you can still increase the chances to multiply your bet if you read our recommendations for choosing a slot machine.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Online slots and jackpots have an interesting history. In the past, they were machines with drums that could be launched with a lever. This feature gave them the nickname “One-armed bandit”. Everybody knows what a gambling machine looks like and that you need three lemons in a row to win.

Over time the classic drums turned into modern random number generators with a bright display. The drum-based mechanism was replaced with animation, and the lever became a glistering START button.

Many people believe that casinos can influence the way slot machines work as the game progresses, especially when they play online, but in reality this is simply impossible. The random number generator shows combinations unrelated to the previous ones – it is impossible to predict the results. If the online casino has a license, the machines are regularly seen by professionals that make sure that the platform is not biased and can’t manipulate the number or size of wins. Therefore, to protect your data and ensure the integrity of the game you should familiarise yourself with the service before registering.

There are several types of slots :

  • Simple three-drums . This is the most straightforward type of game – the winning combination is only possible with three lines, so the prizes are relatively small. This is the best choice for a beginner as they will have a clearer understanding of the process.
  • Five-drum slots . There are more lines, which decreases the chances of getting the winning combination. However, those who are lucky enough will benefit from greater rewards.
  • Progressive slots . These have a jackpot in addition to betting lines. The jackpot increases with each bet; any player can get the big prize.
  • Megaspin slots . These machines have multiple slots on the screen – this way, the likelihood of winning is higher, making these games much more attractive to gamblers. These devices are more suitable for experienced players as they will be too confusing for a novice.

Slot machines and games vary by their appearance and characteristics as well as the chances of winning in each of the different types. Let’s have a more detailed look at the things you should pay attention to before playing.

How to Win Online Slots Every Time: Our Top 7 Tips 

Even though you can’t influence the result of the game, you can increase your chances of victory by carefully considering the desired slot’s characteristics before making a bet.

When a new machine is built or an online slot is launched, the manufacturer always sets up a number of characteristics: the percentage of payout to the player (RTP), the share of the casino and volatility. All of this information is available and easy to find. Why do you need to know it, and how will it help you win?

1. Choose Winning Slots with the Highest Payouts

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ll be familiar with the incredible feeling of luxurious celebration. The downside is that you have to constantly renew your bankroll and pay for the amusement.

In each game, the casino has its share, which aids its development and growth. The advantage of the casino over players is called House Edge. This is a mathematical factor that describes the percentage of your bet that the casino will definitely get when you play. This means that some of your money will be inevitably lost.

This factor can be significantly different in all the various types of games. Why is it so important? The lower its value, the less you pay the casino, and the more you keep to yourself.

For example, the minimum casino share in Blackjack is 0.6%, but in roulette it ranges up to 2.7%. This means that in the latter case, the casino gains four times more profit than in Blackjack. Best paying slot games is something you should look for.

Because the gambling industry competition is so intense, all providers strive for the smallest share to attract clients. There are many forums and communities where players discuss game-related topics, so any news about a casino’s share increasing quickly spreads. As a result, the club can lose both potential and existing clients.

Another important indicator to take into account before a game is the return to player percentage (RTP). Each slot machine is programmed to have a certain amount of payout from the money in the bets. On average, this percentage varies from 82% to 96%. You can find this information in advance if you visit a dedicated section of the online casino website.

If the payout percentage were 100%, the casino, and the client would have equal chances of winning. Even though the player wouldn’t lose a penny, this scenario is not favourable for the vendor because they would not make any profit.

When RTP is less than 100%, the casino has a higher chance of getting the prize, but the client is still very likely to get paid. Therefore, if you choose machines with RTP of 95% and more, you can significantly boost your odds.

Slot machines with high RTP

  • Big Bad Wolf (RTP = 97,34 %)
  • Secrets of Atlantis (NetEnt) (RTP: 97.07%)
  • Hotline (NetEnt) (RTP: 97.04%)
  • Adventure Palace (RTP = 97 %)
  • Divine Fortune (NetEnt) (RTP: 96.59%)
  • Mega Fortune (NetEnt) (RTP: 96.4%)

2. Practice with Free Games and Take Advantage of Free Spins

Casino free bonus no deposit keep winnings” that’s what people google, and it makes sense. It’s common for UK casinos to give new players special bonuses and casino free spins after registration. These welcome gifts are a great way of getting acquainted with slots, finding the most interesting casino game, and assessing the possibility of winning without losing any money. Some online casinos give free spins as a consolation prize, especially if the player loses a large sum of money. It’s a nice gesture that can become your opportunity to recoup.

There are games that are available for free or in their demo-versions with no need to register. In this case, you can’t win any real money as the provider uses virtual credits. However, this risk-free mode is great for those who aren’t ready to commit to registration but want to try slot games. Even playing for virtual money can bring plenty of joy and excitement.

3. Determine the Volatility of Slots

One must know the machine’s risk factor before playing. This is defined by its volatility. It is an essential indicator if you don’t want to play just for the sake of it and intend to actually win. It shows the levels of risk in the game: the frequency and amounts of cash payments. Volatility can be high, medium, or low. Though it might sound that high volatility is bad, you shouldn’t say that the best casinos for online slot machines are those that stick with low risk. Volatility determines not only the risk characteristics itself but also the amount of payout to balance it out in the end.

Slots with high volatility rarely please the average British player with winning combinations, but the prize’s sum is always large. If you aim for a substantial award, your expectations will pay off with a high volatility machine.

Slots with medium volatility are the most popular among the UK players because waiting for the reward doesn’t take a long time. They can enjoy regular medium-sized prizes as opposed to very occasional wins in high volatility machines.

When it comes to low volatility, the risks are minimal and will please the players with small, but frequent winnings. This type of slot is the best option for beginners. 

To assess the volatility, you can read the chosen slot description or evaluate the payout ratio yourself. High volatility includes big-win slots with a payout ratio above x10000, whereas medium volatility machines have a payout ratio from x5000 to x10000. If the ratio is below x5000, you know immediately that the game’s volatility is low. 

4. Study the paytable

In addition to public game rules, you can find a payout table for each slot. It contains descriptions of the prizes for each character, which one is the most profitable, and whether the game has scatter and wild symbols. Scatter symbols in slot machines launch free games and increase bonuses.

Note if there are any rewards for two scatter symbols in a row and avoid games where they act as regular characters, needing three or five in the betting line to win. This is a trick used by casinos that don’t want to pay their clients.

5. Stick to your budget – be smart about your bets

Before starting a game you should set aside the amount of money that you will not regret losing. It’s important that you don’t go beyond this limit. Plan how long you want to play and distribute your bets as if there would be no positive outcome. 

Should you max bet on a slot machine? It only looks spectacular in films – do not bet all the money at once. You must remember that slots are meant for entertainment and are not a way to earn income.

Set a sum that the machine will remove from your gaming balance with each drum roll. The more your bet is, the bigger the prize, but you risk spending the entire bankroll in a short period of time.

6. Aim for smaller jackpots

The opportunity to win a jackpot makes gambling a lucrative activity, but don’t forget that the bigger the prize, the higher your risks. If you’re not lucky enough to win instantly, you might spend a lot of time and money with no guarantee that you’ll ever accomplish it.

Look for games that have multiple main prizes. They won’t be massive, but your bets will also be smaller. Moreover, the chance of getting one of the smaller rewards is always greater than if you waited for one big win. Thus, if you’re new to gambling, don’t go chasing the huge jackpot – instead, choose more realistic and achievable goals to increase your odds.

If, however, you are determined to get the mega prize, follow the trends to see when it reaches its maximum value. For reference, the most money ever won in online slots in the UK was £13,212,882. The average win is around $5,000,000. Test your luck when you see it reach those values.

7. Avoid branded slots

Branded slots are undoubtedly one of the most attractive types of games on the internet. Seeing well-known TV characters makes you fantasise about the adventures in their world and feeling close to your favourite universe. Casinos use this to lure in new players – it’s so tempting to play with the heroes that you just saw in the cinema!

It’s key to remember that the brighter the design and the more popular the characters, the higher the share of the casino in your game. Using famous brands is a luxury that has been paid for by the establishment, so they will try to compensate for the expenses with your bets. Best paying slot machines are not always the most appealing ones.

Slots with The Best Odds

The most widespread beginner’s mistake is thinking that all slots are the same and only differ by their design. Those who really want to multiply their odds need to pay attention to payout percentages. This value indicates the average amount of money that will be returned to the player when compared to their bet. Note that this average does not guarantee that you can get the prize from one or multiple spins. However, the higher the value, the closer you are to winning.

Even when playing a game with the maximum payout percentage you’re still not protected from a series of failures. This is a game of luck – it is possible to get a jackpot from the first attempt, even in slots with lower values.

Here’s a list of slot games with a high payout percentage that are popular online:

  1. Mega Joker (99%) – Volatility – 7.98 out of 20 (high)
  2. Jackpot 6000 (98,86%) – Volatility high
  3. Blood Suckers (98%) – Volatility – 4,16 out of 20 (low)
  4. Kings of Chicago (97.8%)- Volatility – 8,64 out of 20 (high)
  5. Devils Delight (97.6%)
  6. SimSalabim (97.5%) – Volatility – 4,1 out of 20 (low)
  7. Jack Hammer 2 (97.1%) – Volatility – 3,93 out of 20 (low)
  8. Reel Rush (97%)- Volatility – 6,06 out of 20 (medium)

Will Stopping the Slot Machine Help Me Win?

Everyone would love to know how to win at online slots, and rumour says it, if you stop a slot machine in a particular way you can get a jackpot. This is just a myth among gamblers – that you can predict the right moment to stop the drums in a winning combination. In reality, there is no point in interrupting the game as it won’t change your chances.

The spinning of drums is a mere animation in modern day slot machines, not more than a way to pay respects to traditions and make the whole process more exciting. The truth is, the outcome of your game is defined as soon as you press the START button when the random numbers generator stops at a particular position. The only thing you do by stopping the slot is speed up the animation.

Even if you see a winning combo right next to your final result, don’t get upset thinking that you would get it if you’d stopped the machine moments sooner. No, there is no way to do that.

There is another type of slot machines that don’t use a random number generator. Instead, they utilise a special software that gets a request on a separate server to determine the outcome of the game. As you watch the drumroll animation, the server sends the results to your slot. However, even in this case stopping the machine does not change the consequences – you’ll only use up your bankroll faster.

Enjoy the game and its graphics and don’t be easily fooled by charlatans that offer you questionable ways of calculating the winning combo.

How to Beat Slot Machines

Both online and land-based casino slots become a source of a vast array of myths and speculations that most of the time have nothing in common with the truth. Some believe that you must only use the machines that have been frequently operated by other players because they are “full” and easier to get the big win with.

Others try different ways of pressing the START button – more slowly or more strongly that usual, in hopes that it will somehow change the speed or number of spins and help you get the jackpot. In an honest establishment none of these tricks will work. Each provider cares about their reputation, and they don’t want to lose loyal customers if it turns out that the game results are skewed.

It is not possible to influence the game itself. Yet, what you can do is study all the available information about the slot and be smart when setting up your bankroll. Make careful decisions about your bets, read some reviews online, and only play with reliable bookmakers and casinos.

Getting to Grips with Bonuses

Before registration in an online casino, read about conditions and bonuses the platform offers to its members. After all, free slot machine games with free spins and bonuses will make your first gambling experience smooth and exciting.

There are some no deposit bonus slots. Competitive casinos will try to make you their returning customer by giving you valuable offers upon registration, making your game more exciting and potentially profitable. Use the bonuses and free spins slot games to get to know the available slots without putting your money at risk.

When you make a deposit, you will often get additional bonuses or extra cashback. The casino may even indulge you with up to 100% of the deposited sum on top of your first top-up. Bear in mind that the bonus money can’t be taken out of your game account and you can only use it in the casino.

British online casinos often reward their active and returning customers with loyalty bonuses. An example of these may be “buddy schemes”, where you invite your friend to join the website so both of you get bonuses when they register.

Start Winning at Slots Today

Have you looked through all of our online slots tips about increasing your odds in gambling? Still wondering how to win at online slots? Visit and choose your winning slot in the best slot sites for winning in Britain and worldwide! You might not be able to fool the machine but there is no better way to maximise your chances than keeping top casinos at your side.

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