How To Play Online Bingo?

How To Play Online Bingo?

It is fun, it is simple, it is legendary – yes, we’re talking about the legendary bingo game. It never gets old although you don’t need to develop a complex strategy to beat other players. It is what it is, a game of chance that can be played for fun and for real money. Simply put, players need to mark off the numbers on their cards and complete a line, a few lines, or a full house. However, it is this popular not only due to its simplicity or a big chance to win but also due to plenty of modifications. There are a lot of different variations of good old bingo, and most of them are absolutely worth checking out. The best thing is that all Bingo games are available online.

How To Play The Game?

So, how to play bingo? Here are the basic rules:

  1. A player takes (or buys) a ticket made up of a grip of different, random numbers.
  2. Once the game is started, number balls are drawn and called out (it is a kind of lottery – everything is completely random).
  3. If you see a number that was called out on your ticket, you need to mark this number.
  4. Play until you complete (mark all numbers in) the line, diagonal, or all of the numbers on the ticket depending on the type of bingo game you play.

There are different bingo games, so this is just a general principle. We will take a look at the most popular variations in more detail a bit later.

Can teens under 18 play bingo?

How old do you have to be to play bingo? In short, British teens can’t play bingo in casinos, halls, bars, and pubs. Online gambling platforms will not let them play, too – the minimum legal age for gambling, any type of gambling, actually in the United Kingdom is 18 years. People aged 18 and older can play this game on online gambling sites, land-based casinos, clubs, bars, and other places where people gather, spend time, drink, etc., of course, if they are properly licensed.

A New Look At Bingo – Playing The Game In Online Casinos

Bingo is an old game – it has been played since the 1600s in Europe. It has a long history: it was a popular game, a forgotten game, it was considered as the entertainment for retirees, until the huge changes in the gambling industry, in particular, the emergence of gambling websites. The new stage in the history of bingo began at the beginning of the 21st century. It took some time for online casinos to improve the gambling experience people got, but they achieved their goal – made people leave the halls and come to play online. In part, such a success can be explained by various innovations, improvements, and innovations: top-quality software, new variations of the old game, great graphics, and sound, opportunity to interact with others in chat rooms, etc.

Playing in Bingo Halls Vs Online Bingo

The fact is nowadays, people play bingo on the web more often than anywhere else. But why? Can innovations replace a unique atmosphere of bingo halls? Let’s be fair and consider all the pros & cons of both online and “real” bingo. Benefits of bingo halls:

  • The atmosphere, real play on paper
  • Fun time with friends or new people
  • You can get money immediately if you win
  • You order something tasty or have a few drinks during the game

Cons of bingo halls:

  • Schedule – you cannot come and play at any time
  • Always pay to play
  • Only cash or cards accepted
  • The extra money spent on drinks and food
  • Usually, only 90-ball bingo games are played in halls

Benefits of playing bingo online:

  • You don’t need to go anywhere, games are available 24/7
  • No need to play with cards
  • Can play at home, during vacation, in a traffic jam, in the office, etc.
  • On most sites, bingo is available for free, so you can play for fun
  • Pre-buy tickets
  • Opportunity to enjoy playing the game without depositing if there a casino provides a free bingo no deposit bonus.
  • Various promotions, especially for new players
  • Tons of variations, best graphics, music, themed games
  • Slot machines and legendary table games for people looking for new experiences
  • No mistakes and missed opportunities – the right numbers are marked automatically

Cons of playing the game online:

  • You still spend time with your device, and not with real people, even if you are in the chat room
  • You need some time to get used to the site and variations of the game

Generally speaking, you can have fun as on a quality gambling website that offers plenty of great bingo games, as well as at a bingo hall. However, the first option has more benefits. Still, it is a personal preference thing.

Bingo Game Varieties

Now when we know the basics of how to play bingo, we shall proceed to its types. Nowadays, we all have an opportunity to enjoy different bingo games. But what exactly are the variations of the old game? Let us take a look.

75 ball Bingo rules

As the name of this variation of Bingo suggests, there are 75 numbered balls in the game. Every player buys tickets, and each of them is made of 5×5 grids. The numbers are in each square except for the square at the center of the ticket. However, it also takes part in the game – players can use it to complete rows, columns, or diagonals if it is a classic version of the game.

75 ball Bingo rules

What do winners get? There are 5 types of prizes:

  • 1st prize is awarded to a player who marks all numbers in the line, any line, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, to be exact.
  • After the 1st prize is won, 3 prizes are given for 2, 3, and 4 lines.
  • Then the last prize for Full House is played out.

Please note that there are a lot of patterns so make sure you know which ones are used in the game you are going to take part in – the number of possible options is more than just impressive.

90 ball bingo rules

Yes, this is the variety of Bingo that has 90 balls. Tickets are made of 9 by 3 grid with numbers on them. The rest of the squares are blank. Players who make 1 line, then 2 lines, and then the Full House get the prizes.

bingo pattern

80 ball Bingo

As you have probably guessed this is the bingo game with 80 balls. Cards are made of 4×4 grids, and therefore, each ticket contains 16 numbers. 4 colors are used for colors, and the numbers are divided into each of these colors, with 20 numbers in every group.

80 ball Bingo

The gameplay is standard – you need to mark the numbers. There are a lot of patterns, and the most common ones include the good old diagonals, horizontal and vertical lines, full house, corners, etc.


The number of balls and patterns are not the only things that distinguish different types of bingo games. For example, Slingo is something fundamentally new. In fact, this is a combination of a slot game and old-school bingo.

Everyone who plays Slingo can spin the numbers 20 times. The right numbers are usually marked automatically. You can win some special items when spinning, for example, free spins, Joker that can be placed anywhere and help you complete the line, etc. The goal is to get as many points as possible.

52-5 bingo

What about a bingo card game? There are no balls – cards are used instead. You still need to purchase tickets, which are called the hand. You need a full house, i.e., to mark all the numbers to win.

Special bingo games

If you think that that is all, you are wrong. There are a lot of other fun versions of the game.

What about musical bingo? Why use numbers when we can use songs? The gameplay is simple: a “DJ” plays a part of a popular song for a few seconds, and the players mark the name of this song on their tickets. As for the winning patterns, they vary.

There is even the math bingo. This type of bingo proves that even children can play bingo and become smarter. Of course, it is not played for money in this case, but it is a fun way to practice math. Frankly, it is pretty entertaining for adults, too.

How to play online bingo

If you want to play bingo at a casino but don’t want to leave your house, you need to pick a trusted online gambling website and sign up. What is next? Let us see

Choose the room

First, you will need to choose the room. There are a few of them in a casino, and in each of them, a different type of the game is played.

Decide how many tickets you need

You will need to buy tickets. You decide how many tickets you need (within the existing limit, of course.) The prices may vary depending on a website/room you choose, so join the group only if you are sure that you can afford this.

Check the schedule

After you purchase tickets, wait until the game is started and enjoy the game.

What About The Jackpots?

How much does it cost to play bingo? It depends on where you play: in a hall, in a casino, on the online gambling site. The rules in different halls, casinos, and on different sites may vary, too. Usually, in British halls, you spend about a pound for a game. In casinos, the bets are significantly higher. However, on free spins bingo sites, you can also play without spending a penny if you have free spins or just choose a free game.

Can one play a lot of money by playing this game? Yes, there are a lot of examples that prove it. Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, for instance, was the first person who won the £1,101,686 Jackpot in the national lottery. Soraya Lowell won £1.2 million pounds at the hall in her native Scotland. Lisa Potter from Oxfordshire won £1.3 Million playing online bingo. So yes, everything is possible. Most online gambling platforms provide users with an opportunity to win huge jackpots by playing this very game.

More Tips On How To Play Bingo

Buying a scratch card and playing at home has always been a great option, but if you decide to try playing bingo online, please, consider the following recommendations.

  1. Choose the website very, very carefully. If you play for money, it is crucially important. The first thing to check is the license – it must be issued by the UK gambling commission.
  2. Check the money depositing and especially the money withdrawal methods. Why win if you cannot get and spend your earnings?
  3. Choose the right time. You need to be as focused as possible, so consider scheduling the right time.
  4. Don’t rely on a single ticket. We don’t try to encourage you to buy tons of tickets, but buying one is a bad idea, too, especially considering that other users are likely to buy more and therefore, have better chances to win.
  5. Set a limit for yourself. Don’t let the excitement make you spend a fortune playing bingo. Set the limits and don’t spend more. Also look for bonuses. Some best bingo deposit bonus can easily double or even tripple your funds.

The last advice is simple – enjoy the game until it is really fun, gamble responsively, no matter if you are in a hall or in a casino.

Ashley Boyd

Ashley Boyd

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