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Are You A Professional Gambler?

While gambling is a highly popular activity in the UK, there are some people who tend to play more than others. It may depend on many factors, such as age, gender, location and occupation, and others.

We at Gamblizard were curious, representatives of what professions are the most passionate gamblers.

We studied the list of users who provided their occupation information on casino sites. It has given us over 10 million users with over 7,000 jobs in 16 sectors.

According to the statistics we’ve found, people who work in information technology are the biggest part of players – they are 11% of all the players. The second highest is media and Internet jobs – 10%. The least-playing job sectors are arts and design, education, healthcare, law, and science. Each of these categories is 4% of all the registered accounts. People who work in leisure, sport, and tourism as well as transport and logistics workers each are 5% of all the users.

In the range of 6 to 9%, there are workers in marketing (9%), banking and finance (8%), hospitality and events management (7%), retail (7%), engineering and manufacturing (6%), environment and agriculture (6%) and recruitment and HR (6%).

Who plays the most often?

We analyzed how often representatives of different jobs play. We counted the average amount of days in month people spend playing.

Overall, people in average gamble 8 days a month. In this statistics, employees in information technology and media and Internet switch places. Media and the Internet workers spend 14 days a month playing what makes them the most passionate players and information technology workers visit casino sites 13 days a month.

Representatives of marketing jobs play 11 days a month and retail workers – 10 days a month.

The range of 6 to 9 days is the biggest part of this data. People who are in this range are workers in leisure, sport and tourism (9 days), science (9 days), arts and design (8 days), hospitality and events management (8 days), recruitment and HR (8 days), banking and finance (7 days), healthcare (7 days), transport and logistics (7 days), engineering and manufacturing (6 days) and law (6 days). Two groups of people who spend the least time playing are education workers (5 days) and environment and agriculture workers (4 days).


We used the internal statistics provided to us by our online casino partners about people who provided their occupation information on casino sites. It gave us over 10 million users with over 7,000 jobs in 16 sectors to analyze. We than calculated the amount of days in month people spend playing in January – September 2022.

No personal data was disclosed. Only information regarding the occupation of the registered accounts was used to collect the data of the users.